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Manifesting What You Want Troubles?

You're not alone. So many people are wondering, why isn't manifesting working for me?

Manifesting Tips

You watched "The Secret" and have seen all the posts about visualizing and nothing happened.

You even went the extra step and did a vision board and wrote with some lipstick some key affirmations on your mirror to see in the morning, and.... nothing?!?

Well, there are various manifesting methods and if you did the above and you aren't manifesting what you want, there may be some emotional blocks that you have. You could also have some lessons that haven't been learned that are keeping you from your dreams.

Manifesting Methods

This isn't completely necessary, but it seems to make a HUGE difference for those who aren't super aware just yet :)

Know your Human Design to see what style is best for you, I used to pull the chart on my clients prior to being as intuitive as I am now where I can see the various blocks and clearings necessary.

You enter in your birthdate, place of birth etc, similar to astrology, Human Design synchronizes multiple charts together to see where your strong points are to bring clarity to your powerhouse areas.

Find out if it is best to manifest with your voice, through your thoughts, or body. Then shift your manifesting style accordingly.

Manifesting Money

This is a popular one as well. Are you focusing on money or what the money brings to you?

They are two very different things. Especially under the manifesting mindset of money is simply an energy frequency.

You don't want to manifest more energy as you are always full of energy.

More so it's important to pay attention to the types of energy that you are bringing in, is it positive or is it negative energy?

Then go back to what the money will buy you as part of your manifestation and see what energy is behind that desire. Again, is it positive or negative?

Manifesting Love

Love is what the world needs most, but people must understand it's not about going and finding it. I know, this is the last thing you want to hear and I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this either.

If you want to be manifesting love, first you have to create so much love within that it radiates that positive loving energy and vibe where it only brings back more of it to you as a vibrational match.

This is another reason self-love is so important. Self-love is the highest frequency to attract that which you desire.

If you are looking for complete love, not a love to fill in emotional gaps, then you want to be 100% full of love at all times.

When working with clients, the first thing I do is fill them up with the energy of love because I know in that space the rest of the healing session will be easier to accept and receive.

Manifesting a Specific Person

Sorry, the manifestation of people does not work. You are only in control of you and your thoughts.

When people come to me wanting me to bring back an ex, I share that after a session with me, there's a possibility that the upleveling of their vibe could attract the other person back- if that's what they are looking for.

On the other hand, the increased level of energy may also have them no longer interested in that individual.

Increasing your self-love practice will bring you to a different level of joy which can have you on a completely new path in life.

Manifesting Your Dreams

Still not feeling like you're missing something in manifesting your dreams? It's very possible, hence why I wrote a whole book on manifesting your desires with Get Aligned Now, and now an upcoming FREE Masterclass starting week, sign up here if you're interested!

In the meantime, check out this FREEBIE manifesting tips worksheet to support you in getting clear on what's keeping you from manifesting your dreams.

Sending tons of love!


//BETHANY LONDYN has been internationally recognized for her signature coaching services; facilitating workshops at companies and institutions throughout the U.S., as well as writing for many media outlets such as ThriveGlobal, YogaJournal, & MindBodyGreen. Londyn also facilitates intuitive healing sessions with her clients. She helps men and women jump-start their life toward manifesting their dreams, overcoming limiting beliefs and obstacles along the way. Londyn's mission is to support people in finding their own truth, which in turn produces their innate freedom. Her most recent book, Get Aligned Now, guides people to learn how to listen to the wisdom within. Her personalized approach will allow you to dig deep through body conversations aka Body Intelligence, and align with actual results like never before.

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