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Feeling barren? Unsure of why your energy is always drained? Having constant nightmares or can't sleep? Feeling like there is someone or something holding you back? Having constant mood swings and anger?


It could be an entity or many entities. Some people come are totally open to the world of entities and they are extremely draining. They can also cause some massive mood swings and even bi-polar tendencies. 


If you think an entity is surrounding you or attached to you, you're probably right. Your intuition knows.


After you place your order, add your name and birthdate! Yes I'm that intuitive!


I will record myself as I tune into your soul to address what I see and how I end up removing it as my process will vary depending on what I'm dealing with. Typical turnaround is about 48 hours.


Do not wait, if you want my support on this, as I won't be doing these for much longer. They can be extremely draining yet I feel called to support in this area for the meantime. 

Entity Clearing & Added Protection Barrier

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