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"Everyone should know what you are up to right now. It's powerful, it's life-changing, it influences from the core. Not many things  have that effect. People need to know about this."

~Paul, Tech Exec

"Bethany has opened me up to trusting myself and others, to standing up for my self worth, and speaking my truth with healthy boundaries. She’s truly an angel."

~Yadeger, Real Estate

"Bethany is truly a driving force in everything and anything she does. It is a pleasure to seek her out for guidance and consulting with business matters. She is a force to be reckoned with in her endeavors."

~Campos, President of CC

"Bethany is a results-driven, highly intuitive individual. Her skills in coaching are evident in the results of those who work with her. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Bethany, and have personally seen the transformation she is able to provide for her clients. She is motivated, and has the skill of being able to see beyond what her clients can't see. I would highly recommend Bethany if you want fast and visible results in your life and business!"

~Bordeaux, Energy Coach and Consultant

"Bethany is always such a ray of light and a cutting lightening bolt of truth."

~Richter, Architect

"Bethany knew what I wanted, and encouraged me to pursue it NOW vs down the road. Within a week, I was in the process of living my dream. She is truly talented!" ~Scheherezad, Consultant & Food Blogger

"Yellow is a new light, a beacon of magnetism with Bethany. She is an example of manifestation and has shown me how to create and manifest in my own life."

~Rojas, Advisor & Artist

"Bethany is magical and always makes sure to coach into my highest self and vision so that I acquire with ease."

~Beh, Film Maker

My student organization (USC) hired Bethany for a speaking engagement titled "SCulpt Your Future", an event I created to get students in the mindset of goal setting and achievement as we began preparing for final exams. She was very interactive, professional, and innovative with the accurate advice she gave students. She even worked on specific goals of students in the crowd. We were happy to work with her, and the event was one of our most positively reviewed of the semester. I recommend everyone work with Bethany! ~ Houston, University of Southern California Student

for co-creating results & opportunities.

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