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My Thoughts on Gun Shootings, Epstein, and Suicides...

Hey there!

About a week ago, I felt compelled to voice an opinion. Call it inspired voice.

Bottom line is that hurt people hurt people. I'm super curious about the childhood of Jeffrey Epstein.... I mean seriously what happened early on that created such a monster?

Lesson of the Day: When you feel that something is up with someone that you're passing by, talking to, etc... YOU ARE RIGHT. Something is up. Trust your gut.

My Challenge To You: Send them some love. Saying to yourself, "I send them love" is enough! You can take it one extra step though and acknowledge them in someway or call them "up". Be their cheerleader and lift them up.

Announcement: Book Launch Happening November 11th- I CAN NOT WAIT! WHOOP WHOOP!

Sending out lots of love!!


Call To Action:

If you know anyone involved with Vets or Army Wives groups, I'd love your support in connecting with them! November 11th is Veteran's Day!

Looking for clarity or to get out of chaos mode? Book a session here Book with Bethany.

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