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Channeling Information for Executives - Using Spirituality to aid in your Career

As an intuitive leadership coach and energy healer I have done all sorts of things for people - or better saying, facilitated all sorts of things for people.

How Spirit can help you further your Career

Because really what I'm doing is opening up the space, and it's up for the human that I'm working with (or the company) to receive the upgrades and the clearings that I do.

So one executive I was working with in 2020 was really wanting a new position at another company. Yet he didn't know which company he wanted to work at or which company would be best for him.

So we experimented. Because almost every time I work with somebody what happens and what comes through as the method for working with them is different. It's always changing.

Making sense of Channeled Information

He didn't really know where he wanted to go next. I was intuitively receiving information and seeing different companies that could be a fit, and colors that could relate to the logo of his future company. He also gave me some company names that could be good options.

I kept seeing Bain & Company which is a consulting company - and mind you, things like this were coming to me and I didn't even know these companies - maybe I had heard of them once in a lifetime.

So these companies were coming through - green, blue... I was telling him: "This is the logo, but I can't really make it out". The next thing I knew, I was google searching green logos, trying to find what I was sensing.

So I ended up trying on with him energetically different companies and explaining what I experienced for him in each different company as a possibility for him as if he were to go and work with them.

I hadn't talked to him in a couple of months up until three months ago.

And that's when I learned that he's been working at Microsoft!

How it is to Channel Information and to be a Vessel

Another thing about when I'm working with people is that I forget things a lot.

I forget what's coming through because I'm an open channel and an open vessel for receiving information.

So apparently I had told him to reach out to somebody that he knew at Microsoft (I guess I felt that he knew somebody who worked there).

Next thing you know he's working there!

So there you have it. He told me: "Bethany, you were spot on!"

And I love to hear this stuff!

That's just another random type of thing that comes through and you just never know!

I've worked with weight management, worked with relationships, jobs, companies (as you know working with a company that went from 8 million to 16 million in revenue in two months).

Anything is possible, and anything can happen!

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