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Not So United States of America After All

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

There are so many people out there in sadness, many in fear, and additionally anger & outrage. I want to acknowledge all the emotions. There is no reason to feel wrong about the way you are feeling. Let the emotions run through your body and allow space for a transition to happen and as it does in your own body, see it for the world too.

If you are looking to support through prayer, may I again suggest the Loving Kindness Metta Prayer?

I've heard countless miracles just from the prayer. Note that you MUST fill up on your own self-love before you can support the others. Also, the new Sophia Grace Cartoon coming out today or tomorrow YouTube depending, will address this as well.

Here to support and spread loving-kindness to ALL.

1-Repeat the prayer over and over again for several minutes, feeling as though you’re swaddled in loving-kindness.

2-If you want, substitute the name of the person you wish to forgive for the word “I.” Set the intention to wrap this person in the love you now hold in your heart. Be patient, and ever so gradually, you’ll begin to feel a shift.

3- Say the prayer 3x for the planet and change I to “All Beings” as everyone deserves to feel loving-kindness. I'd say do it more like 99x right now, yet do what you can.

I also have created a guided meditation of the Loving-Kindness Prayer that you can listen too here.

As an intuitive, all I smell is fresh tar of the pavement as I read articles of George Floyd, most likely ex

actly what he was smelling as he was struggling for air in his last moments.

Feeling pain for his families and our society, and gratitude for his soul illuminating deep-rooted issues amongst the divides of America which is not so United after all, at least


In the meantime, I’ll pray for a nation United in harmony and love.

George Floyd is a martyr and inspiring hero.

How can we turn to love?

If you need a lil extra support in getting through to some personal clarity, don't hesitate to hit me up for a session.

I want you to be of the light!

Sending infinite blessings to you!


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