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Are your Past Lives Holding you Back? How Past Lives Healing can Set you Free

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

As an intuitive leadership coach and energy healer you just never know what you're gonna get.

Working with clients regularly, sometimes we have a mission and a goal that we're headed towards. Other times we get to create the goal and find what the underlying foundation is that's keeping the client from a goal or a purpose.

Some people just don't care - they just want to be happy. And that is beautiful as well

Because really at the end of the day their souls just want to be happy.

Client Story: Physical Pain coming from a Past Life

So this morning I was talking to my client. She told me: "I just don't know what to work on today. What do you see for me?"

And I replied, "well there are two things that come up for me before we even started talking: your hip and your relationship. Which one do you want to dive into?"

She decided: "Let's do the hip."

So I started tuning into her hip, which we've worked on before. She's had a lot of pain in her hip for a long time.

What I saw was something I've seen on another client that was looking to get pregnant - back then I saw one of her ovaries, and it was grayed out. Think of an icon on your phone or on your computer that is inaccessible. It might get grayed out, or have an "X" on it, as if it was "dead" or not functioning.

That is how I was visually seeing it. All healers and intuitives see things differently. That's how I saw it for her.

Past Lives Lessons that show up this time around

As we were working on her hip I got brought back to a past life.

And I saw this guy - in that life apparently, her soul was a guy - and she was a woodworker.

This woodworker got injured as he was working. He fell and hurt his ankles, his hip, and his shoulder. And he became unable to work in this craft that he had chosen for life.

He felt so frustrated because he couldn't live to what he believed was his truest potential in that life.

So me and my client decided to clear all of it.

That's when I got the intuitive hint: "Oh my god, I just got that something happened five years ago." She told me that actually, four years ago is when she fell, scraped her shin, and hurt her hip.

At that moment I realized that her soul has learned a lesson in this life that she didn't learn fully in that lifetime.

In the other lifetime, the injury completely debilitated her and she couldn't move forward.

In this lifetime she has already learned that lesson, so she didn't let it happen again. She moved forward and ignored the pain.

The Power of clearing Past Lives Energy

We did all these clearings - blew up that past life, blessed it, healed it, released it.

Went into this life - cleared it, healed it, released it.

And we had worked on her hip before, but sometimes there are layers that we need to dive into.

So this time, as we were clearing it, all these different things were coming up, these different truths, the fact that she just ignored it, avoided it, and just accepted it as her norm.

And sure enough, next thing you know she's sitting with her legs crossed pain-free.

"I couldn't have done this 20 minutes ago", she said.

Now her hip is amazing! Because I asked myself: "What would it take for you to just receive this full complete healing for eternity, and never have to deal with it again?"

That is me in action.

Being Open to Receiving Healing

You just never know where healing is going to lead you.

A lot of times it does lead into past lives. Sometimes past lives come and visit and want to have a chat about it too.

So you just never know and that's kind of why I love it.

Because it is so fun and as long as the client is ready, open, and willing to receive whatever comes up - because some stuff will come up that may not resonate with you -, like a past life, for example.

My client didn't know about her past life. But as soon as I started talking about it, she felt it in her body because she was so present and open to receive it.

It's just so so cool how all of it just ties together for us to clear, shift, and upgrade into a new reality.

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