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About Londyn

Bethany Londyn is an internationally known intuitive energetic healer, best selling author, and transformational catalyst coach. She has delivered talks and transformational workshops for almost 10 years on a variety of topics emanating emotional and body intelligence. She is sought after due to her unique way of bringing together the tangible and intangible. Londyn provides stories and exercises that deliver results. Clients and audiences walk away with new levels of understanding their internal compass and intuition elevating creativity, connection, and easing decision making fatigue. Whether it is a 45 minute lunch & learn, one hour keynote, or a full day or weekend seminar, Bethany Londyn will create a tailored experience leaving the audience with new tools and inspiration, and the event planners delighted.

Speaking & Workshop Topics

  • Creating Connection vs a Reactive Environment

    • When learning to connect vs react, people will enter into a space of curiosity first which supports avoiding miscommunication and unnecessary frustration.

  • How to Make High Stake Decisions in a Stress-Free Manner

    • Learn a process to triple check your decisions,  and maintain neutrality​ so that when making any type of decisions, there is an ease.

  • Transformational Workshop to Hack Stress

    • Understand the energetics behind stress and how to combat it from an intuitive manner.​

  • Connect the Dots Between Your Goals & Your Company's Mission

    • Know your mission and relate it to the company's so that there is a renewed passion​ in work ethics.

  • Overcoming Obstacles & Accomplish Goals (Finding Mindset Blocks)

    • Discover blocks between obstacles and achievements through the knowledge of your body.

  • From Fear to Freedom (Power Through Vulnerability)

    • Everyone has a story to tell, breakthrough, and it relates to the mirrors of those in the space.​

  • Emotional Intelligence via Body Awareness

    • Learn to understand the emotional state of yourself and others around you from tuning into your body. ​

  • Increase Your Intuition

    • Strengthen your response to gut impulses and instincts so that you're leading a life from a space of loving it vs a space of fear based programming.​

Presentation Testimonials

"My student organization hired Bethany for a speaking engagement titled "Sculpt Your Future", an event I created to get students in the mindset of goal setting and achievement as we began preparing for final exams. She was very interactive, professional, and innovative with the accurate advice she gave students. She even worked on specific goals of students in the crowd. We were happy to work with her, and the event was one of our most positively reviewed of the semester. I recommend everyone work with Bethany!" ~Montana Houston- University of Southern California

"Bethany presented in front of 35+ of my real estate agents at Keller Williams Realty Westside and put on an incredible workshop for us. Personally, Bethany helped me get back into alignment with my goals and reconnect with them on a deeper a level. I'm now back into the activities that will help me accomplish my goals- after overcoming the roadblock I was dealing with. I recommend Bethany and her catalyst coaching at both a personal and a corporate level." ~Johnny Giangregorio- Keller Williams

"Bethany is a results-driven, highly intuitive individual. Her skills in coaching are evident in the results of those who work with her. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Bethany and have personally seen the transformation she can provide for her clients. She is motivated and has the skill of being able to see beyond what her clients can't see. I would highly recommend Bethany if you want fast and visible results in your life and business!" ~Ciaara Hoffman- YWEC

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