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Body Talk: listen to your body to free the mind

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

I’m offering a free worksheet I had initially made for my clients to help when making decisions by listening to the body’s internal communication and thoughts. Here’s why…

It was almost a year into my personal development course that I had my biggest “Aha Moment.” I had taken a 3-day workshop that had little to no talking as we were to pay attention to our body’s responses to conversations instead. Initially, this was very difficult- I felt super squirmy and wanted out! Despite the struggles of being quiet and still, I made it through- You know I don’t give up that easily! Three days later, I felt emotionally and physically connected to myself with such an immense amount of gratitude for my body carrying me around and dealing with negative thoughts that I had. All our body wants is to provide harmony bringing happiness and joy.

This workshop, called Grace, exceedingly impacted my life. It was because of this, that I started down a journey of training to become a workshop facilitator, and that I stopped working on my first startup ShopAddiKt. When something has that kind of influence on me, I wanted to bring that kind of enlightenment to others as well.

The day after Grace, I sat down at my laptop as usual, to work on ShopAddiKt, and felt an immense about of heat bubbling up within my whole entire body. I felt my body turning red and it didn’t feel good at all. Of course, coming out of the workshop, I was uber sensitive to communication with my body, but I wondered, was this happening the whole time I had worked on ShopAddiKt?!? I decided to pause for a bit and take a walk at the beach coming back to this later.

After the walk, I sat down at the computer again and attempted to work on the company. No good, I felt the heat again and could barely move, it was as if I was moving through molasses. I had been working on this company for over 3 years, it was my baby, and my body was responding this way, but only NOW I was “hearing” it?!? No wonder, I had a few health issues during those years, it wouldn’t be possible to have a healthy body in the heat that was being created. After 2 days and many attempts to work on ShopAddiKt with similarly uncomfortable responses, I decided to walk away from the startup. There was even a new site almost complete that never got launched. Let me tell you, this was very hard to let go, but I had committed to listening to my body, and I’ve never looked back on my decision.

During my 3+ years of working on ShopAddiKt, I had gone through 7 developers, being over promised/underdelivered, and even ended up in a small lawsuit. There were many beautiful lessons learned though! This free worksheet is about listening to your body to find out what is harmonious for you to be working on so that you don’t spend time going down paths of struggle. People have trouble grasping that life can actually be fun and easy if they choose. I had been this person as well.

Sometimes choosing which direction or path to take is tough and confusing. This simple worksheet can make it a little bit easier. All my clients eventually are utilizing their own body’s guidance and intuition. It’s pretty awesome and allows you to avoid the over analysis paralysis headaches.

Cheers to You Having Peace and Harmony!

Bethany Londyn

PS. If you agree with this and are ready to take a step towards miracles in your life, Book with Bethany HERE and Learn More HERE.

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