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Becoming Comfortable Not Really Caring

Coaching. Coaches are valuable. My last coach, two things, one of them being the reason I'm here again today. But I want to share a different story right now. The one that got me doing video. Because you know, this isn't always the easiest for people. Public speaking, talking in front of a camera, not so comfortable. And my executive Google Shaman coach that I worked with for, I think, three years or so, and then consistently touched base, he was like, "Bethany. I just keep seeing you in front of a camera," and I'm like, "Nope, wrong person. Not me. I'm not doing that. I'm not good with speaking," and I don't know how to land a point. He's like, "No." He's like, "Yeah." I'm like, "Okay. What do you want?" He goes, "I want you, every single day, to send me a video one-minute long."

I did not want to do this, but I was paying this guy, and I was invested in him, and he was invested in me. And he saw something in me about doing videos. So every week on Sunday, he would send me the theme of the week, and I would start sending him videos, one-minute. And I did not want to do this. I did not do it during the day, I wanted to be as ugly as possible doing these videos so I would do it, literally sometimes as I was just getting into bed, oil all over my face, hair in a bun. I didn't want to do it. And, I was committed to doing my homework, though. I was committed to doing what he asked because I had committed myself to it. And, what's funny is after all this resistance, in my head, of course, this brick wall that I was meeting every single night before I didn't press record, I finally broke through after two months. It all takes us different times to get to different places.

Two months later, 60 days later, I broke through that wall, and I just was so comfortable making faces, slurring my words, not really caring, because what was important was the value that I was presenting. And now I think I have over 300 videos, I have four books written. The sky is the limit, but it took that consistent support and accountability to get there and to break through that for me, to where now I can pop in and press record and just talk about anything, probably, and make some sort of value-driven point about it. I know. This might not be the video for you, but it will be for somebody. All right? Breakthrough. Get an accountability partner to just hold your hand and give you those gold stars. Why not?

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