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Instead of Happy Thanksgiving, I’d like to dub this day as National Gratitude Day instead does that work? Maybe even National Blessings Day.... oooh la la.

On the scale of consciousness where a level of love is at 500, gratitude is sitting 350 points higher at 850! And what's even more powerful is that a level of 1000 is the highest at God Consciousness.

Gratitude is close to God Consciousness.

Feel free to take that in.

There are a ton of chaos, negativity, scarcity, and fear energies roaming the planet right now. Even I'm having my moments with them to combat.

How to Increase Your Vibe

Want to know how to increase your vibe and get out of that low negative emotional junk?

Go straight through the emotion of LOVE and into GRATITUDE.

This isn’t just about saying you’re thankful for something, this is about feeling the gratitude and appreciation for every aspect of your life even the tough ones and then also at your cellular level- feeling thankful to your core.

You know when you've entered a state of gratitude because your whole body should be feeling light, expansive, and smiling right back at you. It's almost like a vortex of gratitude you're feeling.

When to Practice Gratitude

It’s a life changing practice I consciously choose to experience at least twice a day although I desire to feel this sensation for all moments.

When I wake up and when I go to sleep- I get into this experience of gratitude. That way you're starting your day with a body smile, and ending your day with a body smile.

If you've read my book, Get Aligned Now, then you know it's all about that body intelligence for me.

In the book, I go into more detail on how we vibrationally we lift the energy of each other when we raise our vibe.

How to Change Someone's Emotions

Yes you can support their vibe. This means you’re affecting your neighbors energetically when getting into the practice of gratitude.

Want more proof?

Just try it on before you start talking to someone, especially if maybe they are not someone you normally have the most harmony with.

Become aware how when you entered into contact with them while radiating gratitude- what shifted.

There should definitely be a National Gratitude Day- even though every day is even better.

Who’s with me?!

I am extremely grateful, more than ever these days, for my friends and family, our health, my amazing dog Elliot, and that I’ve survived and even thrived beyond my expectations in this tumultuous 2020.

I'm being in all the feels of gratitude!

Do you feel it?

The body smile? Let me know.

Happy Gratitude Day, we’re making the most of it!

Blessings to you and your family with so much love,


PS: You can also increase your vibe through the use of Tachyon Rods which I go into more detail on here.

// A B O U T Bethany Londyn manifests opportunities and healing for clients like magic. She's certified in ThetaHealing® and is an Alignment Catalyst Coach who works with individuals, Universities, and companies using intuition, a process that feels like meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, and prayer, all combined, to achieve miraculous results. Also, learn more about her soul-lifting practice of Body Intelligence to manifest miracles through her latest book, Get Aligned Now, available in digital and print.

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