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Don't Let Them Curse You | Bethany Londyn Master Healer

Notice what you are consuming on social media and how it might be affecting your 3d and energetic 5d body.

Be Careful of Bold Claims

There are people out there that I see on social media such as Instagram making bold claims about light workers that are simply not accurate.

When someone states if you don't do (XYZ), you are hurting yourself.


if you're a light worker and not in my course, you are holding yourself back.

Hopefully those examples are enough to explain it.

These statements could be putting you into a curse if you take what they say as truth.

I mean think about it, someone telling you what to do or a negative result is going to happen.... Does that feel like truth to you?

What I Have Found When there is a Forced Energy

What I have found as a light worker as I am one as well, is that often times there is a contract placed in their energetic body. These contracts might have the energy of force amongst it.

So for example, as a light worker, you might feel like you HAVE TO service the world. And if you aren't in service you aren't honoring your truth.

When you "Have To" anything, it is negative and of low density vibes .

Notice if you make statements such as "I have to", or "I must." It could be a contract in your energetic field.

And I know this because it was found on me first.

Removing The Energetic Contract

When a healer told me about this contract and said are you ready to take this out. Internally I freaked out a bit.

I didn't know if I wanted to take it out. What was I going to do if this "contractual purpose" was taken out?

Well, when you remove the contract, then you have a choice on if you want to continue doing what you're doing versus the "have to" energy.

This is the beauty of it. Once the contract is removed you CHOOSE, that's the freewill and the freedom.

Could you still have the freedom and choice without the contract?

YES, but it might feel like a constant uphill battle.

So Be Warned

If you're feeling triggered by somebody saying that you have to do something because you're a light worker, just be warned.

I don't know that they're operating out of truth. To me it is more of a power play than truth. Truth is neutral, not forced.

But check your own gut.

As somebody looking to continuously become more aware of themselves-as well being able help others do what makes them happy while still staying true to herself... I'm calling in only truth.

Blessings on Blessings to you!

Bethany Londyn

//BETHANY LONDYN has been internationally recognized for her intuitive master healing services for CEO's & their companies, as well as writing for many media outlets such as ThriveGlobal, YogaJournal, & MindBodyGreen. She holds a container for infinite possibility supporting clients staying calm, creative, and high-performing even when growth has plateaued and high-stake decisions feel overwhelming.

Bethany Londyn has been quoted as the Billionaire Catalyst Coach because of her intuitive insight, clarity for inspired action, and opportunity creating ways. A recent claim to fame was supporting a company in doubling sales from $8M to $16M in two months leading to a sale of the company at exponential growth.

Her most recent book, Get Aligned Now, guides people to learn how to listen to the wisdom within so they can be their most high performing selves aligning with actual results like never before. Now also available, a Guided Journal on Morning Manifestion and Evening Expansions.

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