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Releasing Anger with Energy Healing will Set you Free

Today I wanted to talk about resentment, grudges, and not forgiving.

Recently I had a situation that really angered me. When I talk about anger, I'm talking about when you feel it through your whole entire body (if you are present and aware like me).

You feel the anger, you feel the heat, the Red. In fact, I had to do a clearing on red today on myself because I realized I have now made red a bad color.

So I deleted that, I cleared that. Red is good.

Anyway, I was feeling really really put off by someone that crossed a boundary with me.

And it was so awful for me that it disrupted that day, the next day, and pretty much my whole week.

I was in my thoughts just thinking: "How could I have let this happen?"

Choosing not to be a Victim - and taking Action

But the thing is - I choose not to be a victim.

I choose to be responsible for it all, and I also knew that by being in this state I was giving him the power because it was taking up space for me to the point where I was having trouble working.

I saw that very clearly.

The Power of Energy Healing for Releasing Anger

Now, as a healer, I work on a ton of other healers, so in turn, I can reach out to them and say "hey, I need you!"

So two weeks ago, when I was really stuck in that heat of anger, I was able to reach out to a friend and have them work on me.

That's when I was able to just snap out of it.

Because sometimes we really get wrapped up in those situations.

This was the same thing that happened with a client that had been holding on for over a decade to a grudge.

I told them: "You understand you're giving them power, and you're not allowing your life to flow in certain avenues because you aren't able to let this person go and forgive them."

That is something that energy healing can really help with.

We were able to step into that situation, address it, clear it, and release it.

These are just a few things that can happen with energy healing, and how it can make things a little bit easier.

Stay tuned for next time, where I share another story that happened so magically - and it all started with a back problem and me barely being able to move.

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