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7 Weeks to Align to Your Dreams with ThetaHealer® & Intuitive Coach Bethany Londyn, ME!

I will support you through a 7-week journey based on my best selling book...

This is an exclusive opportunity with the Energy Haus.

We’ve all experienced it, that little voice in the back of our head, that unmistakable feeling in our gut; it’s our intuition. Our bodies are constantly “talking” to us, but many of us tune it out only to later say to ourselves, “I knew that!” In my life-changing book, Get Aligned Now, I reveal the secret to freeing your mind so you can hear what your body is telling you. This method takes emotional intelligence to the next level giving you the power to align with your goals for greater success.

Week One: Setting the Foundation 5/21

How we do one thing is how we do everything, so it's extremely important to clean up our foundation which then brings clarity and re-focused energy into the space.

RESULTS: Master your environment and see what is adding or taking away from your life. Learn how to set the tone and bring balance and harmony in your life with aspects of Feng Shui and ancient clearing rituals.

Week Two: Clearing Self 5/28

Every moment you are communicating with the world, verbally or non-verbally, with what you are projecting outwards. We will create a free space for you to listen and receive, so that when you communicate, it is an unsoiled transmission coming from a pure space.

RESULTS: Understand the commitment to a clear mind, harmonious relationships, and to your self. Gain new tools for communicating with others and practicing forgiveness to raise vibration and frequency towards one of manifestation mastery.

Week Three: Nurturing You 6/4

We are taking a pause to nurture our body, mind, and soul. When in the experience of feeling whole and complete, any obstacles or trauma that comes your way will not affect you as much since you’ll be vibrating above that of the challenge at hand.

RESULTS: As you nurture yourself through this mind food, you will start to understand what your body is saying to you as it’s talking all the time. Discover meditations that work best for you as well as how to reboot yourself in 2 minutes to prepare for the next task at hand.

Week Four: Your Core 6/11

This week, you will figure out if your body agrees with your dreams, and if are they in alignment with your path. You’ve got to know your truth.

RESULTS: Understand the commitment to a clear mind, harmonious relationships, and to your self. Gain new tools for communicating with others and practicing forgiveness to raise vibration and frequency towards one of manifestation mastery.

Week Five: Connecting You 6/19

You will expand upon your knowledge and ultimately learn more about yourself and where you get to go next, in order to live a life of synchronistic flow. This will be possibly the most powerful life-changing week if it hasn’t already raised new levels from previous ones!

RESULTS: You’ll learn tools to take your awareness to another level, as we are going to start asking for guidance. Guidance comes from your subconscious, Universal energy, God, your soul, your gut, your angels, whatever you choose to believe will support you the most.

Week Six: Manifesting 6/25

This week will support you in fully taking in the light and guidance while planting your seeds to bring forth your dreams and goals. You have a compelling vision to communicate to the Universe, so let’s pave the way to allow it to manifest.

RESULTS: Uncover blocks that are keeping you from flowing with your vision and clear them so you can fully align to your happen end result as a result of the tools learned throughout this process thus far.

Week Seven: Vibrate at a New Intensity 7/2

This week we’re going to bring your levels up a notch by adding some sparkle into your life. We raise our vibrations and broadcasting energy to tap into the most beneficial guidance.

RESULTS: It’s all a ripple effect. What have you created thus far in the past weeks? Find your joy, find your bliss. And learn hacks & tricks to keep it going with you manifesting effortlessly.

There’s no reason to hold back, be unabashedly you. Your soul is limitless. Possibilities are infinite. And even more so with me by your side! I've manifested multiple cars, jobs, movie opportunities, healings, and so much more for myself and clients.

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Donation-based: $22-44 for each class. Bethany’s normal hourly rate is $444

You can register via EnergyHaus.

Let's ignite your intuition and body intelligence!

See you in class!


Bethany Londyn

// A B O U T

Bethany Londyn manifests opportunities and healing for clients like magic. She's certified in ThetaHealing® and others, working as an Alignment Catalyst Coach who supports individuals, Universities, and companies using intuition, a process that feels like meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, and prayer, all combined, to achieve miraculous results. Also, learn more about her soul-lifting practice of Body Intelligence to manifest miracles through her latest book, Get Aligned Now, available in digital and print. Londyn now offers weekly live ThetaHealing® Group Sessions on YouTube on Wednesdays at Noon PST if you want to enjoy a magical experience.

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