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How to Deal with Heartache

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Has anyone here not experienced heartache? Lord knows I have had my fair share even when I wasn’t aware of it at first. 

Recently, I’ve gone through a break up that felt devastating yet momentous. 

Conscious Uncoupling

We broke up while being completely in love with each other. It was a parting of ways because our visions and timelines had shifted and no longer matched. Call it "conscious uncoupling" per Kathrine Woodward Thomas. A breakup that still has love, honor, and support for each other.

Dealing with Heartache

During these past few weeks, I went through all the feels of a breakup. Even though it was a positive breakup to support each other's dreams, it still hurts and feels like a tremendous loss. Notice I said "feels" not felt- as I'm still going through the motions as of writing this.

Much of this initial time I've spent is connecting with friends and family who care about me tremendously, to get a little boost to my love tank. Then I moved towards being alone to process this and long long drives as well.

Heartache Meaning (s) 

Often I look at the hearts of clients that I work on and see all sorts of various conditions on the heart. Sometimes I’ll see stab wounds, sometimes there’s still a knife or a sword in the heart. I've also seen cellophane suffocating the heart or surrounding cages, shields, staleness, sometimes tar, or something else that’s just really dark in certain spots on the heart. I've seen all sorts of pain and suffering, to say the least.

Yes, these are the things I see with my eyes! I look into the unseen soul. Recently, I had a trade with another intuitive friend who was looking at my heart and she said it appeared to be flooded in water aka tears. Like the tears, I wasn't ready to release quite yet.

Maybe this is where the phrase "drowning in sorrow" comes from? I know this may seem gory, yet this is what I see on the souls of people!

How to Get Over Heartbreak 

To see the actual break of heartbreak and the ache from heartache provides me the opportunity to support clients in releasing their heart from bondage. 

It doesn’t have to do with a breakup, by the way, it could be the pain of any kind that our souls experience. 

Heartache to Healing

So what do you do? You allow yourself to feel the sensations of pain, even if it has been buried for decades. 

Acknowledge the situation, get into it, dance to a song that moves you, put on a sad movie, get artistic, meditative, or walk in solitude at the beach or in nature. 

Allow the suffering to bubble up and out.

When you feel you have let go, forgiven, and more than anything neutralized the pain, then you can move on to the next step. This meditation can be tremendously supportive.

After Heartache and Pain

Move and shift towards gratitude. Gratitude for all the past moments, gratitude for all the present moments, and gratitude for all of what's to become. Journaling has been huge for me here and even writing a letter of all the reasons I'm grateful for the person.

When we can allow ourselves to heal, we get to see the glory of life and how blessed we really are, even in times of change. 

Energy Healing for the Heart

The clearing or neutralization process varies for everyone. Especially since you just read about all the various things I see with the heart!

Sometimes it does help to connect with someone for extra support and I'm not talking about someone that wants to bash the other person to make them feel better, as that will not support a legit healing process. 

I recently created powerful healing meditation that is now available on YouTube for you to listen to and see if it supports you. Check it out if you feel called to shift some leftover pain and sadness within.

Releasing and neutralizing these raw emotions will be a game-changer.

Lastly, one more resource is to strengthen that self-love and you can see a previous article I wrote on that subject here

Also, I created a free 3+ Worksheet for Manifesting- Possibly for Your Greatest Love? Utilizing My Great Secret, see on next post.

In the meantime, sending you infinite bundles of love!

~Bethany Londyn

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