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How to Get Ahead in Life (and Real Estate) using Energetics

I was just talking to a client yesterday about real estate strategy.

This is a pertinent topic because there is such a lack of inventory right now.

The current real estate landscape

Homes are being bid 20% over the asking price, there might be 43 offers for a home, people are waiving their inspections and their appraisals, no contingencies...

All in order to get into these homes. And of course, cash is king.

She was asking me: How do you do it? How do you get above the rest?

And I will tell you - I have clients that I have written 5 to 7 offers for.

I also have other clients that have decided it's not the right time to buy.

But the one that I wrote 5 to 7 offers for, he is now in escrow, and I have to say it is the best unit for him out of everything we looked at. It is the most perfect one.

So first off, I always trust that things are happening for the highest and best good.

How I work with realtors

Another thing is when I'm on the listing side and I have like 17 offers come in, I usually take the top ones - the ones that are already willing to put their best foot forward and delete the rest.

Even if they ask me to get back to them and they do an escalation clause. No - they offered really low and that's not gonna work because the commitment to me is not there.

So I take the top offers and then the personality and the energy of the agent is what I read into and I will share that with my sellers.

And that is also the reason why my current client is now in escrow on something that is the perfect place for him even though the other ones we had offered didn't work out.

The agent told me she was going to select me because she liked my vibe. She flat out said vibe.

Energetics is everything! (also in real estate)

And I get it all the time. Well there's a reason for that because this is my work this is my job this is what I love to do and I am always working on my vibe.

There is something called the skill of consciousness - which we'll discuss some other day - and I look to maintain a really high vibe on the scale of consciousness.

So the vibe matters, the energy exchange matters.

The connection can make or break a real estate deal

I was just talking to somebody that ended up picking their buyer because they were catholic.

I don't even know how that conversation came about but that's why the sellers chose them.

Agents have given surfboards away or other gifts that may pique the seller's interest.

I've heard of people connecting on Linkedin or Facebook and finding mutual connections, and bonding through that.

So it's not always the price, although you have to be one of the top bidders.

There are other ways to get ahead but you'll just have to work with me to figure them all out.

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