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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

YES IT'S TRUE! After tremendous success with working on the soul of a company that ended up doubling their sales and then some reaching $16M+ in 2 months, along with some invites to worldwide conferences as a speaker, I decided it was time to take my gifts to the next level.

I hired a phenomenal marketing connoisseur to support me in getting my message out into the world. He's kind of like a coach as well and I'm all about investing in coaches as you could probably assume.

I knew my intention for hiring him, yet the work we're doing together is making me SOOO uncomfortable. He's got me sharing what seems to be every inch of my life which is sooo awkward!

Then on top of it, he shared the most ridiculous video ever as the first one... I'm not even smiling or making faces which is what the video is about initially... although there is a great NLP hack at the end. So, just in case you ever watch it. Here it is and you heard it from me first- it's an odd beginning but I'm getting over it by acknowledging it right now and I'm still pushing through :P

Now besides getting uncomfortable we have most definitely created lots of magic as well and we're only 45 days in!

A couple weeks ago, I drove down to Arizona to visit my friends, TachyonLiving for a miraculous Tachyon Chamber session, as well as meeting up with Darrell Stern, my marketing guru to record the new course geared towards CEO's and business owners called Business IS Energy. I'm up to three course options now!

I must say I am absolutely lovvvvving the course and super excited to hear about all the results, creative ideas, and aha moments to come from those who jump into and fully commit to the work!

Although, no one has gone through the course as of this second, so who's going to be the first?

And stay tuned for some upleveling or entertaining videos whichever you decide. As of now I have recorded over 100 so far!

They are getting easier, but I'm sure plenty more awkward slash enlightening videos to come!

Wishing you a phenomenal end to your week!

Blessings on Blessings!

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