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How Energy Healing made its way into my first Real Estate project

Today I will tell you about my first real test of energy healing and real estate.

It was back in 2008 - a long time ago -, and I had a whole condo project that I was responsible for selling all the 14 units of. And I couldn't get that first one sold. I was really having issues with it because it really takes momentum to get a whole project sold.

How Energy Healing and Real estate met, for me

I was working on getting that first unit sold, and someone told me that I should try working with a feng shui person. Naturally, I was like: “Okay, I love it! Sounds good to me!”

We bring in the feng shui lady - Gwen from 10 000 blessings in Portland, she's amazing - and she advised we do a bunch of different things, including a healing on the whole property. So we got it into action.

Within 24 hours I had the first offer, and it was even above asking.

After that, I went on to sell all the units except for the last one.

So I called her back in. “Gwen, I don't know what happened, we stalled!”

She came back in, we did the blessing of the property, and the next day, we sold that last unit.

I was mind blown!

From then on, Energy Healing is a part of all projects I do

From there on, for the time that I was in Portland in real estate, I would build it in so that my sellers were paying her to come to every single listing. We would always do a healing and she would throw in some saging as well.

And now I have incorporated the feng shui, and the energy healing that we did, and I have also learned how to work with my own intuition, reiki, energy healing.

I’ve walked around homes and I can feel when the energy is rough and we will need to get rid of it before we can sell it.

As an Energy Healer, I do it myself, now

As an energy healer, I’ve also done healings on homes once people move into them.

But the thing is: it doesn't always work.

I tune into the souls of people and places, things.

So if the seller isn't connected to their soul and they aren't willing to go there then that might be a block. I can work on it as much as I can for the greatest good, but if someone's really attached or is stuck on something that can create some resistance, it won’t always work.

As far as energy healing and saving goes, I also work with another girl who is all about bringing joy and good energy into homes, and this also creates powerful powerful experiences whether people are selling or buying.

And just proves how powerful energy healing is for every single deal.

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