This is the place to start if you're truly interested in manifesting and life coaching with me.


During this 30 minute call we'll uncover how the subconscious mind mental blocks and thoughts that might be in the way of you manifesting your dreams.


If during our conversation we both feel that this is a match for co-creating results, then we'll discuss length of time, how often we chat, and which of the many methods to use are appropriate for your manifestation process and transitions.


Some of my methods:

Body Intelligence, Muscle Testing, ThetaHealing®, Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping (EFT), Life Coaching, Transformational Coaching, David Hawkins Vibrational Scale of Consciousness, Body Code, Intuitive Healing & Intuition, Manifestation Meditations, Reiki, etc

Discovery Call to Find Blocks

  • Non-refundable


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