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When you're able to tap into the energy of curiosity and trust that you are being provided for, you will shift your come from.
Release frustrations, past patterns, and results to receive new opportunities and possibilities that you desire.
When you're so attached to the results, they rarely happen. Allow the coaching to support you in discovering the love you dream of.

50 Date Challenge to have


Join me and finally know how to get the guy you like or get the girl you want.  By learning how to attract the love of your life, you'll discover how to flip the script gaining a new understanding of your dating and relationships allowing only the best matches in. WITH 50 DATES!

Success Story

50th Date Equaled Boyfriend.

One client of mine had been through multiple relationships, abusive ones even. She often dated anyone who would love her first. 

I knew she was quite the catch, yet she had no clue. I challenged her to create the 50 dates. 

After many dates, on her 50th, her now husband asked her to be his girlfriend. (How magical is that?)

Within 6 months they were engaged and married.

Two months later they were pregnant. It's barely been a year and a half since they met, yet they are now a family of three.

Happily ever after.

(You can see her version of the story below.)


Bethany challenged me to go on 50 dates, I thought she was crazy, but then it just started happening and it was exactly what I needed! I’m super loyal and an introvert. I like to really get to know someone and Im not a fan of meeting new people. I fear acceptance and judgement. In the past, if I was interested I would accept a date with someone and if they wanted to be my boyfriend it often happened. We weren’t right for each other but I stuck it out- pouring energy and love and commitment into something that was never meant to be. It got pretty bad before I started just dating and holding out on commitment. Very very bad. 

But finally I was able to get out of the toxic and unhealthy relationship cycle and it just started happening. I didn’t really set out to hit a number like 50 but I started to keep track and count the dates. I joined The League dating app and started chatting- initially based on my mom’s advice, and because there were many offers for dates, I kept some general ground rules- I wasn’t going to drive far to meet someone and I wanted someone with old fashion chivalry. As time went by and more dates happened (sometimes there would be multiple dates with the same person- and yes Bethany told me they could count) I got clearer and clearer on exactly who I was for and who would be for me. Then I met him! Somewhere in the 40 dates range. By this time, I was so precise, it wasn’t just general qualities I knew I wanted- honest, kind, hardworking- those I often found in a lot of people, it was specific to the point of wanting a software engineer from Indiana. Within weeks there he was on my dating app! Wow I thought but at the same time it must be too good to be true! We had our first date, then our second and then a third and on exactly the time I hit my 50 dates- he asked me to be his girlfriend! He was everything I wanted and exactly who I wanted to commit to! We are now married with a beautiful 6 month old baby!! And I’m more full and loved and in love than I ever could of imagined!~PC, Stay at Home Mom

"Working with Bethany has allowed me to use my own intuition to tap into what I really want, desire & value, and how to communicate my values to others. When it comes to dating, I had patterns and ruts that left me confused as to who the right one really is. Bethany gave me an incredible meditation that clarified the essence of who I was looking for, and only a few weeks later I met my partner of now two years! He is the Unicorn Energy and checks more boxes than I'd ever dreamed of!" ~Hannah, VP of Biz Dev.

Do you ever feel like there just isn't anyone worthwhile out there?
Dating can seem worthless at times. There are so many uncommitted people out there walking around with broken hearts, baggage, and then going on dates, or worse, ghosting after setting them up.
Then there are the amazing dates that feel just wonderful, but within a couple of dates, they are out. You might think, what is wrong with this person? I thought we were perfect!
And I know this is just a glimpse of it, I've been here and know the experience all too well.
I took a break from dating for 3 years. I was over it.
I was done. I had better things to put my time towards and finding a match wasn't the work and "job interviews" I was after. Yet still, I talked about wanting to meet someone special all the while.
Finally, my time came and I was ready to put the effort in.
I was inspired and no longer in the on-and-off dating apps cycle any longer. I was ready, I shifted my perspective on how to get the guy and took the leaps necessary to date and have fun at the same time. 
The success is working with other clients and I want you to enjoy the process as well. This is why I have created the group challenge. I want you to GET YOUR LOVE & MEET YOUR MATCH TOO.

If these sound familiar,

You're in the right place.

You have been burned out by dating up until now.


You are sick and tired of feeling alone and unloved.

You've done some mental work and personal development, yet still feel stuck.

You're wondering if you'll ever meet the one.

You're ready and open to be challenged in order to create the life you desire.

You're ready to put in some time and effort to finally conquer your relationship goals.


This picture is everything.

Let me tell you why. I've been through the ugliest of divorces including multiple relationships that could be made into movies for how sideways they went. After working through these experiences, along with a massive amount of forgiveness, not only to others, to myself as well, I finally opened myself up to dating.

Dating with the intent to meet my MATCH: One who would love me for all that I am, inspire, and encourage me. One, where I felt fulfilled and received in being the same for them. 

Most of my friends, knew I wanted a "Laying-In-The-Grass-Man". I had been in a meditation years ago and saw a vision of me laying in the grass with my man and our dogs and lil ones running around.


Since then, I was stuck on this "Laying-In-The-Grass-Man". 

Well fast forward to about three months after I started dating Jeffrey... I caught him laying outside in the backyard on crunchy dead grass and asked, "What are you doing?" he said, "I have a thing for laying in the grass."


In that instant, my whole being lit up.

I knew I had met my MATCH.

bethny londyn



Once you are approved for the challenge by Bethany, you'll set up your calls.


Tbd per individual

Bethany will chat weekly to keep you on track. Dates and timing to be determined.

how long

Eight weeks

The program is eight weeks of encouragement from Bethany who has done this with other clients previously reaching 100% success. 



Value: $4000+

This is being offered for almost half the cost of normal one:one sessions. You must apply by going through a $111 Discovery Call first which can be deducted from total once committed.


do I need to date 50 people?

No. The idea is that the more you date the more you experience. So definitely shoot for at least 15-20 people and 50 experiences.

what if I like the first person dated?

That's amazing! While spreading some dates out with this person, you can still date others in the process as well. Think 50 dates before commitment.

is this refundable?

This is not refundable, although I only want happy money, your commitment is related to your success. I don't want you to back out from your goals. 

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