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Get Outta Your Head Workshop Event

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”—ROALD DAHL

This past week, I facilitated my first workshop of the year, Get Outta Your Head Goal Setting.

I almost put the workshop off another couple weeks with everything going on, life, yet I knew in my heart, I had to have this drop before the Lunar New Year.

I absolutely love doing these workshops, I tingle from head to toe, and that’s my mission to experience the magic! To live in tingly joy and spread it to all to feel. I want all to live from freedom, joy, and love.

I think everyone at the event must’ve been feeling the magic, because a whopping 88% of the attendees stated they were interested in working with me further.

Bethany Londyn Inspirational Speaker

88% of people were interested in healing sessions, monthly coaching, and my upcoming 50 Dates Challenge starting right before the big Valentine's Day. (I want you single no more.)

I really shouldn’t need external confirmation at this point with everything I teach, yet it feels really good to know that I’m making a difference and people want more.

I’m keeping the magic flowing ✨

If you would like to bring an inspirational speaker to a group, community, or work to drive value, connection, and manifestation... reach out, I AM YOUR WOMAN.

Sending You Infinite Blessings on Blessings!



Bethany Londyn is certified in ThetaHealing® and is an Alignment Catalyst Coach who works with individuals, Universities, and companies using intuition, a process that feels like meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, and prayer, all combined, to achieve miraculous results. Learn more about her beautiful practice through her latest book, Get Aligned Now.

Looking to break the cycle and create new results in your life? Book a session with Bethany Londyn HERE. Results expected within 24-48 hours from the meeting.

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