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The Impact of Having an Energetic Cheerleader in your Business

I just had a meeting and I got some feedback that I wanted to share with you.

This client of mine saw his sales double from 8M to 16M in two months, while I worked on the soul of the company daily.

Working with a client on a soul of his company

I was working on this company, in particular, every single day for approximately 30 minutes.

Often when I’m working with people it's one on one and it's usually every other week or every week depending on what they choose.

And they feel it! So even though it's not in person - it might be over the phone, or video calls, since I work with people from all over the world - they feel what's happening.

They feel physically the energy shifting in their body.

A lot of times they'll be like, “Oh I just felt that in my back, my throat, etc.”

So I asked this client if he felt it. I was just curious.

And his answer was marvelous, “I felt like somebody had my back, I felt like someone was holding space for me. Like you were my cheerleader.”

I've had that from other clients, and even real estate clients have told me, “Bethany, it’s like you were the one beneath my wings.”

And to me, that's so beautiful.

Feeling the Support physically and energetically

It’s like having your parents rooting for you at a game - you know when you're a child and they're on the sidelines yelling “go, you can do this!”. They're essentially holding space for you to be really successful.

And then I also thought of CrossFit.

With CrossFit - I used to go this way back in the day - you have the so-called workout of the day, or WOD.

So every day they will give you the WOD and a prescribed weight you should use if you want to be at the elite level.

And of course, I wanted to be at the elite level, and I would do prescribed weight as much as I could.

What was interesting was that on the days when I couldn't go to the CrossFit gym and would attempt the WOD in the regular gym, often I couldn't even lift the prescribed weight off the ground.

I would still attempt to do the same WOD with the prescribed weight and get smashing times but more often than not I could not.

I remember thinking “What is wrong, I was doing this weight a week ago, no problem!”

You are more likely to succeed if you are given the space to do so

And the difference was having the energy of the CrossFit gym there.

Having that atmosphere of when everyone's in a race to finish, and holding space for each other to succeed and do fantastic times.

And it's kind of the same thing when you have somebody there that's holding space for you to succeed. You are more likely to do so.

So if you ever need someone to hold space for you, you know where to find me. I'll be the wind beneath your wings.

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