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What To Do When Your Intuition Seems Wrong

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

What To Do When Your Intuition Seems Wrong.

You thought your intuition was telling you that this guy was perfect. Little did you know that you were up for a wild, emotional roller-coaster ride. I'm sure you've experienced a situation like this—one in which you intuitively thought that a person, a job, or an opportunity was a perfect match only to feel blindsided when you realized it was actually the opposite. So what happened? Did your intuition, your gut reaction, lead you astray? This was picked up by MindBodyGreen.

Your conscious and subconscious minds are at odds.

Multiple factors could be at play, but it's important to remember that your subconscious and conscious mind aren't always on the same wavelength, so to speak. Your conscious self could make a decision with the best intentions, but your subconscious mind still has its doubts.

This dichotomy is due to the fact that we all archive stories—many of which took place when we were young. They serve as little magnets, attracting situations based on what they've experienced to be true. Let's break this idea down: You might be looking for "The One," and have a checklist ready with all the things you want in your perfect partner. Your subconscious mind then runs through the relationships you've had in the past, way back to when you were a child, and ends up at a best friend who ditched you for someone "cooler" when you were 11. Even though you never consciously think of this childhood story, it hasn't been cleared away quite yet. As a result, you may end up in a relationship where it seems like everything is going great but then your partner disappears all of the sudden, like your friend did all those years ago. This is just one simple illustration, and our subconscious minds are all obviously very different and complex.

How your intuition gets caught up in the mix.

Your intuition runs off your subconscious and your conscious mind, which is why it can sometimes lead you to situations and experiences that appear to be awful. But in the end, these terrible experiences really aren't that bad. Some call them universal lessons, and Gabby Bernstein devotes a whole section on this in her latest book, The Universe Has Your Back, to them. She goes through a process of acceptance and openness to fully resolve her lessons in life, proving that becoming aware of trends in your life is the most important thing.

Once you do that, you can clear them and neutralize them yourself, although many times additional help might be needed to really get to the bottom of them.

A 4-step process to digging up the back story and realigning your intuition.

Step 1: Recognize when there's an issue.

Even the most successful people have subconscious baggage to work through. It could be a pattern from childhood or a fork in the road in adulthood. Either way, awareness is the first step to moving on. When you recognize there is an issue, you instantaneously lessen its power and magnetic pull.

Step 2: Find the source.

Spend some time meditating on your limiting belief, digging up all the old patterns. You could go into a meditation looking for clarity, ask to receive answers in your dreams right before you go to bed, or try stream-of-consciousness journaling to see what comes up. You could also turn to a therapist, life coach, or trusted intuitive for support.

Once I was talking to a client who was having issues growing a business with her husband. During our session, it came up that she had been sexually abused as a child. She hadn't thought about that encounter in decades and had never even shared it with her husband of over 20 years. She had stuffed it far back into those subconscious "archives." Bringing it back to the surface, though emotional, presented her with so much clarity and understanding. She was then able to work through that emotion, which gave her a newfound power and informed her business relationship with her husband.

Step 3: Find the positive or let go.

This is where we align our subconscious and conscious minds on the particular situation at hand. Recognize that even if the root story that you found in Step 2 was an awful situation, understanding the results that stemmed from it, such as experiences and lessons, can be positive. Even if you can't find the silver lining, you can still release the experience from a place of love. Sit down and visualize giving that little girl or boy love, telling him or her that everything will be all right.

Step 4: Get grounded.

Each morning, start off your day with a simple prayer or meditation to align yourself with what you want to create. This could be simply asking yourself, "What do I want to create today?" Maybe it's love, maybe it's joy, maybe it's healthy relationships. When you connect with your ultimate vision daily, you are grounding your intuition.

Your intuition is always right, even when it feels off. There is a reason for everything; it's just about becoming mindful and aware of it. Once you neutralize not-so-great situations from your past, you can work on sending your entire self on the same mission, which is when the miracles and magic really start to unfold!

Wishing you the highest vibrations!

Bethany Londyn

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