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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I don't know if you noticed in that past video from a little bit ago, but I started creating a ton of opportunities while going through an undoing stage and unraveling stage. And these are kind of the things that I teach in my coaching and in my energy work. Because when I'm doing energy healing people, I am removing stories, I'm removing imprints and contracts and agreements and little statements that they said way back when of like, "I will never get married again." "I will never work for a bust like that again." And those statements become contracts in our body, and it's through the undoing, through the removal of that stuff, that's things start to happen.

Notice, I'm finally living on my own, and doing all the things that are not business oriented is a version of unraveling and taking a break and taking that pause. And through that undoing, all these opportunities were coming in. Real estate opportunities, coaching opportunities, interviews. It was nonstop. Because so many things we believe that we have to do, do, do, do, do, which is really I would say how I was raised, and my personal imprint is I must do, do, do, do, do if I want to achieve anything. Iit's very complimenting to know that through the undoing and the least amount of effort that things started shifting in the world around me.

And I just really wanted to drive this point home because I think a lot of us are wired that we have to struggle and struggle and go up through these challenges of the uphill climb to reach the top of the mountain. To find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we have to go through all sorts of treks and walks of life in order to get there. And that's just really not the case. I'm a perfect testament to it again and again and again. And I just want to give you the permission to undo, unravel, and just get to that space of truth and freedom.

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