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When You Have Zero Fear, You Can Accomplish So Many Things

I'm going to tell a story. You're going to completely judge me at the end of it, which I guess you're judging me in every video anyway. Have at it, have at it. All right. Have you ever really taken a personality test? I'm not talking about the Myers-Briggs test by the way. I'm an advocate in case I don't show up like one already. Or the Disc method, I am a DI. All right. No, I am talking about when you were tested, life or death.

About 15 years ago, I got to fully be tested on how I showed up. I was with a group of friends in Cabo, San Lucas, and we decided, tonight we're going to do something more local. We're going to go to dinner off the main strip, which is all for tourists. And we're going to do something more local. We knew exactly how to get there. One of our friends had told us about it back in the States. So we decided to take an adventure. It wasn't really that far away, by the way.

On this journey of walking there, I remember because we had to go behind the buildings and stuff, a guy approached us that wanted to jump in and he was like, "No, no, no, no, no. I just want to learn about you guys. I totally know where the restaurant is. I can show you." We're like, "We're okay." And he's like, "No, no, no, no, no. It's okay, you don't have to tip me or anything. I just want to get to know you guys. I love meeting other people and learning about them, how they are, whatever." Whatever cool excuse he had, was very believable. I guess it wasn't trusting my gut at a time.

Anyway, he was great. He was so friendly. So personable. And we really liked this guy. Anyway, we are walking along, get to a restaurant, and just outside of our restaurant, when we're about to say, "Bye guy." He goes, "What? You're not going to tip me?" This girl is not about people who do not hold their word. Are you your word? And I'm like, "Wait, what?" Granted, there were six of us. He goes, "Yeah, a tip." And I'm like, "No, we're not giving you a tip. There was no agreement here. You wanted to learn about us." And he goes, "What if I hold a gun to your head?" And he pulls out his hand, no gun, and goes like this. "What if I pull a gun to your head?" Four of the six of us started running. I was not that person. I stood firm. And I started walking firmly towards this guy.

Yeah, judge away, judge away. But I was like, "No, I am all about value and who you say you are. And if you're not going to be that person, we're going to have a discussion about it," I guess because it wasn't like I was going to beat the guy up. No, I was just firmly, fastly, forwardly, momentum walking towards them. I'm making up words, forwardly? Okay. So what happened? He took off running. He took off running. We did not go to that restaurant. If you want to know the end of the story, we did not go to that restaurant. We ended up going somewhere else. Because obviously he could have run, grabbed some friends, and then come back with an actual gun.

But the thing is that was an opportunity for me to run in a fight or flight moment and no. I stood firm on this guy owning his word. So if you think about it, energetically, when you have zero fear, you can take this in any direction in life. When you have that type of being and character, zero fear, you can accomplish so many things and you can firmly walk towards someone and say, "No." And if it is fully in your embodiment, I'm pretty sure you can move some mountains. All right. How are you showing up today? Fearless hopefully.

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