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Did you just move and want to remove the energies of the past people? Are you trying to sell your home and not getting any offers? Maybe you're transitioning with a relationship or a new job or if a business you have a new offering you want to remove blocks to...


This is for removing all the negative energy and low vibes from your home or business so that you can have the energy of ease and flow amongst you.


The home and companies have a soul too you know. They want to feel love and attention too and it's my jam! Some people like to book monthly clearings as well, if you're interested email me for special pricing.


After purchasing this order, email me pictures of your home or business along with any intentions you also want re-charging up the space.


I will record as I envision your place, tornado out the negatives and then re-fill with tons of positive light, reiki, and your intentions to bring that peace and harmony back to you. 


Typical delivery is within 48 hours.

Energy Clearing Your Home or Business Along with Added Blessings

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