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Becoming One with the Trees

Had the opportunity of going on a New Year nature walk this morning and hearing the @treepeople_org founder Andy Lipkis share some info on trees that really resonated with the healings that I do surprising enough! In fact he described one of the processes I do verbatim-Talk about magical!

Meditating amongst the tree allowing it's wisdom to be made known.

He consults with creating systems similar to the trees for climate change and sustainability of the Earth.

Did you know that the trees are communicating all around the world via their roots?

Did you know that a large oak tree can absorb 120,000 gallons of water in a flash flood?

Did you know that in ancient times people would sit on trees with their backs up to them when ill for healing?

Don’t hesitate to love up on a tree today and everyday! 🌲🌳 really do have your back!

I'd been struggling to come up with a funnel system for my book and after being with the trees it was apparent... the trees were where I needed to go. Get ready for book launch coming 11/11! It's going to be quite the magical experience.

Call to action: Find a tree and touch it, hug it, sit on it, lean on it, experience the healing as it has your back and will ground you.

Blessings on blessings!

~Bethany Londyn

Sign up for book launch even happening in Los Angeles 11/11 HERE!

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