Are you psychic? Where does intuition come from? Signs you have a spiritual gift.


This meditation will support you in finding where your truth lies within so you may see, sense, and feel the truth with your upgraded intuitive abilities.


This 45 minutes meditation on intuition learning and advancing will support removing subconscious blocks keeping you from your intuitive self. 


Did you read my article on signs of a spiritual gift? This meditation will increase your abilities and is great for anyone from beginner to advanced. 


I consider myself an expert in seeing the unseen soul with my intuitive abilities and I too, listen to this meditation as well as other of my Tachyon meditations, especially while I sleep.


My advice is to listen to this 8x minimum while awake and if you find your self drifting off to sleep or lala land, watch until you are clear. You can listen to this int for months and improve each time you listen. 


Develop your intuitive abilities. Harness your sixth sense. Become psychic.


Enjoy that newly refreshed and recharged intuition of yours! You're going to be knowing truth in no time!

Increase Your Intuitive Abilities Meditation Download


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