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How to Heal Through Meditation

Here's a little something I wrote which was picked up by Yoga Journal: How to Heal Through Meditation

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that meditation is the last thing you feel like doing? I can relate. Last week my hormones were raging and I could barely break the rollercoaster of emotions that were preventing me from working. As a transformational coach, I felt like I knew all the stops. From working out to dancing to calling people just to catch up; basically anything that normally brings joy, yet nothing was breaking the funk.

Eventually, one of the last possible things I wanted to do, as I was absolutely dreading it, was getting myself into a 45-minute meditation. My mind was operating from chaos and it was all over the map. The hormones were firing strong as I was trying to focus in on my breathing. As I watched my thoughts drift away in bubbles, I finally started to shift into a new place. My consciousness started to separate from my body. It was as if I was outside my body in a space-like setting. I observed my body, the movements of it, the twitches of my eyes, and the beating of my heart as my chest and belly expanded and contracted with each breath.

During the “separation” was when everything started to ultimately slow down. My body returned to peace and harmony. As the meditation came to an end, I realigned my soul and consciousness into a calm body. At this point, the body was more of a vehicle or vessel here to carry out my soul’s purpose. I was feeling completely enlightened.

Can the body heal through meditation?

Alongside people such as Louise Hay, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Joe Cross of the hit movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead… there is a firm belief in the body’s ability to heal itself. One must first get out of the way so that the body can do its work. Going into a meditation with the intention of a specified result allows you to access the deep subconsciousness within the mind thus allowing it to re-write itself in new ways. When going about life in automatic mode, nothing really is changing from day to day. The trends of that person’s life stay the same.

Notice the following situations:

Joe Cross, in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, only drank fruits and veggies so that he was as easy as possible on his body. He felt leaving little work during the digestion process allowed his body only the best nutrients and space for it to heal itself of the contained autoimmune disease. It worked.

Louise Hay changed her thoughts mainly through visualizations and affirmations. This also created a shift in her mind, which enabled her body to cure itself.

Author Dr. Joe Dispenza was to never walk again if he didn’t have the recommended surgeries. Instead, he imagined a life of walking so strongly that his body ended up essentially pulling itself back together which allowed him to enter physical therapy and begin walking again.

Each of these amazing situations shows how the body’s normal automatic mode can be changed with one overall powerful thought: “If I get out of the way, my body will do the work and heal itself.”

The proof

When looking at diagrams of brain activity before, during, and after meditation, the difference is outstanding. You see the subconscious areas activating and the chaos settling. Similar to Joe Cross creating ease of digestion through juicing, meditation creates ease of the mind, so that the body takes over and does its job.

Meditation is most definitely an exercise that one builds upon each time they practice. Although, even the smallest baby steps will support your body in healing.

How to bring meditation into your everyday life

Try taking 3 minutes every 2 hours to separate your active mind from your body. Imagine the thoughts of the mind leaving the body into another dimension where it no longer is controlling the body in any way so that the vessel of the body can operate in fluidity.

These pause or “reboot” moments also create a grounding sensation, leaving you with a sense of peace and harmony. I call it a “reboot” because it’s similar to restarting your computer when it slows down and starts acting bogged down. The reboot does the same for your body: gets you out of the way so that your body’s “programs” can operate with efficiency.

You can read more information from Neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s enlightening book, You Are the Placebo.

Bethany Londyn Creator of Miracle in 30 & Alignment Educator

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