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My Father Took Half The Money I Made!

My dad used to absolutely drive me nuts. Let's see ... Dating back to 12 years old, I'm sure before that, way after, but it was his way of teaching me about money that really grabbed me by my throat. Everything I did, chores, babysitting, my first job, babysitting for the lovely family across the street. And let's say my first real job at a company, which was at an ice creamery, scooping out that ice cream working for Tillamook ice cream. He would take 50% of everything I made. Drove me nuts. If I made $12, all I got to keep was six. If I made $50, all I got to keep was 25. Didn't matter if it was tips, extra, bonus. Didn't matter.

And you're probably thinking, why did he do that? Did he keep the money for himself? No. He actually took the 50% and put it into my savings. Brilliant, right? And then he took it a whole step further and allowed me to invest in the stocks that I wanted to invest in, and this is all starting at the age of 12. What did your dad teach you to do when you were a kid around money? What did you walk away with from your childhood around money?

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