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Energy Healing vs Psychic Reading: Learn the Differences

Today I want to talk to you about the difference between an intuitive energy healing session and a psychic reading.

The first one is what people come to me a lot for, but the second one is what I actually love to do.

People tend to like Psychic Readings

For example, I went to a party the other day - a small gathering -, and next thing you know, everyone's asking me what I see for each one of them.

And sure, I can go down that road.

But the thing is, a psychic reading is all about where you're at at this moment. Right now - the present moment. As soon as you go two minutes down the road and you choose one of 50 possible paths, things may change.

So the reason for me for a psychic reading is so that you have the opportunity to choose which way you want to go.

The Beauty of Energy Healing

The beauty of energy healing and the intuitive work that I do to support my clients, on the other hand, is in helping them develop their own intuition.

And the way I do that is by clearing out the gunk.

So yes, I get all these emails and text messages and calls with all sorts of questions: “Should I travel here?”, “Am I making the right job decision?”, “Should I invest money here?”, “What do you see in this situation, Bethany?”, “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?”, “Are we gonna break up?”, “Are we gonna stay together and get married?”, “Should I hire this person?”, “Should I get involved with this multi-million dollar project?”

All these are questions that people just come to me for my own quick “yes” or “no”.

I prefer to hold an overall goal for the client and then work to clear out anything that would create resistance, challenges, and frustrations in the process of achieving their overall goal.

Why Energy Healing can be more productive than Psychic Readings

So let's tackle that simple question, ”Is my husband cheating on me?”

And trust me I’ve been there - I didn't know this work back then.

If you are attracting a cheating husband, it might be worth it to look into your energy to see why that may be showing up.

Whether it has been in your current life - maybe you knew somebody even as a child that had a cheating husband or a cheating relationship, or maybe it was in your lineage. Maybe it was in a past life, future life, or parallel life. What is it in your energy field that has attracted the possibility of a husband cheating?

If we clear that, we don't even need to dive into whether or not it is actually happening or not.

Once we clear that energy, we can move forward knowing that you're going to be creating a new relationship - whether it's with the same person or another - that holds the space of an amazing, phenomenal, and loving experience.

So that is the difference between a psychic reading, that's purely based in the moment, versus holding and creating the space to clear your energy, so that you may receive that which you want.

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