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How Energy Healing Affects Real Estate

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I am starting to realize just how much people have no idea of what I'm doing other than the people I actually work with.

So for starters: yes, I am in real estate. It happens often that I have clients reach out and ask, "but you do this energy healing thing as well?".

And the answer is Yes. It all works together.

I have had so many scenarios in which I facilitated miracle situations and amazing blessings into a real estate transaction.

How heavy energy can manifest itself in your daily life

For example, I had this client and she was a first-time homebuyer. We were showing her this beautiful condo with crazy views. Her mom (whom I met for the first time that day) came in and started to run around and complain about everything.

So much so that she ended up completely crushing my first-time home-buyer spirit.

So we ended up not going with that place.

Afterward, we went to see another one and I started to notice her mom's energy.

It was as if she just wanted to attack everything that her daughter did.

So I decided to take it upon my own to do some energy healing for the mom.

Using Energy Healing to clear paths

But here's the thing: When I work on someone, I'm working on their soul self.

And when I'm working and tuning into the soul, the soul has to give me permission to work with them.

Only then the human body can accept the new program and healing.

So it's not like I'm just being witchy or casting spells.

No-no-no, I only work with God, the Light, the Universe, Truth - it's all one and the same to me.

And I was raised hardcore catholic - I definitely had that upbringing.

Just know how I work and that for me, it is all about connecting to the Oneness of everything.

So while working on my client's mother, I was seeing so much murkiness in her energy.

I cleared it up energetically - I cleared it all.

The positive effects of Energy Healing

And as I was driving home 10 minutes later, my client called to tell me: "Oh my gosh, Bethany, I don't know what happened but my mom just offered to give me 10% of the down payment for the house."

Amazing!! Because 20 minutes before her mom was attacking everything.

That was just one of many stories of what energy healing can do, and I will be sharing so many more in the future.

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