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How I Heal the Souls of Companies

Let’s talk about doing energy healing on the souls of companies.

I realize that people have some trouble grasping what it is and how I do it.

By the way, I have some openings for a container for growth and success for companies. I hold 10 companies at a time, and currently, I have eight spots left.

So if you want to be in the container - you are a CEO, or you know somebody that is -, that is plateauing or the business is dropping, send them my way.

How I clear the energy of companies

So, for example, a couple of weeks ago I was working on this company and I saw a rocket.

The rocket represented the company and I saw it sitting and slanted, in what looked like quicksand or mud. Basically, the base of the rocket was sitting in muck and was stuck.

So what I did was to start clearing. And I did so until the rocket was upright, and flying again - skyrocketing. Because that's where we want the business to be at.

So energetically I tune in, and I clear the vision, the story that I see until the image changes.

And how I do that is because I am gifted.

Several things are and could be at work when it comes to energy healing: it could be me and my Gift, it could be your Soul, it could be a team of Souls, it could be a team of Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, God, Source energy, - anything that works outside of the 3D realm.

That’s what I'm doing when I'm working on these businesses.

Working on a person's energy is similar

Another story: I was working with this individual that I've been working with for a long time, probably over a year. As I was working on him I start to energetically see something that was like a full-on movie playing out.

I saw him running next to a water stream, his jeans were ripped, he was barefoot, he looked really cold, his shirt was all unbuttoned and disheveled, and he was lost and he didn't know which way to go.

As I start clearing, the picture started to change: first, it was like, “ok, he has a direction now, he's going this way.” Then I could see him go on a clearer path next to the water stream. Next thing you know he finds a road. I do some more clearing, and a stranger picks him up. It was like a full-on movie.

But what was happening was that I was clearing so many different things that were coming up and getting in this way, intuitively.

And the things that I clear are things that I might hear, I might see, I might sense, or feel. Sometimes in these sessions, I feel things in specific parts of the body - like my back or chest.

Once that happens, I look into it to find out where's that coming from. Is it a burden from this life, past life, a parallel life? And I clear it out.

So this is a glimpse into how I work. It definitely takes a specific type of individual to do this work, and the more I work with people, the faster the healings will happen.

Some people that are really open will have instant clearings or results in 24 to 48 hours.

And when I work with a company, the same applies.

Keeping your company's energy clear is a constant exercise

Usually, we work for three to six months, so we can really clear that rocket, get it and keep it in the freaking sky.

Because let me tell you: I'll get the rocket in the sky and three weeks later something happens and it's back on the ground. Then I see for example that the power flames are burning but only on half of the rocket at the bottom - so it’s my job to come in again, to clear the stagnant energy to get all the flames going so we can get back up in the air.

Businesses are dynamic, and their energy shifts at every single moment.

When I work with a company, I tune into their energy every single day during the week. And I’m always clearing in real-time because I want to have some massive results for my clients.

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