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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

The following is the show's transcript. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Quantum Leap your business and life podcast. My name is Bethany Londyn, and I am an energetic VC supporting CEOs and entrepreneurs and multiplying revenues and opportunities of their business through intuitive guidance and energetic healing. I am obsessed with finding and releasing blocks so that you can start receiving the guidance and opportunities that will be bringing you quantum leaps with ease. If you are looking to upgrade your business life, spirituality or need a perspective shift to flow, you've come to the right place. Leave it to me to pull out the juicy stories, Quantum Leap hacks, and how our inspiring guests have tackled obstacles and gotten into the flow to reach new heights of success.

My intention is to bring clarity and massive awareness. The infinite possibilities are everywhere. Your next moment could be a miraculous one. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Let's uncover their strategies. Have fun and see how we can Quantum Leap together. Hello, hello, Bethany Londyn. I am your host and guest.

Today, I'm going to share a little bit about me why I started this podcast how I work with people and the magic that has brought me to my own versions of quantum leaps. So I am super excited to spill all my guts to you today and see how you become inspired and go from there. Don't we all want to Quantum Leap. I mean, I do. Maybe some people don't.

I would love to turn around, do a little 360 and poof, there's a different experience.

So that is my goal with clients.

I love the idea of learning how other people are doing it that don't work with me so we can learn and be inspired. So that's how I came up with the theme of this podcast. Now why I'm starting a podcast why now is because I am divinely guided. So typically, when I am doing a new project I tune in, and say

Does this feel good? Yes or no.

And I kept getting a no on podcast, but it kept showing up like randomly. Well, one day three times in one week, I'm all about the three and the signs of the three times. Someone basically was like you should have a podcast. And then I was invited to be part of a podcast platform, electric asked and they just opened up their spiritual channel. So I am a part of that. So excited. So once I sign a contract, here I am you guys get me for at least a year. Not more. Okay. So that is me following the signs, the divine guidance, because if I'm not getting a yes inside, if I'm not feeling it, the universe is going to guide me for me. For example, I went to Europe recently, and I went, I went for a wedding in Lake Como. And then I was going to go to nice to visit a friend. And that person changed her mind and decided to stay somewhere else. So in that moment, I was kind of in this freakout mode, because I was like, oh my god, okay, plans are changing. Well, I could just go to nice on my own. This is after the wedding, by the way. So there's tons of people still there. Or I could see what other people are doing. Because as I was looking into purchasing my ticket, to go to knees and where to stay and all this, like I started kind of hyperventilating. I'm exaggerating, but like, I felt my heart rate rising, it didn't feel comfortable. So then I decided to reach out to everyone that was there. Hey, what are your plans? What are you doing? And one person invited me to hang out with her follow her. And then she left early in the morning before it was even up. So I'm like, okay, but notice like, I am not being a victim here because you could consider myself a victim. No, no, no, no, no. I am in control and I am in power. And I know the universe is guiding me like that is my way of thinking and operating. So it's a little bit of it's different. And it feels much better. Let's be honest, that feels much better than being left behind. I'm like, Okay, I guess that wasn't for me to do, right. Okay, so then I'm talking to the bride and the groom. They're like, oh, you should come with us. So that's what ended up happening. I ended up going with them and then it was amazing. And then we reconnected with other people in Monaco. And it was just so beautiful and I was never going to go to Switzerland. We ended up going to Switzerland Lugano and Lucerne and was never going to go to Monaco. That was definitely a powerful place for me. I'm just doing healings the whole entire time. If you don't know me, I'm an energy healer. Okay, so I'm constantly healing and especially if I'm triggered if things are frustrating, that means I'm out of the flow. And so I clear until I am neutral and move forward. All right. So that is an example of being divinely guided. And with the podcast, I was divinely guided when three people brought it up to me in a short period of time, even though it wasn't feeling like something at the time was my path. Okay. So let's rewind to 23rd teen 2013 I was invited to this personal growth program in LA from Portland, Oregon. And I'm here in LA, I do this class, I thought it was going to be an entrepreneur startup, I was working for a startup. What was mine, so it was creating a startup in it fully. And yes, also doing real estate. So that was kind of paying the bills. And I come to this class, and I'm like, This is not business. This is personal growth. And I do love personal growth. I always love the Self Help section of Barnes and Noble. Before I tapped into my spiritual side, and I did I guess I did, I listened to Abraham Hicks. If you don't know, Abraham Hicks, check it out, Esther and Abraham Hicks. And I'm here in this class, and I'm like, Okay, this is not what I expected. But I'm going to go all in and I'm going to surrender. And I do and all the stuff comes up. You know, ex husband, Narcissus other boyfriends issues, of course, really, isn't it always the relationships that cause most drama? And parents, I was fortunate to be raised in a wonderful family. I am the oldest of five. So that did have its challenges. And I will also say that our traumas of our past because many things that happened before the age of 10 Seven affect where we're at now that you can't really compare your trauma to my trauma, because my it wasn't like crazy trauma. It was just something that may have been meaningful to me and like really powerful to me that I can see how it ties to now. So if I were to tie that to now, I would say it's because my dad always had us play Monopoly. Yeah, does play Monopoly and I love we'd love that game. Now it's monopoly deal, which I also love. Okay, so I'm here going through whatever clearings releasing of past exes made mostly that. And in the, in the course, in the course, here in LA. I know I, I'm very good at tangents, and healing. And then I come out of this session, and I'm like, wow, that was amazing. I feel all shiny and new. And from there, I ended up getting involved in coaching, I ended up moving to LA, I have all these new friends because we just develop these super intimate relationship. So other you know, like other people that moved to LA, they're like, oh, it's such a lonely city, and they leave right away, not for me, because I had this whole group of people that I connected with. So it's very fortunate. So I'm here in LA and meeting new people going to all the events because I just want to meet more more people so that I feel at home here in LA, I started noticing that I'm surrounded by all these psychics. So surrounded by all these psychics, I'm like, what is up with this is so weird. And then someone turns to me, they're like, Well, that's because you're psychic too. And I'm like, Ah, no, I'm not. I don't know about that. Like, yeah, look at your dreams, like that dream came true. This dream. Like whoa, okay. Interesting. So then I decided to dive in. I start reading about it. In the meantime, I also started coaching for that program I had just been in and they started calling me the billionaire Catalyst coach, like, okay, obviously, this is something that I'm good at. I'm enjoying it. having so much fun working with other people supporting them and transforming their lives is because it's almost like community service, like you're in service, right? So it feels good internally. So I'm just living the life here in LA. And then I hire my own coach, because I want to coach and I was introduced to him as an executive coach at Google. Well, turns out he also is an energetic coach. He was a shaman or is a shaman. So fascinating. So through our journey of working together, I think a year and a half. He's like Bethany, you know, companies really should hire you. Because you hold a field I have opportunity. I'm like, What do you mean, people should hire me? He's like, hey, they can put you on like the advisory role or just have you on staff, because having you as part of their company is going to support them. I'm like, Okay, I mean, that sounds amazing. But I don't know who was going to just pay me to be part of their company. Okay, so this is all 2013 2014.

Jumping to 2020, which was a transitional transformational year for many people bringing clarity, lots of clarity. And by the way, during the jump, there was a ton of roller-coastering. A ton of roller-coastering. Relationships, relationship, drama, lawsuits. Yes. All those fun things that really felt like sometimes I was being dragged through the mud. But like, on the flip side, I was having the best life because I was in LA, it was kind of like this whole bipolar situation anyway, life is good. And we're all like, there's not the two dichotomies. Okay. So 2020 comes around, and I start doing all these healings for companies, for their employees. So bringing balance and support and you know, so many people working from home, and we're all in zoom. So it's just really easy to hop on. I even did it for USC, University of Southern California, which was amazing that they have me, come to support them. So, yes, so here I am. 2020. And then divinely guided. Three people say, Bethany. What do you think about working for companies like being a business energetic business coach? I'm like, wow, the fact that three people have said this to me. And a coach had said it to me, you know, way back when in 2013 2014. I was like, okay, like, I guess time is now let's do this. Let's figure it out. So I'm like, I don't know who's gonna hire me to do this same kind of thing. I sit down, and I write out my perfect client, like my client avatar. And I'm like, they make multi millions, you know, millions of dollars a year. They're ready, willing and open. So there's a phrase in real estate, you don't want to work with a client unless they're ready, willing and able to buy a home, otherwise, you're wasting your time. So same type thing. I'm like, ready, willing and open because you want them to be open to the spiritual stuff. Otherwise, I'm just working with someone that's resistant. And that is possible. I've done it plenty of times, but it's not desirable. Right. So this is like my dream client. Now I'm like, Who am I going to reach out to and I keep getting this, I call it a download or thought of this one person that I'd met like five years prior six years prior. And I don't even know how we met. We weren't close or anything, but I knew that he was part of this $15 million club. So the revenues of 50 million and up. So I'm like, I'm just gonna reach out to him. It's gonna be super weird, but I'm gonna reach out and maybe he'll know somebody that wants to work with me. So this is my quantum leap that I'm describing right now. I decided to own it, because I got the sign. So sure, yes, I did need something else externally to really land it for me to give me the okay, I'm doing this. And then once I was in that declaration, declarant of mode of this is happening. Things I started being guided towards where I needed to go, right, so I'm getting this guy, I'm like, oh, that's gonna be really weird to call them spend so many years. So I remember also, right where I was, I'm driving off of this ramp onto the highway in Hollywood, on the one on one, and I'm like, okay, 54321 dial, and I call him, you know, while driving, so, you know, can't take notes or anything. I'm like, Hey, what's going on? He answers and I'm like, This is gonna be a really weird call. But I thought of you so. Hi. So I tell him that I'm looking to get into business, spiritual business coaching and doing healing on companies and asking him if he knows anyone. You know, he says, he goes, Bethany. The only thing I haven't tried yet is Tony Robbins, like VIP, whatever their his Business Mastermind is, which is like, I think, well, it used to be like 100,000 a year. I don't know what it is now. Ding, ding ding. When I had been writing down my list of clients, that's what I put the Tony Robbins that they would be willing and open and that they would be willing to go pay Tony Robbins. So this was like, I was mind blown. I was like, Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you universe, talk about being in the flow, and aligning to where you're meant to be just things like kind of line up. So Shereena, I start working with him. And I don't know what I'm doing. I mean, I know how to coach, right. But we weren't really coaching. I was doing healing on the business. And I would talk to him for maybe like, 15 minutes, every, I don't know, three weeks. So now I work with clients. Usually, for an hour, every week or every other week, it's a little more one on one. But with him, I was just tuning into the energy of the company every day for like, 30 minutes a day and running. You know, whatever I saw, if I saw fire, throwing water at it, you know, whatever I could do to support it. Next thing, you know, in two months, the company went from 8 million to 16 million. Yes. In revenues. So that was additionally very confirming to my abilities. I was like, wow, like, if I don't see my powers and my gifts now then I I never will. So this is just nuts to me. Um, and his incomes continuously growing. And I'm like, okay, so you may be selling in a year is like, I don't think that's gonna happen. Well, sure enough, the last time I talked to him, it's been a while to touch back. See how he's doing? Yeah, they were in the process of selling, how phenomenal is that? Talk about magic. And then fast forward, like, a couple years, I didn't even know. But I was talking with one of my other clients right now. And she wanted to, like talk to, you know, she wanted a referral of somebody. So she talked to him and found out that he actually was in the process of going bankrupt. And if you notice, I said he was in the $15 million club club. And then he was in the 8 million, because 8 million when I started working with them, so there definitely was a decline. So it was really, really powerful. This was so magical. And if I could say, what was my thing, it was that I owned it. I owned it in the hierarchy of change. There is you have you change things on different levels. So there's the spirit level, the identity level, the beliefs level capabilities level, then like action, which is behaviors and results. So I had pretty much everything, but I was not owning my identity. I wasn't if you if I were to meet you. I don't know at the bar and you were like, what do you do? I'd be like, Oh, I'm in real estate. And then I do like energy healing on the side. Versus now I'm like, Oh, I'm a healer. I'm a Master Healer. I work with businesses. And on average, we double the revenues in two to three months. Do you see how powerful that is? Yeah, sure. It's elevator pitch, whatever. It's me owning what I do who I am, I am gifted. Now, this is not supposed to be a sales pitch right now. This is me telling you how I quantum late. And remember how I said we did monopoly and I wanted to be a venture capitalists got that. But in high school, yeah, I want to be a venture capitalist or reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which is really about real estate also ended up in real estate. So fun. So tying it back to that one of my clients calls called me the energetic VC. And like, oh my god, she doesn't even know what my dream was in high school. Ah, so beautiful. So now I am living the life that I love. Yes, there are still so many more things that I would love to manifest. And I'm working on. And I will tell you, I'll come back on and tell you when I Quantum Leap those. But like right now, if I were to tell you three ways to quantum leap in your life, it is to one on your identity, on the identity of the hierarchy of change. To Own Your truth, even when it's uncomfortable, that is utilizing your voice. I would say 90% of the time when I'm working with clients, I'm clearing energy in their throat, because there is a disconnection between their third eye or the crown in their heart, which is throat and then also all the stuff that has never been said that they really wanted to say. So finding ways to say what you want to say and be truthful because when you do, you feel like a release. You don't even need energetic healing. Just say your truth and it's a release. Okay, and of course finding a way to say it that will resonate with the other person versus just doing it for yourself would be supportive. Okay. And the third thing is doing things that feel good. If you watch or listen to quantum or not quantumly, Abraham Hicks, it's always about doing things that feel good. So if I am making a decision to start a podcast, and it doesn't feel good, like after I decided, and it feels like so much effort to get on here and do a recording with you, then no, it's not aligned. It's not aligned. And I do have a book on get aligned. Now, like out there, you can check out on alignment. But doing things that feel good to you is powerful. And if you're living in this chaotic lifestyle, and you're like, Oh, well going and having a glass of wine is going to be my feel good. Sure, I can see how that would feel good. But when you can say I'm going to go find something that feels good from a place of I already am in a place of somewhat balanced, like even just going and leaning up against a tree or putting your feet in the grass or something like that getting into nature can bring some harmony into your life. So here I am doing a podcast supposed to be talking about me and I'm giving coaching advice. I like I'm sorry, that's who I am. Oh my god, all my friends know, they probably don't tell me things unless they realize they might be coached. And yes, you can't coach the people that aren't open to it. But you sometimes you got to ask like, are you coachable? Do you want to know my thoughts really? Are you want me to just be a friend and listen right now. But typically, it just like comes out and I have to like rein it back sometimes. So, welcome to the Bethany Londyn Quantum Leap your business and life podcast. We're going to be having some juicy guests on I am so excited to deliver and to learn alongside you and feel free to messa


ge me and tell me what you think. I love feedback. I'm neutral. I've learned I've been through enough feedback at this point that it is it is desired. I love it. Thank you so much for listening to today's episode. If you loved what you heard, be sure to subscribe and let me know by leaving a review on iTunes. It fuels me to keep bringing you more juicy guests. And if you aren't already following me on social media, check out at Bethany Londyn on Instagram DM faster, or go to Bethany for healing opportunities courses and additional thoughts. And don't hesitate to create some IG stories tagging me in our guests with your favorite quotes so we can reshare them. I can't wait to connect with you in the next episode and in the meantime, wishing you that quantum leap.

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