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Do you manifest? How I Got BACK Into Private School

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Manifesting. What's your view on manifesting? Putting a picture on the wall, writing stuff on your mirror about what you're bringing into the world? Putting something in a jar, a little secret love letter to the universe or God about what you'd like to bring into your life? Placing an order? There are many ways of manifesting. And, did you realize you've been doing it your whole entire life? Regardless. Regardless of what you were thinking, or what you consciously were thinking, you've been manifesting your whole entire life.

Remember the story from the other day when I was talking about how I got from public school back into private school? I manifested that., I changed who I was. I got extremely upset. My family, my parents thought I was depressed and I guess I really became depressed. Honestly, I don't remember anything other than being upset. But from there, I, as of who I was being, was a very sad third grader who was depressed, and they knew that the only thing that would bring me that joy after a whole entire year... Man, I wish that I had manifested faster then. But, I made it. I made it back into fourth grade. I was so happy at the private school. That's where I wanted to be. Those were my people. And, I manifested it.

What's your earliest manifesting story, whether you were conscious of it or not?

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