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Ep. 15 Quantum Leaping from Car Sales to PR with Adam Matthew Weiss

Such a vulnerable and inspiring share with Adam Weiss of AMW PR and Impact Wealth Magazine!

I really appreciate the vulnerability around his past brother, law of attraction and his thoughts around going to events.

Here's some key notes...

  • Learning the gift of relationships

  • How he accidentally channeled his career into existence

  • Thoughts on risk taking as an entrepreneur

  • Insights into working with PR firm

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Bethany Londyn 0:05

Welcome to the Quantum Leap your business and life podcast. My name is Bethany Londyn, and I am an energetic VC supporting CEOs and entrepreneurs and multiplying revenues and opportunities of their business through intuitive guidance and energetic healing. I am obsessed with finding and releasing blocks so that you can start receiving the guidance and opportunities that will be bringing you quantum leaps with ease. If you are looking to upgrade your business life, spirituality or need a perspective shift to flow, you've come to the right place. Leave it to me to pull out the juicy stories, Quantum Leap hacks, and how our inspiring guests have tackled obstacles and gotten into the flow to reach new heights of success. My intention is to bring clarity and massive awareness. The infinite possibilities are everywhere. Your next moment could be a miraculous one. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Let's uncover their strategies. Have fun and see how we can Quantum Leap together.

All right, welcome to Quantum Leap. We have Adam Matthew Weiss with us today.

Adam Weiss 1:21

Thanks for having me.

Bethany Londyn 1:23

Yeah, you're welcome. So I met Adam in the Hamptons at Sunset Beach. And he just had this vibe of knowing everybody and I, I make shit happen, I get things done. And I knew from that expansive energy that this guy has definitely Quantum Leap a few times in his life. So I'm like, let's have you on, he runs a PR firm. And I think a few other things, you want to share what you where you're at, in your life now. And then we'll backtrack,

Adam’s background in Public Relations

Adam Weiss 2:00

we you know, I run a strategic communications company. And you know, I'm a magazine publisher to the communications company is we you know, we specialize in getting people in high place, you know, media publications, or TV segments, what we like to call in our business we call media hit. So we take someone who's, let's say, he's been an expert his whole life, and whether it's a doctor and plastic surgery or expertise in financial markets, they might have been the best in their league in certain areas or where they live, but they've never been immediate brand. So we take them from scratch, like put them in a baking pot, like we're gonna start baking this, even though the greetings there, but we put it all together and it comes out and we turn them into the expert that they want to be in immediately. The whole media landscape. So apart very integral and important part of marketing themselves. Probably the most important part is public relations, because they can somehow get themselves and we've done this numerous times get some on a great TV segment. And overnight, you know, they can get themselves new business, they can get themselves advisory role. They can have people see them, and then you and then they're sought after as a speaker. So kind of that's what when people hear the word public relations, what does it really stand for? Bringing a client bringing that expert into the public into the public domain, because before that, they're just X Y business person, x, y entrepreneur x y. So that's

Bethany Londyn 3:41

Bethany Londyn over here, doing our thing.

Adam Weiss 3:45

That's an issue when you're, you're creating your own media brand by creating your own pod because you took it upon yourself to become a media brand myself. That's

Bethany Londyn 3:54

wonderful. A huge part of this also is relationships. So I think that's probably why I was picking up on the fact that you were so good with people

Adam Weiss 4:05

before I started because before I started, a bit of communications 15 years, I ran the I was in the real estate business proximately eight years before that, I was in the car business learning the car. So I sold cars, that I was a finance manager and I that was my greatest gift of learning people. Because when I was in the finance business, you start to see 30 People day the names of different the hair is different. The outfits are different but the kind of the you start to learn to personalities. Murphy might be the same as only O'Brien but that different people but you kind of kind of get the way they act and then after a while then the you know the next group of people come in so you start to really when you see that many people a day for three years consecutively. You really becomes a gift of learning how to deal with people in a sales sales way marketing way A congenial way. And you know, just really it's a it's a that was my kind of like, less than one on one and sales and how to deal with people. That was the gift that and then I had a great mentor that was a kind mentor never want pressure, you know, first salesperson I had in life. He was like the pressure type. He was giving me a Monday I wanted the posit numbers now. And I just looked at him as just the bed. It was a bad precedent bed way to do things. And the second guy I saw was like, didn't want him to, but it's money. dealership just said, if you're not ready, please bring back your wife. I don't want any money from you. And I want to wait to your 100% ready. And that's just was easy for me to accept that and learn from him. So that's Was it not? How

Bethany Londyn 5:45

did you go from cars to PR?

Adam Weiss 5:51

I enjoyed politics. I was a political strategist, when I was really young, I love game of politics, running campaigns, running people for office, figuring out put, I went to school for political science, then go around teach groups and go around different states and teach we run campaigns for Congress or local legislator. And that's what I really loved. And then I moved when I later on I live in the suburbs of New York and I moved to the city and that I really didn't have a political vehicle there. So I got into the real estate business. And then eight years into that it was nice animate you live in but it wasn't fulfilling. Wasn't it wasn't a life. You know, we all have a gift. Somehow we all have. vehicle was supposed to be in. And sometimes when I'm in that vehicle, the right moment, right? Somehow universe has to get us there. We don't know how we're going to get there. So it wasn't until I lost my brother, my older brother, then because I was still in the real estate business. And then I jumped in. And it was the first time right afterwards. A few weeks after that. I visited my parents in Florida. And because I was still morning, and then that is 1550 years ago. So they came and they had a sauna and steamer in their complex. So I went in there I was relaxed at him. And I said, Well, when I get back to New York, I need a sauna or a steamer. My gym at the gym that I'm going to join next needs to sign in steam. So when I started walking around the neighborhood, the first place I walked in, is called the printing house fitness and squash club. I walked in maybe 730. In the morning, I said do you have Shawn and steamer? And yes, but nobody's here to show you around. And then the owner, the owner walks in says I can show you around. I'm the managing partner. I says and I said great. He says what do you do? I said I do PR and I didn't do PR and that one account never did in my life somehow that just came out of me. That just came out oh my god, I love it. And he said, Oh, I never had a PR company. And I've always thought of having one. Can we meet sometime? I said sure. And I looked back and I said why did it give me the channel at that moment to say that do that? That gets close tickets because when I visited my brother, and he'd never had the fulfillment to do something that he was created for that I think his spirit pushed me to do that at that moment. That's the only way I can think of why I did it at that moment at that time. Because it was all about the Shonan steamer. When I got back

Bethany Londyn 8:35

it was an avenue it was an avenue to get to Yeah,

Adam Weiss 8:38

so that was my first client I ever had printing has finished his wife club.

Bethany Londyn 8:44

So had you been thinking about doing PR you said you had one person

Adam Weiss 8:48

just oh well I understood it. I knew it was a political strategist and I was always the news from friends that did it. And but I never worked for a company. I knew I had an account.

Bethany Londyn 9:01

Yeah, yeah, that's beautiful.

Adam Weiss 9:04

Oh my gosh. Oh, so what do I do now? Oh, I gotta

Bethany Londyn 9:07

like okay, just sign up for this

Adam Weiss 9:11

call friend to write a tip sheet for me. I'm gonna figure this out one on one here like walking into the woods with not knowing how to hunt.

Bethany Londyn 9:21

Yeah, so did you from that moment when you got your first client did you quit real estate cold turkey or did you keep doing it on the side?

Adam Weiss 9:30

I kept doing it because based on the kept doing that for probably two year year and a half. Okay. And then I came to conclusion couldn't do both at the same time. It was just too difficult to strategically and I had to take a jump into one and then when I first got into PR it was really it was so challenging, but yet fulfilling. So it was like that was the one choose. So

Bethany Londyn 9:55

it was a scary jump.

Adam Weiss 9:57

Very scary. Yeah. just not knowing different things. And I know and this and that just going for it. But you know, well

Bethany Londyn 10:08

and trust that you have to have in yourself.

Adam Weiss 10:12

You know, I stick in that this morning with some people and I'm saying was one friend I grew up with, you got a little group of friends one, one guy went to Harvard and Yale. And it's like, they just automatically have a network of incredible people. It's easy, right? Once you go to schools like that, and then other one didn't really him, and I just didn't really do that, and lives by the front, but we would have biggest entrepreneurs out of the group. And take another couple were just like, he's a school teacher, you know, it's just the basic path. And it takes a lot to do what we do and Lily is challenging. And risk taking a yet nerve wracking at times being entrepreneur not knowing where your next check is, right.

Bethany Londyn 10:55

Yep. Takes a special type of individual. I'm curious, just bringing your brother back into it. Like, do you did you feel continuously as you move forward like that he was like, by your side or had your back or any of that? Yeah,

Adam Weiss 11:11

I thought he was it was always happy that I figured it out that he wasn't able to get there. Because of issues that he had, which, you know, didn't allow him to get this is kind of what he should have done also was almost the same thing. Brilliant. He was editor of the newspaper. He was, you know, gay, way, way, way long time ago, when it wasn't when it wasn't as heavy as it is now. You know, so it was really he was kind of like, used back then when he was a child for that. So but he's very, very talented. So, when I did take the leap, and looked up, he was very happy that we did this right. It was very supportive, happy. Yeah. So you know, when the moment you do see it, but it could be you know, certain times, all of a sudden, you just feel it comes to you. And I'm speaking to you look up and so how their souls are visiting for a moment in time, just

Bethany Londyn 12:16

well, and he wasn't able to own his truth. It sounds like fully right, which I mean, a lot of people, that's a struggle for many

Adam Weiss 12:26

wonderful friend, I'm brokenhearted. Today is 52. And just don't call last night he passed away. But this guy was larger than life. He would teach he was gave up all he was obstruction on a big company. But he gave him his time teaching. Women wrestling game started a whole program so women can have a wrestling program and in high school, they were in New York City. And that's what yeah, that's what he cared about doing every day after school going out on dread. That's what he do after his work. Yeah,

Bethany Londyn 13:00

this is the guy you just found out he passed yesterday.

Adam Weiss 13:03

That's yesterday. Yeah. Dear friend. He's a client of ours and a good friend. from way back way back high school. Wow.

Bethany Londyn 13:13

Yeah. And well, it sounds like he's definitely made an impact and has left some some legacy. So that's beautiful.

Adam Weiss 13:23

Yeah, and then they just texted his girlfriend or wife or whatever. And then we just wanted to get her obituary because I want to, you know, the other things which can be helpful when you want to get back you write the obituary now want to look for the papers, we can get them into place, and showcases law life, it's important to put it in like big newspapers, local newspapers, where it came from real estate publications, because he was in that business to get that place right away so people could see where life he lived. Who we helped when he gave back.

Bethany Londyn 13:57

Wow, that's interesting. I never thought of like PR and an obituary. Together. That's different. How would you say your childhood has shaped who you are today and what you've accomplished

Adam Weiss 14:15

I would say my childhood was my day probably from my from my parents. My dad is the kind that saw never would never you'd never hear a curse out of his mouth ever light or any was the sweetest person ever walked in So somehow, you know you don't notice when you're young? And you're growing up but then realized later in life? Why is my kindness come shine so much? And why don't I don't have to say ever, you know, a bad word or curse ever and I don't like people doing it. And I got the respect the kindness, warmth, you know, the humor from them. So yeah, And the work ethic tool was always just pounded work into the brain around the work into the brain. So just there isn't like, oh, let's just relax today. There's never more thoughts of relaxing. It's just

Bethany Londyn 15:11

work. Wait, so So did this. Does this show you to relax? So this show you to continue working hard? Continue working hard. Okay. You make some time to relax,

Adam Weiss 15:24

I, I'll work my work today is relaxing at the same time, okay, because you love it. But isn't that a gift when you find something to find? We both love the work and relaxing. Before COVID We had so many clients of booming and I was in Shanghai, every other year Fan Guy Germany, Jamaica, you name it. I was traveling, different client here different client, this country, that country. So when you partner with different countries, and you have to get dinner with the clients and mood, you know, it's it's work, but it's still gauging learning at the same time.

Bethany Londyn 16:11

So has the business slowed down since COVID?

Adam Weiss 16:14

boomed at the beginning of COVID? The markets are tanking markets aren't doing well. And what is the markets aren't doing? Well, what the markets aren't doing? Well. You know, we have a lot of public companies, right, even in this small public company. But they're not spending because the markets aren't doing well. A market doesn't do well. So a lot of fear right now. And a company was just worth their market cap was worth 500. Next thing, you know, they're worth 200 million. They're nervous as hell, they're all losing money. Because the market tanked. They don't want to spend on PR, right? People think PR, you know, is a luxury we need next the same, you know, other people to other

Investing in PR is an investment in yourself

Bethany Londyn 16:52

parts, PR is an investment in yourself.

Adam Weiss 16:56

And investment in the future. Yeah. So we're always pretty busy. But last few months has been a little slow, because I think the economy's tanking and all sorts of different sectors.

Bethany Londyn 17:11

I'm deleting it, I'm deleting it. There's just so much fear. So my belief is there's so much fear, and it's pushing more fear. And that's going to just push the markets down or push whatever down the housing, everything because people are being people are being consumed by that in the media. You know, and what we focus on expands. So if we're focusing on the fear, then that's what's going to expand. And I'd say that it also comes from the top down just as like a business owner, if you're in fear, then it probably like pushes out to the employees and they're feeling it. It's all energy.

Adam Weiss 17:45

It's like you ever walk into a room? Well, you don't do it anymore, because I don't allow myself to be surrounded by that kind of energy. But yeah, you have the friend in life that you pick up the phone, you call them up and they're always venting. It's like, it's like, oh, God, this is just draining me.

Bethany Londyn 18:04

Like, let me hold the phone over here.

Adam Weiss 18:07

And you get your business going and you're busy. You're like, I can't do this energy, I can't deal

Bethany Londyn 18:11

with it. Can't you feel it?

Adam Weiss 18:14

You feel it. So you like you just can't surround yourself with that negativity. When the other person has negative, negative negative, it's like to listen to this.

Bethany Londyn 18:24

Some people like I have a couple that are like close friends. And so and they know what I'm all about. So I'll literally say okay, like you have two minutes if you want to vent you have two minutes just do it. Because obviously I'm used to taking people stuff when I'm working with them as clients and funneling it through. But like some friends like a couple weeks ago, it was just coming at me like like, like a machine gun almost. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, I can't even focus or think straight it's coming so hard. So do you what do you deal with? Do you just shut them aside? What do you do about that?

Adam Weiss 19:00

I try to listen a little bit and then but I gotta go I'm really busy on the call coming up on it you know I find myself I don't want to find myself going into the weeds of that you know sometimes you do by accident because someone's a close friend of yours or someone you know for a long time so when you feel bad and you start doing it you're like why am I doing this stop you know I learned the

Bethany Londyn 19:24

fine line between like being there for them versus Yeah,

Adam Weiss 19:28

me get off and like this didn't accomplish anything did it help the world do it anything better? Did you put any positive energy I did nothing. Just meant think about something right? You know you so many times that and this business I had to go through a lot of trials tribulations it's up and down. It's a very difficult business. But you learn you know you can't really eventing and crying over and walk around a patio it's not going to get what do

Bethany Londyn 19:55

you do? What do you do in the in the downtime or wearing it feels like was super stressful, scary.

Adam Weiss 20:02

You just keep going. And you know, breathe, relax, calm down. And, you know,

Bethany Londyn 20:10

you could have any, like mental practice that you, you

Adam Weiss 20:15

know, sometimes it's such a bit so either AI sometimes ignore it or think it through, I never really the best don't ever just react to somebody's quick email, whether it's a client can it can you or saying something? Because you're always getting natural reading of right back at you is worse than it's going to be if you wait a little while. Wait a little while, take your time. Whether it's it's not my time, it's whoever's who was ever reading it but don't react right away. And that 30 minutes later, an hour later, that email is going to be a lot better than what you just looked at it the moment. You say, Wait a minute, all right. He or she didn't mean that. Oh, I see. Now I see what you really meant. Okay. Let me answer it this way. Did it yesterday, somebody was the first email was we can't, we can't we can't afford this budget right now. You know, it's a bad time. We need investors. Well, and I was about to shoot back. And no, you can't ever get rid of PR. It doesn't work that way. I just wait a little bit. Calm down. I said, You know what, why don't we listen? In life, you can not cut off PR one good hit few hits. You know, we're going to book you in this and I got we already booked in this, you can turn it over overnight. Let's reduce the fee. Let's make it in the middle. And we ended up making a deal in the middle somewhere. And I didn't lose a client. But we made a deal. I didn't just lie somewhere in the middle. So yeah, that's all because I answered it the right way. If I didn't answer it correctly, he just went alright, we're done. You'll come talk to me in four months. Now, usually when they say I'll get back to you in three months, and rarely, they won't get back to you usually. So try to always keep a client whenever you have to do.

Bethany Londyn 22:02

But you also know that you're serving them in the race interest that's behind it and

Adam Weiss 22:09

take anybody's money fees. If we're not winning, just as a dozen. It's not successful, but we will I won't do that unless we're winning. And we'll be in Morefield winning is getting placements, getting hits, interviews,

Bethany Londyn 22:30

making it happen. I'm curious, I'm curious, I was saying earlier about his success fee do you do with success fees?

Adam Weiss 22:37

I mean, one of our clients we do because he was he's an older gentleman has been in Bureau a long, long time, he didn't have good success with his other ones. So we do a small fee. And then if we get, you know, TV hits TV interviews, then he gives us different success on those fees. Yeah. And that's how we came to an agreement with him so worked out with

Bethany Londyn 23:03

I mean, I would think that'd be extra profitable that way,

Adam Weiss 23:07

communications, PR, but we're doing and I do a lot of other things. We own a magazine, which has impact wealth, we specialize in family offices, investment financing, so we ended up being a publishing arm. See, here's a copy of one of our magazines. It's one of our issues. It's pretty Yeah. What do we do? So one of the things about communications and PR we live in the news business, we live in the news cycle. So we're getting Bethany on to talk about you know, political campaigns performance and how did they do in the last debate because you can be a coach something a performance coach and you get to study about what's happening right now in the news cycle is campaigns right everybody's running for office, big Senate races and they need someone to look at their the way they're moving the way their body language is the way they came across. And we booked somebody on a segment to go and do it next year but something big breaks out something a bombing happened somewhere fun shooting you're gonna get bumped you're going to get canceled because the president news is more important and bring you on to talk about the bottom jaw that so kind of like we did our job we booked on but it's an awful that they canceled you. So

Bethany Londyn 24:28

it's kind of why that's there's a hurricane happening. So

Adam Weiss 24:31

I'm so sorry. We can't push on. And it was a performance business we wouldn't get paid right because we didn't you know did the interview but we did our work.

Bethany Londyn 24:43

I got it. That makes sense. So where's your magazine?

Adam Weiss 24:49

Or magazine? We spent we send it to family offices. Big investment families

Bethany Londyn 24:54

send it to them. Okay.

Adam Weiss 24:57

Which online all the time impact People can subscribe to Ford to get our, you know, issues, or they can just read us online all the time. And then we put them we put them in like private aviation lounges and scurrying around the Hamptons, different areas and parts of New York City. So parts of

Bethany Londyn 25:16

how did you come up with the idea to do that? I'm curious.

Adam Weiss 25:21

I had a few other partners, we've been discussing it for a couple of years, my PR partner, my colleague who had it was the editor in chief and other magazine. And then another colleague, female, actually, all my partners are females, and another female partner who's in the family office space in the investment space, she runs a family office, and we're just guys for Panama. And we will get the idea. There's not really a magazine, niche in this field, the family offices, family office for your audiences, you know, the Purdue family, pipcorn family, the Bush family at the Kennedy family, usually when some of these Uber Uber wealthy, they set up a family office, because there's all sorts of investment strategies, they want to do tax break strategies they want to do, you know, and then does all sorts of family office conferences where people come and they present the latest newest technology, the latest newest,

Bethany Londyn 26:21

super niche.

Adam Weiss 26:21

So that's the niche, because we already, we already had partnering up in the family office space a little bit more. And it's been there dirt, we started writing for COVID. So we didn't really do anything during that period. But it's been a success for two years now.

Bethany Londyn 26:37


Adam Weiss 26:39

I have to make it or Miami event we're going to do during our Basel, if you do, come down for that it's a fabulous week go Stravaganza events.

Bethany Londyn 26:52

I did I did talk to one friend about going well, that sounds like a blast. So that's another, I guess, opportunity to PR as you get into all the events, right?

Adam Weiss 27:02

i The Event thing is something I've cherished for 15 years not being you know, being a bachelor in New York, let's say haven't. So it's something that keeps me busy. I'm very active social person. So I like to, let's say be in the action. And I always say like, the law of attraction won't work by just sitting in a desk and not showing up. So people say how do you go to five events or one night, or four events? Can't it's that low j is not going to work unless you show up. That's the first thing. So you have to show up. And last night I went to an event of Explorers Club is where the Polish government then it was a friend Madison's book launch or she's a comedian. Then I went to a charity event Chelsea Piers. Then I went to the NED which is a private club, private new. The hip thing now in New York has always private clubs lately, it's popping up everywhere. People pay membership, then you get privileges to go in out. They will it's extra thing and that was the last stop. So for four stops last night. Tonight a few more. But you cannot grow your business or manifest new business or manifest new friendships or Queens is colleagues will look at us. So that's why I said that's why I move constantly going going dice. So you enjoy that. When you go to a place you walk in a feel the energy is bad. I don't know anybody here. This is not my cup of tea or this looks bad. Just give it time. Give it 1520 minutes. Don't just walk in and leave.

Bethany Londyn 28:46

Okay, tell us what you do. Just relax especially for all the people that are afraid of those situations.

Adam Weiss 28:52

Don't ever be afraid and walk in everything. This is not my cup of tea as a terrible crowd but give it time. lacks you never know who you're sitting meet in one corner by the food or by the bar or just to the moment not saying Give it time sit down for two hours and it feels terrible. feels awfully bad to begin with. Give it a little time the universal workout you'll you'll believe Wait, thank God I waited 15 minutes one time during the hat summer. School A friend of mine she invited me to a fashion event acid dance hour away because the Hamptons is big. It could be from Hampton bays it could be to Montauk is things that hour and a half hour 20 minutes it says but you know, I had my day filled was about seven events that one day. This was the first stop. My dad was a mess. Even an icon like too many stops these days. You stayed stay at the car, relax. I went out there I thought I was going to she invited me to a fashion and I thought I was going to a little fashion boutique. I pull up these massive gates. I couldn't get so caught in the cell within work. So I pulled out I said Christine, where am I going where's this Oh go back to The gate and press five to this and buzz buzz in its the magnificent state garages everywhere. Three houses combined on the water. And it was in this was in Hampton bays or and I quote I couldn't believe it. I know houses like this existed. So the guy comes walking out. And I noticed them for like a decade. I said, Ed mark, Ed, what are you doing here? He says, What are you doing? This is This is my house. This is what I'm doing a little fashion as far as there's no come on. And it's 10 back here and come back. And she's there. The girl that invited me. Show me around, there's a pop up little fashion pop up art happening to the left. So it was nice. The food was nice, did a to the food over there. And then I'm going to leave it it says Anaconda with Did you meet the Congressman yet? I said there's a congressman. He says yeah, I'm doing a fundraiser. I said, I'm here for a fast run. And I meet the congressman and we hit it off in two seconds, the congressman. And I said listen, I'm going to another political event now. To meet so and so. And so and so. And he says, really? I said, Yeah, so why don't you follow Him? So all right. So congressman, his wife getting the car back me and they follow Me a half hour east to go to our next event. And this was a it was a storm about happening that night in the Hamptons, Tuesday, I leave early, but you fall within next one, I ended up getting Nan to the congressman. And we work together a little bit. So the point is, if I never went to that event, I had no idea was going to go into a little fashion store. Something went there. I didn't even know my friend had owned the house. And he introduced me to congressmen. That's a little example. If I walked in, I'm like, this is kind of boring. I don't want you know, this is not me. But I just came, if I didn't add a little bit, I wouldn't have met the congressman and worked with him.

Bethany Londyn 31:53

Okay, so I want to dissect it for a second because I'm all about doing that. So that we bring the points clear. So to me, what's happening is you know that something magical is going to happen, or some whatever language you use, obviously, is magical. So you trust that and you hang out and you're like, something's gonna happen. I know it. And then because of that, knowing inside and that trust it does,

Don’t get starstruck when you meet a celebrity

Adam Weiss 32:16

right? You can't go in and be pouting and say, Oh, I can't do How come it's not working.

I'm not feeling it today. I'm gonna workto do that. But don't be a robot, you go in with the understanding that if you don't feel it right away, just pause for a little while. Stay positive, and miss something magical will happen. Every time. Something will happen out saying always could go to the event and you gave it a half hour and nothing great happened. So you do but you tried. But usually, something good will happen. And it can be one little story that you met us thing an hour, I only met three people. But that third person you met in one month, they call you up and say, Hey, I met you so and so I got somebody I want to introduce you to that could be a good match for you. Wow, I did thank God I went to that event.

Bethany Londyn 33:11

And more often than not, I would say something good happens then like I didn't

Adam Weiss 33:17

drive one hour. Just to start by because my friend she invited me to this. And I didn't know anything would be anything great. I wouldn't have came into Ed's house if I didn't hang around there longer than I really wanted to, but felt that also he called me over and I had no idea who's like doing a fundraiser at the Congressman at the same time. Well, such as the Congressman injured off, drove away. Went to I took I took it to the next two parties in a row in the Hamptons, and he's like, wow, how do you know this?

Bethany Londyn 33:49

I know I know it you're so you're super connected. You do have a vibe like I run the show too.

Adam Weiss 33:55

Oh, a little bit of confidence vibe. That's about

Bethany Londyn 34:02

what that means. Okay. Okay, so when you're in the room, like do you have do you have like a I don't know if you want to give away any other secrets but like a thing like a knowledge moment or an opening like an intro for connecting with people.

Adam Weiss 34:16

You know, I'm just I'm always the the winged kind of person. There's no because everybody has their own personality,

Bethany Londyn 34:23

or is it your dog?

Adam Weiss 34:25

My dog made it easy with 50 with 20 women that was

Bethany Londyn 34:31

just carries his dog around. He's like, I know this magnet.

Adam Weiss 34:35

So there's one little place that you can take the dog and because he Sunset Beach is because it's got the stairs. He walks around the back. He likes it. There's other dogs there. This is the one place I usually go that I like the room Sammy. Okay. And people say Oh, you do it on purpose. Just so people could talk to you. Oh my god. Yeah, but yeah. I don't have you know, I'm doing this so long and 1000s of people what other people have, you know, an issue or, you know, let's say a little bit nervous of, I don't have any nerves, I don't have anybody. But the one thing if you do go into a room, and you see someone that you like, make you starstruck, let's say you're in a special environment in LA, or Miami or to Nashville and Muzio, country singer, or you see a movie star, see an athlete and try to knock that down three levels, somehow, even deep Danny, you think of something, you're gonna have to quickly Google something that's obscure about them. Because everybody's gonna call man so then this or so you and that, or I can I get a picture, do something different, that's not going to automatically get you in the fan mode. You don't want to, you don't want to be jumping into the fan mode automatically. Because that just kills you. You're not gonna, you're not gonna relationship with that person. So, talk to him about something obscure, something that's quirky, something that kind of know who they are, you kind of know who they are. But don't make it. They you know, they are. You know?

I'm just thinking like, you know, honestly, when I met Kelsey Grammer, what I say to Kelsey, that becomes friends at a theater production, it was a big move is after, after party for one of his shows, and I just came up to him and just started chatting about, you know, something in the streets in New York or the muggings or something bad that was happening, you know, something different about that specifically about him? Yeah, right. Right. It was obscurity of issues that were happening. So just get his vibe back. And you just chat that way, you know, something that's not something that's not like, Why is this person asking you about me again, or want to photo, you know,

Bethany Londyn 37:13

not another one.

Adam Weiss 37:15

Because then there'll be like, you're not going to, you know, and as more examples, but that's kind of like, you have to do your own style. But don't get like fan mode. Don't get into the mode where you want to, like, Can I take a photo mode?

Bethany Londyn 37:33

Well, like the book, Cooper was there when we were at the Sunset Beach.

Adam Weiss 37:37

Yeah, tight with Cuba to a very tight window. Well, I used

Bethany Londyn 37:40

to see him all the time at the bar across the street from my home. Like all the time, and so I was gonna be like, doesn't it suck that that close down? And I'm like, I don't really need to talk to him. But the only great they're, like, felt like he felt like a friend because like I've seen him so many times. neighborhood. The Brentwood lounge.

Adam Weiss 38:01

Brentwood? Yeah.

Bethany Londyn 38:05

It like shut down I don't know, like two years ago, used to go like every Wednesday or Thursday with a friend.

Adam Weiss 38:11

He lived there for a

Bethany Londyn 38:14

while, I'm assuming he was there like, oh, every time I was there, he was there. And it's really tiny. Like, it's where it doesn't hold more than like 2030 people. And I

Adam Weiss 38:24

can say I can carry a certain way about my confidence or my chatting with someone or the way I talk to someone I don't really ever give the aura have star or star struck or googly eyed. I don't ever give that appearance. So I have no problem. Yeah. Whether it's an A Lister, a US senator, celebrity, asking for their contact number. For some reason to get together or contact for business. I don't really there's never a wall of uncertainty that will stop me doing like a regular person. I do. Like everybody's the same as a regular person. I do it. Yeah.

What are the keys to quantum leaping?

Bethany Londyn 39:10

That's awesome. Okay, so what would you say as to how I like to close it out? What would you say your three keys are or the tools in your tool belt for quantum leaping.

Adam Weiss 39:24

Just you know, always, you know, try to stay above the fray, be positive. You know, take a leap you know, when you think things are down, you know, don't stay there down, get up, whatever you got to do get up and head down and feel negative just rise up. You know, just keep battling. thing is you know, work hard, right? Just keep focused. You know, your best every day. You know, give another thing is I like to do You give back. You know why give back you say you give back and it will come back to you. But if it makes you feel good that you gave somebody it's, you know two things you give them back somebody that needs it. You know, you know, when there's always somebody else that's a workspace spot that you you feel back constantly. And one more

workout constantly, you know, is that one?

Bethany Londyn 40:31

Workout? Yeah, yeah. I mean it's good for your what is it? Your hormone?

Adam Weiss 40:36

Isn't my hormones, your adult dolphins? What is the Yeah. Endorphins makes you feel good. It makes you in shape.

blood flowing, puts a smile on your face. So constantly exercise this exercise is very important for your body and your mind. You're thinking oh, I just by body, what's it going to do? No, it's really helps your mind? Show endorphins. Somehow you're a little How do you weigh in the morning. It's called get in there and work out so quickly. Turca

Bethany Londyn 41:10

also movement, like movement can be meditation, I tell people that I'm like movements meditation, usually get the similar benefit.

Adam Weiss 41:18

Thank you so much. This was great.

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