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4 Steps to Change Your Goals for Good

Let’s do it differently this year. We’re going to consciously align you to your resolutions and goals so that you are in the flow of it all followed by reduced obstacles and challenges. Sounds amazing right?!!

Every year millions take a moment to create new goals which on average are broken 2 to 3 weeks into January. Can you relate? 2019, the year for expansion, is the perfect opportunity for you to try something new and unconventional. This process will take 30 minutes or longer- it takes time and the results are worth every second as I am about to share with you my one of my secret sauces!

If you don’t have the time at this very moment, “clap” for or bookmark this article so that you can flag it to come back to when you are by yourself ready to let your dreams and aspirations freely unfold in a journal.

Usually, we know what we want and if not, it typically tends to be where the grass is appearing greener. We also know that things are often not what they appear because we’re only noticing the surface stuff with no idea of what is really happening behind the scenes. To get down deep, we’ve got to dive below the surface before coming back up for air ready to see, sense, and feel the changes. I am going to share with you what I do with all my clients and the majority of my alignment workshops for companies and various communities.

Past clients and friends are always reaching out to me because of my ability to check my gut. I have attuned myself to listen to my body’s guidance. It took me years to do, however mostly because I was afraid to trust the messages. My clients typically feel the answers immediately and so can you by the end of this article, as long as you are present and open to what is shared with you.

It is recommended to read one step at a time and then follow those instructions.

1 Find a cozy space to settle down that’s quiet with no distractions, put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” and let’s put that pen to paper! Write down your perfect day for 2019 as if you were sharing it with the director of a short film wanting them to really capture the full essence of your story. As you do this, pay attention to how your body feels as you drift into the stream of consciousness while producing your dream day. Let your mind go wandering to feel all the emotions and more. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night falling asleep, write it all down. Experience your body lighten as you write. Notice all the feels and allow your vision to unfold on paper.

Your story could be one page or five pages more, there is no right or wrong. The more detail provided, the stronger the movie can be played in your mind when you re-read it later.

Let’s place this vision to the side for now while we do a little more feeling.

2 First off, a little disclaimer before moving forward into this next step for energetic reasons. The second step is for educational purposes only hence not to bring in negativity. We are training your mind to notice how your body responds to negativity. Skip a few pages forward in your journal or find another piece of paper. Start writing things down that happened in 2018 that you were not fond of. Don’t worry if you’re an expert at finding the positive in every situation, they still stung at their first realization.

Jot down those awful things that happened in 2018, those frustrations and disappointments. Go back a little farther if needed. Notice your body’s sensations as you focus in on ugly, the pain, the challenges, and lies. What body shifts are taking place? It could be heaviness, knots in your throat or shoulders, headache, upset stomach, contractions in the chest. What sensations do you feel as you focus in on these discomforts?

Side Tangent Since I’m So Passionate About Health…This is exactly why it’s important to release and resolve pain and suffering from your body. When unaware, these negative experiences can physically impact you showing up in your health. This stems from unresolved emotional issues within your subconsciousness and tissues that result in your body acting out. Do you have something such as chronic colds, an inability to sleep, or back pains that just won’t go away? Taking care of your mental health through coaching therapy and energy healing will support your body before it metastasizes into something worse.

OK, back to those goals… Let’s keep focusing on that body of yours for guidance so you can stay healthy and well in 2019 and beyond.

3 By now, you should have an idea of the difference between good and bad. From a sensation of dancing in the sun on your perfect dream day too when you’re met with unexpected obstacles that feel like a sucker punch to the gut. The good is your “Yes” and the bad response is a “No”. In other words, positive feelings are “aligned” with your body and distressed feelings are just the opposite.

Moving forward, take three deep breaths consisting of a five-second inhale and a seven-second exhale to really ground yourself in your body. Next, go back to your perfect dream day line by line, pausing at the end of each line for a moment to see how your body feels. Is it a “Yes” or is it a “No”? Are you aligned or not?

If it is a not, try changing some of the details. Sometimes it’s the smallest little tweaks that make the difference. For example, maybe you were a “No” for waking up in a four-bedroom home and just needed to adjust it to a three bedroom with an office or a two bedroom. Shift the details until you are a “Yes” for each line.

If you are getting a “Yes” for it all, double check again later in the day or tomorrow, possibly even re-reading it three days in a row to see how it feels. Many people are on a three-day emotional cycle. Some people’s emotions and egos are so strong they may override your awareness so being able to track at alternative times will support you in figuring out if you are truly aligned.

Also if you have difficulty listening to your body try a body meditation like this one to support you getting in touch with the body. Personally, I had a lot of trouble paying attention to my body when I first started this journey. I had a whole disconnection from my body and mind based on past experiences and/or upbringing.

For example, the other day I was talking to someone and my body started heating up as I was on the phone with them. Let me tell you, this was not in a good way. The next morning, I had a moment of clarity. I recognized that awful heat sensation from an experience that happened almost 20 years ago, similar to what this person was describing. It was an emotional response and my mind didn’t fully understand it until the next morning. Ultimately, my body was forwarning me to be careful in all dealings with this person.

Our beautiful vessels are guiding us every single day whether we are noticing the little shifts or not. I could give you so many more stories personally and also for my clients. Even the Egyptians used to listen to their gut because they thought their brain was in their stomach.

When your body gives you answers you aren’t liking, you can still work through them with training your subconscious along with sheer willpower and 100% faith. I do believe in your ability to make the impossible happen. For the purposes of this process and ease, it’s about being able to get into alignment on your own.

Many times the mind and body are not aligned with your goals which can create those unexpected difficulties, unnecessary frustrations, and disappointments. So let’s get you aligned and flowing. See this article for more personal stories as well.

One other side note where you may be finding a blockage is if your dream is involving specific people. Know that these goals are intended for you, not someone else. We aren’t here to control someone else’s choices, although you can always imagine sending love and light from your heart in hopes of creating an open space for something to take place.

4 Use your perfectly Aligned Day as a new ritual. Read it every week at the beginning such as Sunday evening or Monday morning. Experience positive vibrations as you read through it weekly. Reading your Aligned Day puts yourself into a virtual reality movie which provides an energetic response that’s extremely powerful, especially if you also read it out loud. Then envision showering the vision with lots of pure love energy from your heart.

Now that you know this process you can use it in all areas. For every decision made, your body is responding. Pay attention and feel the “Yes” or “No”. Be so present that you start allowing your body to guide you effortlessly throughout your life. Decisions will happen faster, you won’t get stuck in analysis paralysis as you start to trust the responses you are given.

It’s so powerful and amazing how much easier this journey is when you listen to your body for guidance. Don’t hesitate to reach out and watch videos for additional mental hacks on YouTube as well.

Enjoy the sensations of your perfectly Aligned Day in 2019!

Bethany Londyn

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