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How to Step into a Big Meeting or Public Speaking with Confidence

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Physically, step into a meeting and or public speaking with confidence! The mind & body connection is a powerful thing. My upcoming book (launching 11/11) will dive deep into the information your body is constantly communicating with you during everyday questions via body intelligence.

You can also use the transformation of energies from your idols and influencers to support in creating a perspective shift for your body into the characteristics you'd like to acquire.

Even actors and great public speakers use this trick to get into the right mindset. It's really quite simple.

Use this trick before heading into a big meeting or talking to someone when you're not feeling your A-game. You could also use this to set the tone for a deep conversation with a loved one or to amp up your energy for the gym. It's that versatile and it's child-like fun too!

So, what personality would you like to embody? This ONE step fun and easy process will support you delivering and acquiring what you desire.

My Challenge To You: Where can you try this out today? It takes about 3 minutes. I want to hear about your wins comment below or write me.

Your successes inspire me to continue dropping these lil nuggets.

Call To Action: If you are part of a book club let me know. I'm on the hunt for my ambassador program when it comes to the book launch and would love to know if you want to be involved! And YES their will be special incentives!

Sending Blessings on Blessings on Blessings!


Looking to get out chaos mode and into clarity and inspired action? Book a session here Book with Bethany.

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