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Creating Results

It's all about the container.

Bethany has been dubbed the "ENERGETIC VC" because she invests deeply through energy work into the people & companies she works with.

She makes a difference by utilizing spiritual tools, energetic healing, and intuitive gifts to transform the way that businesses grow and evolve.


Bethany works closely with those she serves to help them move through their personal and business blocks and beliefs as well as holding energetic space for radical expansion, opportunity, and possibility.

Are you ready for EPIC RESULTS?

A Few Quantum Leaping Client Results...


  • 10X income within a month

  • 4X income within a month

  • 8 figure company revenues more than doubled in 3 months

  • Monthly company revenue increased 1.5X in 1.5 months

  • Startup company pivots based on intuitive direction towards 

  • Personal assets grown over $100k within 3 months even though salary earner

  • Client need job opportunities because of a move and within 24 hours of session had 3 out of the blue

  • Client had had no sales for a year and within a week of session closed a sale

  • Career moves/leaps and doubled+ incomes within a year for multiple clients


  • Married within 6 months from our initial session where client was single, then pregnant within 8 months

  • Manifested partner in within 5 days 

  • Speaking and sharing your truth with confidence and being heard by partner for first time in forever

  • Progress towards divorce completely shifted towards loving relationship


  • Kidney stones disappeared within hours as confirmed by xray

  • 10 years of back tension dissolved

  • Sleeping through the night for the first time in 8 months

  •  20 years of knee pain gone

  • 30 years of hamstring issues gone

  • Relationship with non-communicative family members restored within 3 months

  • Intuition and clarity increased ALWAYS

Some examples of experiences during sessions...

  • Past life regression

  • Cutting cords with family, colleagues, friends, partners

  • Angelic realm support

  • Understanding your purpose

  • Clarity and direction with choices and options

  • Guidance towards crystals that support you in this moment

  • Conversations on health or diet

  • Release of limiting patterns or blocks in the way 

  • Feeling tingles from head to toe

  • Fogginess or confusion released

  • Entities removed

  • Power transfer between individuals

  • Identifying lessons in this life 

  • A deceased loved one shows up

  • Contraptions or gadgets removed from energetic field

  • Answers to feeling stuck

  • Random shadows come to the forefront

  • Finding where light is not flowing in the body

  • Immense healing

Are you looking to
your Personal life & business
in a way that makes you feel
connected & energized?

within that will help you

Packard, Business Owner

"I reached out to Bethany for an energy clearing. I had been feeling anxious and "stuck" around certain situations, both personally and professionally. I had never met with an intuitive healer before. I had no idea what to expect. Halfway through our session, I felt a physical release of pressure from my chest. An instant feeling of calm came over me. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced! Bethany had also done a cord cutting for me and I noticed a shift in that area too. The relationship seemed lighter and the heavy sense of attachment was no longer there. And the most exciting part? Not even 5 hours after our session, someone who I had hoped to work & collaborate with, reached out wanting to meet! The shifts & clarity that I have felt since the session are remarkable! If you're looking for an intuitive healer, Bethany is definitely the one to see! Her work is very much needed in the world. I believe everyone could benefit from a session with Bethany! I have so much gratitude for her and what she has helped me clear 🙏." 

You are infinite and opportunities are endless.

3 & 6 Month Catalyst Container Coaching Packages Available Starting at $1500k/mo


Creating space for you to leap into infinite possibilities.
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