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How to Use Your Tachyon Power Rods with Clients

Looking for a new tool to boost your effectiveness with clients? I have an answer for you here... Tachyon Rods.

Tachyon Rods have entirely streamlined my work with not only myself but my energy healing coaching clients as well.

What are Tachyon Power Rods?

Tachyon Power Rods are a meditation and healing tool infused with the spirit of Tachyon, similar to a crystal and the spirit of the crystal. The Tachyon rods support a return to neutrality and zero-point energy which support removing subconscious blocks, lower vibes, and more from your energy fields. If this is your first research on Tachyon don't hesitate to read my first article on why I started using the Tachyon wands.

Do Tachyon Rods Work?

First let me share, while I believe the Tachyon Power Wands are for everyone, not everyone feels the Tachyon energy immediately. I've had clients that do feel it through the phone or even via my meditations which I now have some available on YouTube and other more in-depth ones available for purchase

Others may hold the Tachyon and not feel it at all and others will immediately and sometimes freak out.

It varies for everyone and I have created an essential connection Tachyon Rod meditation to support connection. Using this Tachyon energy meditation will support removing the blocks to experiencing the Tachyon Spirit and even if it takes a month to feel that connection KNOW that it is always working finally. 

So my ultimate final answer is YES, the Tachyon rods do work tremendously for my clients and me.

How to Work with the Tachyon Energy

My initial training was ThetaHealing®, and that has now expanded with my clients into much more intuitive work and receiving guidance from Archangels, God, Source Energy, Spirits Guides, and other high vibrational beings.

Being intuitive, I get nudges and conversations from these lovely spirits to sometimes grab my Tachyon Rods when working with clients for extra oomph in energy healing. I am primarily guided to the Tachyon Spirit when the client has super stuck energy or sticky situation that must go at once.

I don't know what energy healing or coaching level you are at in your career, however, I know that if you are meant to use Tachyon Rods for your energy healing, you will be called to it. 

When doing virtual life coaching and virtual healings, sometimes I'll get my nudge to grab the Tachyon wands and use them to clear their space which I visually see a spirit doing just that. During this process, I might notice a client yawning or saying WOW something just happened, or some other unique acknowledgement. This is when I know to share with them that I had just brought the Tachyon rods to support us. Then if they have further questions, I refer them to my YouTube video as linked above.

Otherways to Use Tachyon Healing

Other than being called to utilize the Tachyon energy with clients, I see the Tachyon healing supporting an actual cementing of the session and energy healings or life coaching I just did with my clients.

For example, if you have a client that seems to love every session coming to vent about this and that, but then as soon as they leave it's like they go back to their old patterns. I even imagine someone who likes to go to church religiously every Sunday, who gets their inspirational message and then goes about their merry ways as if nothing changed being similar... 

Well, that's not what we want for our clients right? We want them to take our session and run with it all inspired in action creating change and results in their life. The Tachyon energy is light speed and supports these beautiful clients stepping into their power and momentum as well.

My Tachyon Rods Review

I'd say 97% of my clients are feeling the Tachyon energy instantly. For me personally, various life changes have been so much easier and more simple, and I give this credit to my phenomenal Tachyon Rods. I wouldn't be here writing this article if I wasn't completely sold on them. You can also check out the comments on the YouTube meditations of people's experiences as well.

Tachyon For Sale

TachyonLiving offered me a distributorship with the Tachyon rods and even built up an impressive special for my clients which is a way better deal than when I bought mine! Check out the special here!

I'm here to support, if you have any questions, enjoy!

Blessings on Blessings,

~ Bethany

Ready for additional steps? Book a session with me, and you won't be disappointed as all of my clients have received momentous results within 24-72 hours of our session.

Bethany Londyn manifests opportunities and healing for clients like magic. She's certified in ThetaHealing® and others, working as an Alignment Catalyst Coach who supports individuals, Universities, and companies using intuition, a process that feels like meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, and prayer, all combined, to achieve miraculous results. Also, learn more about her soul-lifting practice of Body Intelligence to manifest miracles through her latest book, Get Aligned Now, available in digital and print.

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