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Use Your Talents & Gifts or else...

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Use Your Talents & Gifts or else.

Last week, I was asked to do a random exercise in which we wrote down 25+ things that we want to have in our life that we also felt were impossible. I encourage everyone to try it!

Aside from world peace and everyone having the opportunity of fresh water, health, and no hunger, it was tough for a second. And then, my mind clicked into creative mode and was on fire! Some of the awesome things I wanted were: everyone gets to experience unconditional love, having the opportunity to visit loved ones and others that may have inspired us who had passed even if only for an hour, as well as having our pets live as long as we do.

It was quite the exercise, and I have to admit, I felt like I was glowing and invigorated when I did the exercise as it aligned me with my core values of what I feel is important as well as tapping me into my creative space.

Another thing I wanted, was for all people to honor their gifts and talents, which I noticed for me has been pretty much been my journey since I’ve moved to LA. As you may or may not know, I’m still in real estate here and sharing my artwork, yet when I arrived here 3 years ago, I dove deep into personal development work and next thing you know I was being asked to coach people on achieving their dreams and goals.

Los Angeles has been a journey for me of self-awareness and utilizing my intuition which is so powerful. Everyone has this ability and I encourage my clients to listen to the guidance available to them as well. These practices also led me into a spiritual practice for supporting others called ThetaHealing®. Even though I’ve been using their techniques for over a year, I got certified this past weekend so I can officially share this with you now.

ThetaHealing®, to me, is the combination of intuition, hypnosis, meditation, life coaching, and prayer requests all in one session to create miraculous results.

Through ThetaHealing® I’ve seen people let go of trauma in their childhood, lose weight, back/neck/hip pain release, remove obstacles when it comes to their dreams and goals, whether it be business, relationships, wealth, pregnancy, or creation of new opportunities.

It truly is a beautiful practice, and I’m so excited to be able to now share it with you, and yes pretty much 95% of sessions are via the phone. Sometimes it takes one session, other times it takes more. I would love for you to experience some of the magical results, or if you have a friend that might need a little support in their life, please share with them as I continue to build my practice.

It’s a beautiful thing to create a business around what we are passionate about while honoring our talents. And as I stated in my 25+ of impossible wishes… to empower everyone I know to honor their gifts as well.

Wishing you miracles every day!

Bethany Londyn

Also, feel free to get my latest life tips and thoughts on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK.

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