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Ep. 10 Quantum Leaping by Spirit's Guidance with Holly Matthews of Tachyon Living

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Bethany Londyn 0:02

All right, we have the fabulous Holly today from Tachyon living and so many other places. I have been kind of working with you for two years, since 2020, I think is when I discovered my Tachyon products and had been using it in my healings with my clients. And there's some fabulous meditations online. So yes, Tachyon living Holly is the source of this. And I want her to share her information and how she is totally quantum leaps in multiple ways with her business. They just bought a beautiful, I'm going to call it a mansion, especially living in LA. I'm like, coming from LA it feels like in a mansion. What how many square feet? It's huge.

Holly Matthews 0:51

It's pretty big for two people. Yeah, it's in the country. That's what's nice. We're finally out of the city off the grid ish. Kind of a little bit.

Bethany Londyn 1:06

So yeah, so let's talk about Tachyon really quick for those that have no idea what I'm talking about.

Holly Matthews 1:15

Okay, um, Tachyon is a natural particle that is found throughout the entire universe and other universes. But I mean, specifically for us, it's found throughout the universe. However, the vibration of Earth got so low, that this Tachyon frequency, this Tachyon field, became very, very weak and dammed here on Earth. So it needed to be restored. And I didn't know like anything about Tachyon never even really heard of it, prior to this angelic visitation where I was woke up in the middle of the night with this amazing being floating above me in the air. And she began to talk to me about Tachyon. And the first few minutes, I'm just, of course, I was just kind of dropped jaw,

trying to figure out what was really going on here and the magnificence of this being, and she's from the 12th dimension. So her vibration was really high. And it felt wonderful. I think I was more in a bliss state than anything else just being in that. But she started to talk to me about this, Tatiana, and I explained to her I don't know anything about tech, and I don't have a reference point for it. And so she explained about it. And to be honest, I can't remember a whole lot of what she said, other than it was really important for it to come back to earth again. And she asked me if I would take this on as a secondary mission, would I would I agree to help flood the earth with Tachyon. And I'm like, Well, I guess I don't know anything about it, you'll have to teach me about it. And I said, I'll be happy to do that, if you will teach me what it is that you need to do to make this happen. And she said, Of course, there would be mentors and teachers every step of the way to help me out. And that's how this whole thing started. So immediately, when she left, I got off, I got up and ran to the computer and typed it in. And there was almost no information whatsoever on the internet about town.

So it was just a matter of a lot of meditation and a lot of just asking for information and insights about how I was supposed to flood the earth with Tachyon. And I think that, that that mission statement that she said, made me have to quantum leap in my mind to go wait a minute, I'm just me, you know, how am

Bethany Londyn 3:54

I signing up for this? What? Yeah,

Holly Matthews 3:58

and so it was a matter of readjusting my mind to be more open to a broader range of thinking than I had been before, while still trying to fit it into the career that I had going is how do I make both work at the same time?

Bethany Londyn 4:14

Yeah, so were you doing healing or were you already being visited by spirits? Previously? I'm just curious.

Holly Matthews 4:21

Yeah. So okay. I had started a business. I mean, I started many businesses, to be honest with you. And I had a lot of it. I had a lot of little businesses along the way prior to tech and living or a prior to the AZ spiritual business and doing psychic readings for people clearing on their homes. Just all kinds of stuff like that a lot of mentoring and teaching and classes and conferences. So but I mean, I started from nothing and so I just got it up. But it was really taking off. And then I get this, this invitation. So it was like, wait a minute, what do I do here? How am I supposed to do time and energy on one or not the other. Anyway, what they did was they gave the spirit guides gave me all the information. And then I had to practice to see how I could bring these fields of Tachyon into Earth and imbue them into products. And so I learned a lot of ways not to do it. And I learned

Bethany Londyn 5:34

to wait. Yeah, let's talk about that. Because obviously any startup, I would say, well, it doesn't always have to take time, but it does take time. So it sounds like you did have some challenges and whatnot, that you worked through, is it and I'm curious about the timeline.

Holly Matthews 5:49

Right. So um, well, it happened very quickly, after the visitation within a couple of weeks, I understood at least two different ways. And within about six weeks, I knew three different ways to be able to capture and imbue that energy into products. And so I was just testing and trying to see which ones worked well and which ones didn't. So basically, that first six months was about testing and trying and seeing what worked, what didn't work, what was long lasting, permanently imbued, what was just temporarily imbued. And so there was a lot, a lot of that going on, but within, like, within six weeks of this vision, they had me put up a website and throw products on already. And that was real surprising.

Bethany Londyn 6:38

And so fast. I mean, I'm just blown away, it was so fast,

Holly Matthews 6:42

the whole thing, I think that now and go wow. And I don't know how relatable This is to most people in business. But what the reason it happened so fast was because of all those other little businesses that I learned from one business, I'd learned how to utilize contract workers. And another one, I learned how to do a lot of the the Excel sheets and everything. So I learned a lot about the computer part of it. Another one, it taught me all about websites, you know. And so each one of these, which was interesting, because my ex had said, I can't believe you're starting this Tachyon business, when you've had so many failures in business, why would you try again? Right? So great motivation truly. And, and I thought about that I thought those weren't, those weren't failures, those were amazing ways to teach me exactly everything that you needed to do. So when it came to this commission to do this, it just came very quickly and fast, because I'd had all of those failures prior. And so it wasn't just like, just because I had angelic intervention that this came about it was just because I'd had the prior knowledge workwise.

Bethany Londyn 8:02

Yeah, the lesson or the lessons,

Holly Matthews 8:05

right. And I truly believe that business is a spiritual tool, and can be utilized as a spiritual tool to project us forward. It teaches us so many things. It teaches us about manifestation it teaches teaches us about the power of in our minds, the words that come out of our mouth, and how they, as soon as those words come into physical vibration, begin to create, whether they're good or bad, it doesn't matter. So even in sarcastic comments, if I made a sarcastic comment, I'd have to stop immediately go, oh, cancel, cancel, what I really mean is and then I lay the new information over that. So I had a lot of retraining of my mind to do to make sure that everything was in alignment for moving forward and spiritual process within you. Yeah, love those physical things to start to create,

Bethany Londyn 9:05

like I have so many questions. Okay. So one question I have is you were talking about manifesting in I mean, not everyone, this is probably going to be the most spiritual podcast yet on the podcast, which is what I'm all about. But I've been working with a lot of like, other kinds of business owners and we're learning about like the spiritual side, because it is everywhere. It's part of everything. But it's like getting people to understand and see the little aspects of it. That is a part. So I'm curious in the manifestation process. Were you manifesting at all consciously or were you following the guidance that you were being given and just trusting? I'm curious,

Holly Matthews 9:48

so I think it started first, I'll answer that absolutely. But it started first with the with the psychic career that I have started the Has I had started it after being a mom for how many hours, you know, do, what, 26 years, 28 years of being a hot mom from home, and then all of a sudden becoming single again and having to try to find provide a living for myself. And for my one son, who was still with me. And being able to the manifest was the only thing I had, because as far as skills wise, there wasn't a lot in the skill box. But I had a lot of fire within me. And I had motivation to be able to share some of the teaching aspects that I had. But my biggest motivation and manifestation was, I want a roof over my head, I want food to eat, and I want my bills paid. And I want to have enough for that every month to make sure that that's not a concern of worry of mine anymore. So that was my beginning manifestation it was small, but learning how to put that into place, which was just about changing my mind that I always had, everything I needed. And I have

Bethany Londyn 11:13

a firm that you have a fear

Holly Matthews 11:15

out of it. And I had to go into this believing mode, which was really helpful. Because it took a lot of faith in me to think, Okay, if I believe this way, what is that going to do? Because I knew what my other thinking had got me and it got me a lot of poverty. And I didn't enjoy that by any means. So I have nothing to lose other than to take on this new perspective, this new mental state of I always have everything I need. I always had an N more so eventually, at first it started out with, I almost have everything I need. All my bills are paid at the end of the month, you know, just and it wasn't affirmations, I believed it. I literally got rid of that interim part of well, is this working is is not worthy. All that? No, no, no, no, you either create, or you don't create. You either believe it or you don't.

Bethany Londyn 12:15

And then what about someone that is swimming in debt, barely trying to pay their bills or whatever? Like, how would you how would like how do you? If the proof, let's say isn't there to switch into certainty, which is what it sounds like you did? Was there?

Holly Matthews 12:32

Perfect, perfect. Question. Perfect question. Because we spent, you know, like, for instance, for me, I spent the first 40 years of my life pulling in all of these things that I didn't want, because of the belief systems that I had learned from little being little and just what society teaches. So lack, lack, lack lack. And so when you start a wheel that strong, that keeps you in a very held state of lack or have not been abundant, you you've created the momentum that way. So now you've got to reverse the momentum to the opposite way. So they're manifesting is not going to happen right away, because this hasn't changed yet. So it takes it took me months to be able to switch this around to where I finally started seeing every time I logged into my bank account, I was like, Oh my gosh, where did this money come from? Yesterday, it wasn't in there. And it's the end of the month, and I would log in to pay my bills, and oh my gosh, there's the money. Where did it come from? How did it get there? And yet I go back through the records and I go, okay, that checks all of that checks off. But yesterday, it didn't check off. So I knew something was going on, in the changing of that. After doing that so long, you begin to see that your will start going abundance in abundance in that's all I know, abundance in. And then the beautiful part about that as you're building a business. If you ever go into a fear mode of building too fast or not being able to keep up with it. The beautiful thing is you are you control the dials. So if you say you know, right now, my abundance is so full, and I continue to have that flow to me. But I would like to have a little bit of break so that I can take a vacation so I can have some rest or like three, four days of rest. And I would notice that the orders would slow down. And I would have a nice rest. And then all I would have to do is say, All right, I'm rested and now I would project back into pulling in the abundance again. And it took about 24 hours and then boom, the orders would start rolling in again. So I learned that I control Oh, my reality. Yeah, I will my belief system. As a creator, you either believe you are a creator, or you aren't. And so anything that doesn't go along with you being a creator is a problem. So that's what needs to be eliminated in the process of thinking, if it's a limiting belief system, it must go. And then the most important part is what you replace it with. So one of the beautiful phrases I learned early on, which I love to share, is that in the past, you know, if someone's manifesting something, sometimes it sounds so far out there, if you're manifesting a car, you know, you manifest the car. And, but it's hard to have a full belief system there because you can't see it coming in right away. So you want to say, well, you're thinking is that the present moment? I don't have it. So when you're manifesting, there isn't an alignment there. So I want to teach you something that helps with that. So in the past, it may have been hard for me to manifest a car. But as for now, right now, and I'm decreeing, right, because I'm sitting here listening to this, and my spirit guide is saying, Holly, you're manifesting a car at this moment. So this will be fun. Okay, so my god, I love this. So in the past, I might have been this, that way, you can stay true. So your ego minds going, Okay, I believe that. But for now, and the future, it is easy for me to attract a new car whenever I want, rapidly attract. And I know this works, because I happened to be driving on on my last car, I happened to be driving to a conference. And I remember thinking in my car, this car is getting a little shaky, and I'm a little concerned about how this car is going to go. So I need to start saving now. So in about 18 months, two years, I'll have enough to be able to purchase a car. And I went to the conference and did the conference. And then I came back the next day. And the next morning, I got a call from one of my clients. And he said, Spirit tells me you need a new car. And at least it says so what are you doing tomorrow morning, I want to take you to a specific car lot and buy you a new car. Now, I know I know. Love this? No, I had never, you know, that thought had never crossed my mind. But that's the way spirit creates. And so, so then I had to go into the idea or the understanding. Okay, now that this is created, now what do I do? Because I had my ex husband is saying, if you take that money, you're gonna say to him that you can, you know, you're gonna be indebted to him the rest of your life and stuff. And so I have verified that with my client and say, titles clear and my name right? And he said, Yeah, and it's all paid off. Right? Yeah. And so I said no strings attached. He said, No Strings Attached whatsoever. I just want to do it for you. And he said, because I want you to be safe going to meetings. Now. I had never told him that. But this is what spirit talk to him about. So then I had to go into the reworking of my brain to say, I openly receive abundance. And now abundance is saying here, Holly, let's have a new car for you. And I mean new I mean, brand spanking new. And here you go. So are you going to receive it or not? And I have all my family going don't do it. That's so wrong. That's so evil. And yet I'm thinking but all I'm doing is practicing abundance, and I just happened to state out loud I wanted a new car and boom, here it is. So for me to say no to that new vehicle would have been literally slowing down and reversing and pushing away the very abundance that I had just casual. Yeah. So of course I received it. It's been the most amazing blessing in my life. I love my little green Kia Soul. And I've you know drove wheels off of it. It's I love it. It's still amazing. It still works beautifully. And yeah, so I received that abundance because I knew if I turned it away because of pride or whatever family said I would have held that back. So abundance is something that once you get the wheel going it continues To do that, when you add Tachyon, to the mix, and I think this is what's really hard about those who may not be quite in a spiritual mode or in that kind of acceleration, if you're using business correctly, you're going to use it to accelerate and expand who you are as a person, you're going to be learning how do I deal with people who are very difficult to deal with? What do I really do, I need to find out how they're motivated. And by doing so, I have to get out of my head. And I have to learn what it is they need so that we can all work together as a unit. So it's about the spiritual, how do I change myself get out of ego start pointing and saying, because I'm the boss, and go into how do we work cohesively as a team? And what is it that they're not getting? That is making them resistant? So it's everything about building a business is building who you are inside? Now you get to decide if it's gonna turn you into a monster and agreed monster and everything else? Or if you're gonna let it expand you into your best self. And when you do that, abundance continues to flow to you. So I think I answered your question in a really long, rambling way.

Bethany Londyn 21:16

Oh, my God, but there were so many amazing nuggets in there for everyone. Oh, so good. And for me, thank you. I'm just vibrating, listening. I'm like, Oh, the tachyon is so here. So you guys, the tachyon rods I use for healing and supporting my clients. And I feel it's like a physical 3d sense of vibration that they feel the frequency running through my body when I'm working with it. So I'm talking to Holly here who has it everywhere in our home? I'm sure. It's radiating? Yeah. Yeah. Like, when you when you get

Holly Matthews 21:51

enough Tachyon, you know, like, for instance, I still wear, you know, Tachyon items, I'm a firm believer in my own products. And the when you wear them, you're in a field that concentrates these tack yawns in your body, the field of Tachyon, the main thing it is is about becoming a creator having the foundational tools of Tachyon, which helps you to build upon everything else. So it's that foundational building field step that differentiates you from either being the product of someone else's creation, or the manifestation and amplification of what your desires are and what you were decreeing and pulling into your life. So Tachyon is a beautiful part, if people want to expect expand on their business or create a better version of themselves, this Tachyon field is absolutely going to do that it's going to amplify, since you've been using the tachyon. And the way you use it, you have literally impacted 1000s of people's lives, by your amazing videos and meditations by your decreeing healings with people. I wish you knew from this side, what massive a difference what a huge difference you have made in the 10 of probably 10s of 1000s of people's lives, by the meditations that you have done and the information that you've given. And it was just because you were being you and you were doing your manifesting, you just had that energy of that, you know, the little pack a punch of the tachyon behind it, which is going to amplify everything that you are pushing it into a total creation energy. So thank you for all that you've done. With that. So cool.

Bethany Londyn 23:51

Beautiful, I think if you

Holly Matthews 23:53

really recognize how powerful they are, if they could just get rid of this limited belief system on Well, I can't do this because of this. I can't do this because of that. And they just learned to just get rid of all that and say, okay, all that's there, or all that was in the past, or now in the future. I'm choosing easy flow all of those situations and blocks out of my way, which is what you doing with businesses, anybody who taps into you for your wisdom and your knowledge and insight with the tachyon I'm gonna throw

Bethany Londyn 24:27

that little bit I love how she's selling me.

Holly Matthews 24:30

I'm being so honest about this because that's, you got those tools on how to accelerate and move someone forward. And that's what we need more of as mentors and people to become their best selves and to become abundant.

Bethany Londyn 24:46

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. To tune into a truth versus Yeah, the media and everything else around. Exactly, exactly the opposite of truth. Yeah, and it starts with language. It starts with language like just saying in the beginning, it's so easy. You're saying,

Holly Matthews 25:05

just remember that in the past, but for now and the future that will reverse that will slow down and reverse. So if someone is in those stages I understand then they're feel felt that no that pain. But if you can retrain your brain to have new neural neural pathways, right to something different, that is actually truth, instead of the lies that you're going around and around in your brain, and realize that you have this, it can happen very quickly. It doesn't have to take a long time. But it is it all started that quantum leap that First Quantum Leap started with changing the way I thought.

Bethany Londyn 25:51

And so do you do sorry? I'm shifting gears, but not totally, of course. Do you think that you are in the mindset, you turn this on? So now you're moving forward and the abundance prosperity wheels are coming in? Do you believe that that created the space for the tachyon business and opportunity to come through?

Holly Matthews 26:12

Yes, absolutely. And I think what I want another one of the big quantum leaps was the understanding that my business does not rely at all, upon what's going on in the outer circumstances around me, I don't look to the economy to see if my business is gonna grow. I look to me to put forth the energy out for me to say all of those who are interested in taking a quantum leap into their next best self, or their next highest business structure, then they will find the products, they will find me and I attract them. So I have to say that in my psychic business that I was doing, I went through that really difficult time were no they all the incomes, everybody's incomes were kind of frozen, it was when the housing economy and everything went down. And I just kept saying, that doesn't affect whoever it is that I'm attracting, I'm always attracting plenty for myself. And then I love being able to get that extra and give back. So in the worst of times I would have my fellow psychic friends would come to me and go, Holly, I'm not getting any appointments. Holly, I'm not. I'm not how are you doing this? How are you doing this? And I said, Well, my belief system doesn't go off of the economy, my belief system goes on what I'm putting out and who I'm attracting, because I will always be able to find others have a like mind that will be attracted. If they're going online to look for a psychic, are they going to look for the one that's got trouble with the economy and they're struggling in their psyche? Or are they going to look to the one that is just powerfully moving forward. And it has, you know, a long waiting list to get into to see you know, and and I don't mean that egotistically it's just a factual way of of how you project it. So it doesn't matter what goes on. It doesn't matter how much money I have, all of my businesses, I started from zero, I all my businesses are debt free, completely debt free. So I started small, but I continue to pour everything back into the businesses. And when you do that, they grow bigger and bigger and faster and faster. And, and the sky's the limit, you know, this last one COVID hit, we thought for sure. Momentarily hearing everything around us, we were pretty, pretty interesting, because all of the feedback coming in from all of our fellow vendors and friends were, you know, our businesses gone down 75% For us, our business went up almost 400% During now, that's because we didn't buy into that. And so we were attracting others who didn't buy into it. So they felt comfortable and fine and been able to to get the product that they needed. So it's so doesn't matter about the circumstances around you, if you can eliminate that and move into that you are creating therefore you are attracting everyone that thinks the same way you do. You will constantly be abundant and there won't be any need or lack. And you don't have

Bethany Londyn 29:38

I mean that's what I've been saying. Yeah, you don't believe in the recession. You're gonna create it.

Holly Matthews 29:42

You know, so true. And I think sometimes one of the things that stopped people from moving forward and building a business for themselves is these limiting thought belief. See, you know that they they have to know everything before they get started. Oh my gosh, you don't have to know anything. Other than you have a desire to do it. And then you just take each thing that you find along the way, I didn't know how to do websites, I had teach myself HTML way back, you know, 14 years ago, I did teach myself that took a couple hours every day. But I taught myself how to do it and built a beautiful website. But I didn't know how to I didn't have college experience. I mean, I had, what six months of college experience and realize I wasn't happy with that at all.

Bethany Londyn 30:28

That wasn't your thing. It just wasn't Wow.

Holly Matthews 30:33

So So you, there's no excuse for someone not living their best life, as long as they're willing to change the thinking. It's all starts there.

Bethany Londyn 30:48

So I'm curious, how long did you have you were had you been doing the tachyon product sales before you stop doing the psychic stuff.

Holly Matthews 30:59

So my rule of thumb is always you never replace one business and or with another or jump into one with another until you replace your own income. So at the time, the tachyon was going slowly. And luckily, I found a soul partner who had been aching for something like Tachyon. And although he didn't feel Tachyon energy for the first four months that we were together, every time I walk, you know, he walked by attack and product on putting his hands and saying, Can you feel this? Yeah, I didn't. It's I now can't feel it yet. And he had so much distraction going on and was coming from a very traumatic experience, that he couldn't phase out the noise in his mind to stop and feel what was going on in his body with attack him. And then one day, he felt it and he caught the tachyon bug. And so he was able to take over and start building it. So as the two of us worked in building this, I kept doing my business and he was doing this other business for us. Eventually, when it overtook the income that I was doing that I went ahead and came on full time with the tachyon. Knowing that eventually I would go back to mentoring and teaching others once we got this enough off the ground and going well enough that we could get some employees and they're nice to me, so I can get back to doing this kind of fun stuff.

Bethany Londyn 32:22

So I know yeah, here that's up and coming. But how will how what was the timeframe was like a year or was it longer. So before you made the switch,

Holly Matthews 32:31

he started in 2030, probably right, right around the beginning of 2014, he started, and I believe it was two and a half years before it replaced my income. And I was making a nice income with the spiritual readings and the healings and all that. So it took quite a while to get it up to that. And then we held it up for a while before I finally realized it would be better. So the last couple of years. And especially with the tachyon chambers coming on, I stayed working in that. So the business expanded from the tachyon products and then on into our tacky nice packets, which you can put products in any products anywhere in the world with a packet antagonize and right there in your home, which is so wonderful for people not have to paying that taxes or were high postage on anything, it's a very inexpensive way to be able to get Tachyon directly in your home. And then the tachyon chambers that came on in 2017. So we're five years into that and getting Tachyon chambers now placed all over the world. Working

Bethany Londyn 33:44

in, I just heard there was one nearby I'm like, but it's private. It's like a private home. It sounds like

Holly Matthews 33:50

right, and some of the private homes. There's a lot of tech and chambers out there that are private homes. But he eventually I know that they're going to be have that feeling to be called to opening up to the public. But a lot of them are really doing a lot of public work and the tachyon chambers are growing very rapidly. And that's that's an exciting process. So now that all of those things are on cue and we have enough employees to be able to help out now I'm excited to be able to get back to doing what I really love. And that's yeah, sharing and teaching and helping people change their thinking so that they can develop that mastery in themselves which brings such happiness and abundance in their lives just by tweaking a little bit here.

Bethany Londyn 34:40

Yeah. Do you want to share what you're getting into parasit you were getting back into it or maybe a podcast or something I don't remember. So you know what's on offer? What's the next path?

Holly Matthews 34:54

Right online mentoring in a larger way through podcasts webinars. conferences. And then one of the most exciting things is I'm working on a website now that will have online healing sessions and Tachyon sessions, so that people just can go to a website and be able to experience and obtain these beautiful frequencies in their homes. So all over the world, if you can't get to a Tachyon chamber, and support our Tachyon chambers, then at least here's a possibility to be able to have the beauty of that just completely infused into in your own home. So that's taking a lot of really tricky education in my mind to learn how this is gonna work. So they've given me the template to do that. So that's gonna be a lot of extra work on them, but working and then what

Bethany Londyn 35:51

does it take for it to be easy?

Holly Matthews 35:52

Writing, write, write, write, and everything will fall into play so smoothly. Yeah, it's just, yeah, it's just, I'm excited about taking that next leap and healthy, how much fun that will be being able to get healing. So I should get the crystal chamber out there. Because that crystals chamber energy is phenomenal, and being able to be able people to be able to change their thinking and get a higher, grander perspective of what this reality is all about. So that they can become their best selves. And the this, the tech and chambers and the this crystal chamber is just phenomenal. So being able to offer that to people all over the world will be a wonderful gift for humanity. So I'm excited those, the alchemy thing really charged me up. And so that's kind of I'm

Bethany Londyn 36:41

curious, have I've met so I went to their home, I went to the they've moved, but I went to their home, I didn't get the opportunity of getting into the angel room. But I did do the CIM the tachyon chamber, which was amazing and full of full body vibrations. And it was cute with my dog. My dog wanted to be nearby because the dog the animals love it, too. They feel it, they're, you know, they're in touch and tune. Yeah. Have you set up that.

Holly Matthews 37:07

And babies and babies in utero do the same thing, they get all excited. And now, you know, they get really movie in their mom's tummies and stuff, because they love it. This is exactly what they have been exempt from. And so to be able to be restored to those fields again, they love it, they are energized their poor man has

Bethany Londyn 37:28

a future for the future. I'm writing that down.

Holly Matthews 37:32

Yeah, yeah. So and it can help in any ways. You know, I wanted to, to give one other viewpoint on this, because I know that a lot of times when people are wanting to take a quantum leap, our family members and friends around us can be kind of negative, and not necessarily supportive in us taking these steps forward. Because of course, it's like the crabs in the bucket. You know, they, they all as soon as somebody gets up at the top of the bucket to get out of the bucket, they want to pull it No, no, no, you come back down here with us. And, and so you've got you may have this, this surrounding negativity around you. For me, I remember my accent, I believe I've mentioned that before, saying, you know, you've had all these failures before. And then the last thing that he'd said was, you'll, you'll never be able to succeed in life. Because you because you won't, you just basically won't be able to do it. And I do recall thinking that that motivation to prove him wrong became such a huge motivation. Now granted, that was totally negative, but it was motivation. And so I kept thinking, if I can just match his income. i It will be amazing, amazing gift for me and and I feel all justified because I you know, got haha on your face, right? That's how my motivation started was I'll show you and you know, as a negative as a place that was is that was coming from the beauty of it was when I actually got to that place and far surpassed it. I didn't want to show unnecessarily. But one day, it'll be over my house and he was wrestling through papers and he found my tax forms. And he saw how much I was bringing in. And he you know, as soon as I got home from work, he's like, What, are you seriously making this? I'm going on my tax forms. And I actually was feeling kind of bad because I didn't you know, he'd worked 2530 years in his field. And I it worked three or four. So when he saw that I actually turned around and it wasn't about ha ha ha see Yeah, it was more about I didn't want to hurt him because of the success. Even I didn't feel the need to show him that or anything else he just found. Yeah. And so that motivation turned be very differently into not needing to be I showed you or you know, or I told you. Yeah, it was. So sometimes sometimes these, these things can be used to help fill you in a positive way that eventually can become positive, when they're hurtful and painful in the beginning. Totally.

Bethany Londyn 40:32

Yeah, I the proving energy comes up for me, and I'm like, Okay, let's release that. Release that. I don't want that to be like the foundation of, you know, my momentum or anything like that. And that's

Holly Matthews 40:44

the beauty of what you do in your profession is finding those blocks, and being able to point them out. So people can correct them a lot faster than the way I did, which just took a lot of, you know, worked out, you know, yeah. God, I had I known someone like you and utilized you in the beginning, it would have been a lot faster process. So that's what I love about the services you provide is because you do quantum leap. Leap people. Did I say quantum leap?

Bethany Londyn 41:21

Okay, anywhere there's a quantum leap release that there transmit that one? Exactly. Oh, my gosh, that unless we're leaking abundance, because leaking it out to other that's fine. More than enough for everyone? Yeah. Well, what would you say if you were to wrap it into three nuggets, three keys of wisdom to quantum leap for other listeners,

Holly Matthews 41:46

watch your words, your words are creating the minute they hit the air, they are in a in a human vibration, which means they're in a creation mode. So if you're using sarcasm, or you're saying something that you don't want to happen, Boy, you better say, cancel, cancel and restructure what it is you want to bring in? Number one, that's what I would say, actually, I

Bethany Londyn 42:07

say delete, delete. Now with all the canceled culture, I'm like, I don't want to be involved with that. And then I started a t shirt line. That's like, delete, delete, delete. Oh, actually marketing? Yeah, delete.

Holly Matthews 42:19

I didn't know that. But I agree. Yeah, 1,000%. The second one is just to realize that you are a creator. And you are either creating, or you are being the product of someone else's creations. So there's no in between. And a lot of people do manifestations. I tried manifesting affirmations, I tried affirmations. And all I did was stay in a belief system that made me think that it wasn't being created because I kept having to affirm it. So when I realized no, when I create, I create, once I create bid, I put it out there, and then I spend every minute of every day, waiting to see how it comes about. I don't have to know how I just have to create it. And then watch the magical way cars come into your being website developers come into your be, it's just a matter of just saying it and letting go. Just saying it. And it's just like, oh, no, it's done. Now you just wait to see how fast it happens. And how creative and I love the way the universe is so creative. Another part to that one other little little part to that would be the disclaimer when you're creating. So I'm creating this and I'm saying this big, wonderful thing, and I'm decreasing it out. But if the universe has something even better in mind, for me, I'm open to receiving that because I found even with my manifestations, I was still limiting them. So I found if I put that in, I'd get a whole lot more out of my manifestation. Yeah, it would out of the creation process. So that would be the second one. And

Bethany Londyn 44:07

who I'll share something really quick while you're you're doing this and I'm writing affirmations are manifestations down I do a plus sign. So the plus to me is and better. Yeah, so I'll put that at the end of the statement. If I'm writing it down in a journal or something. Yes,

Holly Matthews 44:29

and better. That is fantastic. And I think it's just everything that I'd mentioned prior to it. It's most specifically about realizing how powerful you can be and how powerful you are in either bringing negative and Kate Nick negativity and chaos into your life, or how good you are at being able to bring abundance and lightness and smoothness into your life and It's those limiting belief systems. If it's a limiting belief system, it's got to go. Because we are Cartago limited creative beings. And business is every part of an expression of who we are. And it should be and it doesn't matter if it's in a spiritual pro profession or not, it doesn't matter. It is. It is a spiritual principle if you allow it to be, and it helps you become your best self. So, you know, people think they have to separate business and spirituality. Are you kidding me? No, business is a tool to help you become your best self,

Bethany Londyn 45:40

if you let in. I love that. Oh, my goodness, I am. Thank you so much for being here. I cannot even wait to re listen to this whole podcast. I'm excited to re listen to it. Because I always save all the little clips, the stuff that like really pops. And I use that on the socials. And yeah, the it's been such a wealth of wisdom. I think everyone's going to be sharing this one because it's so

Holly Matthews 46:04

well, I hope that it it surpassed the bounds of just being a spiritual leader here because even though my business has had been spiritual, it doesn't it didn't come with that I had to change in the physical way. And I had to change me in order to be able to be successful. Yeah. Yeah, amazing, continually successful, I should say. Right?

Bethany Londyn 46:32

Yeah, there you go. Anyway, tenuously successful.

Holly Matthews 46:35

Oh my gosh. Well, thank you. Thank you so much for guiding me to be here with you and share with you and I love you to pieces and everybody out there. I know you can do whatever you want to do. Whatever your heart dreams of. You can do it. Yeah. I'm going to do

//ABOUT// Holly Matthews is a Conscious Multidimensional Channel, Psychic,

Diamond Oracle, Medical Intuitive, Munay-ki Shaman, and an avid

connoisseur of energy modalities - being a Master in over 325 different

healing modalities. Holly’s favorite joy is in teaching and mentoring others

to find happiness and abundance in their lives through healing and

developing a higher persective of consciousness. Currently she is founder

and owner of Tachyon Living, Tachyon Chamber, Tachyonize, and a Crystal

Healing Chamber.



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