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Is it Time to Hire a Life Coach?

Here are some things to consider prior to hiring a life coach.

Are you looking to get somewhere in your life? Even if it's as "simple" as bringing in more joy. If you put enough weight into the power of having more joy in your life, then hiring a coach could be right for you. Usually, people want to hire a life coach because they are looking to lose weight, get a new job, gain more confidence, meet the love of their life by calling in the one, etc. Is there something you feel motivated to accomplish in your life that you haven't yet? Maybe you're trying to break a habit, an addiction, or trend and ready to create new ones?

Should You Hire a Life Coach?

Just because there's something you're after and looking to succeed with doesn't mean it's time to hire a life coach.

I mean, hiring a life coach is super beneficial for pretty much anyone, unless... you aren't READY, WILLING, and ABLE to put in the time and effort to create the change and have something different. I'm not cheap, and most aren't. You don't want to waste your money unless you're ready.  

Working together consistently is best when there's a great match. I know that when someone commits to working with me for 4-6 months, they will have results. When there is skin in the game, mentally, there is a leap of faith that naturally happens, pushing one into momentum. 

I mean, you're not going to pay $15,000 and then talk on the phone every week for kicks and giggles. You're all in and ready to do the work at this level.

Now, if you're looking for an accountability coach, you could also team up with some friends or colleagues. However, will your friends really hold you accountable and vice versa? Only you know. 

How to Hire a Life Coach

I'm all about body intelligence as you may know from my book Get Aligned Now. Your body knows. When interviewing a life coach, feel in your gut if they are right for you. Does the life coach give you the warm cozy tingles of excitement or do they make you feel like you're less then? 

I don't think someone who will be criticizing you is the best unless that's what you were raised. In that case, you may feel comfortable with that kind of negative coaching. In this case, that's probably one of the first things I'd dive into and clear. That energy can be degrading!

There are just as many coaches out there as there are houses. Finding a home is all about finding that place that feels right to you. The same with coaches, there are many kinds, so you want to find someone who feels comfortable and inspires you to get unstuck and to that next level.

What to Expect from a Life Coach

Every coach is different. It's essential to discuss mutual expectations with whoever you choose as your life coach upfront for clarity. Some coaches have off-hours or will only allow two texts per month outside of routine calls. 

It all depends, so it's crucial to figure out those boundaries in the beginning. You want to make sure you are comfortable with the expectations and that you are set up to win.

What kind of coach am I? A Spiritual Life Coach.

I create massive results for clients long term, and I also create results for clients in one session. It varies on where you're looking for support. 

Am I a Shaman? No. Though I run in circles of Shaman's and there is a lot of similar crossovers. Shaman's and Spiritual Advisors seem to have different tools or methods to accomplish similar results.

I've been calling myself a Master Manifester for my clients as the opportunities are full of miracles. Though, the secret sauce is that I'm working with the unseen soul. I also work with the souls of companies, buildings, and homes. I tune into their soul, and information comes forth. 

This is why I have shifted my title most recently to the Soul Optimizer. You could only imagine the things I've seen on souls, around souls, and between a soul and the

physical body or business! It's so fascinating! HIRE ME

Spiritual Healing Techniques

I am classically trained as a theta healer and in eft. I read all Vianna Stibal's T

hetaHealing® books about 6 years ago and then eventually got certified even though I was practicing long before then. Since then I've added in many other modalities such as Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki, and more than anything I use my intuitive gifts, God, the Universe, Spirit Guides and Archangels. 

My intuition guides me towards the best route, depending on what my coaching clients are looking to accomplish.

Energy Healing Tools

More recently, I've started working with Tachyon Rods and the Healy device and have even become a distributor for both because my clients can feel their power on the other end of the phone line, even if a client is in Australia or South Africa! I've written other articles on these tools- I'd say it's easier to experience them to understand. I also am called to different methods for clients such as breathwork, or maybe a crystal will call to me as I am about to start my session with a client.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

All energy healers are different. I trade with a few that I trust as well, and it's amazing how different yet incredibly impactful we all are. During energy healings, I might get subconscious blocks and where they stem from, or I may see certain chakras are dimmer than others. I might see the person's past life situations at war, a brick wall in front of their body, or the soul facing backwards instead of forwards. Sometimes it's purely metaphorical; other times, it's a colossal clearing that I won't describe further. I've seen so many things, though, and it's phenomenal.

What I've noticed is that only what the person can handle is what shows up for me to work on. I can then facilitate the clearings, and even then, I'll get the intuitive guidance that the person isn't ready to clear or let go fully. 

We have many layers. You wouldn't believe the number of years and work I've managed to clear one person that still shows up from time to time to clear again. Energy healings can be instant or take time as a new layer surfaces. When I first used the Emotional Freedom Technique, my coach at the time gave me over 2000 phrases to clear out!

Energy Healing Therapy

Energy healing therapy can only be received if the client, as mentioned above, is ready, willing, and open to receive. I've facilitated miraculous healings, even on someone in 20 minutes with COVID-19.

Does this mean it'd work with others? No. They have to have faith and trust that this energy healing will work for them. 

People have asked if I consider myself God, and the answer is NO. Yet I work with God in me, Source Energy, Universal Energy, truth, love, and light. I believe it's because of my ability to see the unseen, connect, and receive intuitive guidance, that I can facilitate such miracles for clients.

Healing Energies

There are various forms of healing energies. I can facilitate the healing energies using God, Universal Energy, Source Energy, and LOVE. I also sometimes call in others to support. When a super intense situation presents itself, I should step aside and let the powers of light handle the healing energy work. I work with some of the Highest Vibrating Spirit Guides, Archangels, Angels, and the Holy Spirit. You never know who may come thru to rescue! It's sometimes been family members that have passed on as well.

Should I See a Life Coach or a Healer 

Again, it all depends on your gut. What do you feel inside? I've practiced life coaching for years and have found that the added energy healing aspect allows me to gain more in-depth insight into my clients on why they aren't accomplishing their goals and how they can get further most efficiently. When I read their soul self, or higher self, I'm tuning into what a client needs to get to where they want to go. 

Ultimately though, tune in, read testimonials, read their articles or blogs and see what calls to you the most! You've got this, and I'm here for you!

Wishing you infinite blessings!

Bethany Londyn

// A B O U T Bethany Londyn manifests opportunities and healing for clients like magic. She's certified in ThetaHealing® and others, working as an Alignment Catalyst Coach who supports individuals, Universities, and companies using intuition, a process that feels like meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, and prayer, all combined, to achieve miraculous results. Also, learn more about her soul-lifting practice of Body Intelligence to manifest miracles through her latest book, Get Aligned Now, available in digital and print.

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