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Inspired Surrender by Rob Thomas

The other night, I had the opportunity of going to the Counting Crows & Matchbox 20 concert. I love live music because it gives me an opportunity to feel empathically into the music and singers. Many times there will be a song I can't stand on the radio yet when I hear it live, I fall in love because of how I feel while they are playing. It's so much bettear than listening live than on your Pandora station, I'm sure you get it!

Matchbox 20 came on 2nd last night and apparently started later than anticipated because of some technical issues which the lead singer, Rob Thomas, shared with us. Then later during the show, there was an issue with the mic, followed by something else. From my perspective, I was fully enjoying the rawness of this experience, as Rob joked about the problems and not being perfect. In my eyes, they became more relatable.

Well, the last straw came when the band had finished playing and the audience was cheering for an encore. Bands usually include the encore with a selection of music prepared as part of their act. In this instance, Matchbox 20 came out to do the final performance and had another frustrating issue of some sort. Rob joked about this being his opportunity to practice and train for a new career in stand up comedy as he was killing time. He insisted on someone giving him a guitar... "Any guitar, don't even bother tuning it," he said. 

At this point, it was after 11p when the concert was supposed to end. Rob shared with us that since they were over time, the band was now getting charged an additional $1000/minute, which was not necessarily the funniest comment per his new comedy career. Although, it was an interesting insight that I would have never known otherwise.

As Rob Thomas was waiting, he eventually just threw his hands violently into the air in a big "Y" stance appearing to say by his actions to God/The Universe, "Why are we having so many issues today?? Why are you doing this to me??". Then a second later, hands still in the air, his head fell down. It was an influential moment. I was seeing and feeling his body embrace SURRENDERING in full effect. 

Still holding his arms wide open, he lifted his head and said, "We are going to keep playing. We are here for you!" With this statement, he pointed to all of us. Then Rob ended up playing a solo piece with a random guitar while the rest of the band got everything figured out. 

Watching this all play out was so moving to me. It was quite the portrayal of surrendering and coming back to his truth of sharing his talent and passions with the audience. And all with the demeanor of knowing that everything would be alright in the end. In fact, they went on to play four more songs without considering their personal burden of time and cost.  It was so appreciated and supported us feeling loved by them.

Now, although I've been a fan of Matchbox 20, I've never done any background research on them. Last night I was so inspired by Rob Thomas's act of surrender that when I got home I had to do some digging. Oh, the life of a coach, ha!

I found out that early on, at the age of 2, his parents divorced, that they lived in poverty moving from place to place. It appears he didn't have the best support system either, as he ended up in jail by the age of 17 and dropping out of high school along with drug addictions. In the past couple years, his beautiful wife, Marisol, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and had multiple brain surgeries from which she still seems to be recovering. Rob Thomas's song from his latest solo album "Her Diamonds" is about his wife and their struggles to conquer. 

The list goes on, my point being, that he's obviously been through a lot and probably has gotten to this place of surrender many, many times. He's been forced to learn this, along with many of us in various trials. All leading eventually to the ultimate reality of knowing everything will be alright.

My Thoughts To You: If you're going through something difficult right now, feel free to stop fighting it, and surrender. This is where beauty unfolds. Please don't be fearful of asking for help either. 

When you decide to ask for help, you show up for yourself because you are choosing YOU FIRST. You must put your oxygen mask on first. 

I'd love to co-create miracles with you via a session. It all starts with an ASK. 

I believe life is a journey of requests for what we want followed by the act of surrendering. When we surrender, a path is laid out along with guidance for us to then act upon. You must be present to the subtle hints. 

Alternatively, when we fight for our dreams, I often see additional struggles created for my clients. I swear by it, and so do my most successful clients... surrendering is the powerful place to be. 

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Cheers to you creating the life you dream of!

Bethany Londyn

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