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Client Story: Her Ex was Haunting her Dreams!

Today I will share another story about relationships.

I had a client that came in and had a "laundry list" of things to accomplish: "Bethany, I want to do Mediumship, I want to do Soul Retrieval and Past Life Regression."

I told her: "Sure, we can do all that."

Dreaming of an Ex-boyfriend from Years Ago

However, she also had an ex from 14 years ago that had been haunting her dreams.

Every night she would wake up at 3:30 am.

That's the hour that a lot of spirits come because we are the most relaxed in our mind to receive it.

The thing is - she didn't like it. I told her that she could embrace it. But she didn't want to embrace it.

So the first thing we needed to do was to address this guy.

And he was right there, I could see him - I saw her, and then I saw him six layers out (the way people show up and how the visions come to me always varies).

Cord-cutting Healing & Mediumship

But next thing you know she was venting to him and I was crying, just allowing the heaviness to be felt.

I was just feeling the heaviness of the guy - who by the way has died. And I could also see the room that he died in.

All of that was super clear to me. However, there was some addressing and conversations that needed to happen so he could let her go.

And apparently, he's showing up in her dreams again, so we didn't fully release it.

But we did clear a lot and that night she had an amazing night's sleep and wasn't woken up which is amazing.

Healing happens in Layers

It happening again is normal. We got to a certain layer and we released him.

I saw tons of cords, that I energetically cut and added light to. And usually, one time is enough.

But if I do a healing on someone and other things pop up that you just allow in - you still have your ego and your free will on this conscious level -, you may risk going backward.

Which is what happened.

With the cord-cutting healing, I created a new space for her. But if that new space is not honored, then we might regress.

So, in this situation, she had another healer friend who ended up communicating with the guy that we released.

I mean it was the most beautiful situation.

But the thing is, by tuning into it like she did she was actually drawing him right back in. So even though we may have cut the chords, he could come back in.

Honoring the New Space and New Intentions

Another example is when I talk of an ex - I'm immediately bringing them into my energy space.

And so that's why a lot of times I call my ex-husband a Wasband. Because I'm going to bring in a new husband.

So by calling him a wasband he's not involved here. He's way out in the past.

So hopefully that brings some clarity for you.

And it is just another example of things that we can dive into.

With this client we dove into mediumship as we had conversations with her ex, we dove into cutting those cords that have been there (and they very thick! Like heavy-duty cords).

Releasing those really supported her in feeling free and light the next day.

Which is so so beautiful.

Even if there's some more work to do so - that's fine, things happen in layers.

I don't know about anyone that cleared an ex in a day.

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