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Energy Healing for Back Pain | Energy Medicine Healing

Today I'm going to talk about pain.

Last week I sat down on my couch completely wrong.

I couldn't breathe. You see, I have had a situation in which you feel that little anxiety or panic attack, like shortness of breath, and you can't breathe.

It was a little bit like that, but it felt structural. I could feel it in my left rib.

Dealing with physical pain can be draining

And I remembered that my physical therapist told me that in cases like this one can walk for 15 minutes with nothing in hands - no cellphones, no dogs - then you can actually realign your spine. And that you should do that first thing in the morning.

So I tried that. And I could walk, but I couldn't breathe. I was able to get up off the couch but I couldn't breathe.

Turning my head hurt, my neck hurt, my shoulders hurt, my ribs hurt whenever I would breathe.

I was getting scared and putting myself into a place of shock. In my mind, I was thinking: "Bethany, you can heal yourself, no problem."

But I was in such a state of shock and hyper adrenaline - fight or flight -, because I couldn't breathe.

Seeking Healing Support can help a lot

So I decided to reach out to one of my healers in the UK, and he is actually an orthopedic doctor.

So he told me: "Okay, breathe out really fast and hard, and it might reshift your ribs."

I replied that I could barely even breathe. I attempted to do what he said but it hurt so bad, I had to tell him I couldn't.

He said: "Okay, then do yoga." And I told him that I could barely move.

So I told him that I was just gonna lay down instead, try to take a nap, and hope that my back would reset. He told me for us to reconnect in 10 minutes.

I slowly somehow laid down, even though it was painful. I just propped up against pillows and was able to relax my neck, even though I couldn't turn it.

The Power of Energy Healing (and Tachyon)

That's when I remembered that I had my tachyon rods in my bed.

And this is something I use a lot - you can learn more about these on Youtube, I talk a lot about them and do lots of really amazing meditations and healing meditations with them.

So I grabbed the tachyon, I put it right under my rib, and I could also tell that my friend's working on me.

We all have different ways of expressing and clearing energy, and for me, it's yawning.

So I was feeling like my body wanted to yawn, even if I couldn't allow it to because it was so painful.

And at the same time he was working on me I had the tachyon under my rib.

Within one minute - one minute, I kid you not -, it was like it had never happened. Seriously.

I got up slowly, I took a really deep breath blow out, I bent over, touched my toes, I turned my neck.

Everything was completely fine. It was a miracle in one minute and that is the power of energy healing. And also of beautiful Tachyon.

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