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Man-Erisms Free for 5 Days!

Man-Prisms: Being a Success in a Masculine World, has gotten a facelift, so, I wanted to share! It’s an easy to read, short and too the point impactful book, and I have it free through May 28th, 2016, Get your copy on me

Who benefits from reading this book…

– First off, it’s geared towards Women in BIZ – If you find yourself not wanting to ruffle anyone’s feathers and keeping quiet in your cubicle at the office – Those feeling underpaid at their job, let’s re-negotiate – Students about to go into the workforce – Those who have trouble speaking up at meetings – People who are on the job hunt for a position they desire – Those afraid of asking time off for a well deserved vacation

I’m giving the book away for free, but would love your reviews after on Amazon or Goodreads!

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