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Ep. 14 Quantum Leaping from Hustle to Flow with Cherise B 8 Figure Company Owner

Bethany Londyn 0:05

I'm Welcome to the Quantum Leap podcast we have Cherise who is an eight figure business owner and also all about the energy healing which I am super into, as you all know. So I am excited to learn more about Cherise and how she is quantum leaps in so many ways, I'm sure. And yeah, let's get started. Welcome. I'm so excited

Cherise 1:37

to be here. Thank you so much, Bethany. I'm excited to get get I've heard quite a bit about you in a short amount of time. pretty impressed.

Bethany Londyn 1:48

Thank you. Yes. So I would love to I mean, I would love to hear more obviously you you have this eight figure business, but that's not the energy healing, right. Is that the fashion?

How she got started in the coaching and mentoring space.

Cherise 2:01

Yeah, that's the image consulting side, the coaching. I've been a hairstylist for 30 years, and 16 years ago, I started my image consulting company. And I about about seven or eight years ago, I started coaching, you know, helping other beauty professionals leverage their expertise, their knowledge, you know, helping them teach what they know, and turn their spaces into six figure businesses without, you know, because so many people sit around and don't know how to see their space, you know, is as valuable as it is. So I just come in and help them see it more valuable and monetize every single space, monetize their experience, their relationships, you know, just help them make more money. What they

Bethany Londyn 2:54

that like difference? Is it for the salon owners, then

Cherise 2:58

salon owners and beauty professionals?

Bethany Londyn 3:00

Okay, yes. Amazing. Wow, that was

Cherise 3:04

the quantum leap for me, you know, going into the coaching and teaching space, the mentoring space? Yeah.

Bethany Londyn 3:10

So was that something that just came to you and you're like, I see potential for other people, and they don't get it and I want to support them? Like, how did you end up there?

How did you start your business? How did you get to where you are?

Cherise 3:19

It came through my own struggles. You know, I had so many struggles in it when I started out in the beauty industry was so amazing. And I made a lot of money coming out the gate. And as life transition, you know, I made a move from Dayton, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia, a much bigger city, which is where, you know, I was able to expand my expertise and my knowledge, but at the same time, you know, the struggles and the challenges came as well. So once I opened up my first salon and image consulting business, that's one of the struggles came without acuteness, you know, of being a next level entrepreneur came the crane. You know, and as time went on, you know, a lot of people, I was probably one of the newer first entrepreneurs in my space, you know, that had moved to a bigger city and opened up pretty huge business, you know, and people were coming to me back and, you know, just back and forth, back and forth. Sharise, how did you do this? How did you do that? How do you start your business, you know, even from the startup, to hey, I'm struggling. And I realized, like, Oh, I'm going to have to help other people. So that means I'm going to have to educate myself more. I'm going to have to make sure that I know exactly what my, what the trajectory was, you know what I mean? How did I get here? How did I get from there from where I was, and Dayton, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia, booming to struggling, you know, yeah. So yeah. People need to help them rebuild in their rebuild. Exactly.

Bethany Londyn 5:04

So did you hire a coach or you just started writing stuff down about everything you were learning? I'm curious.

Cherise 5:11

Yeah, definitely documenting, you know, I learned to document early, not realizing at that time that social media was going to become a thing, you know, but definitely documenting. And I have a really good friend, Stephanie Sinclair, who was we've been friends forever. I used to mentor her. And then as she got older, she became a mentor, because she got into the metaphysics. And she was like, You need to be teaching, like she, she needs to be teaching. And I'm like, Okay, I know, but how, you know, how do I, because at that time, I didn't understand about the actual, like, charging people. I was used to servicing people, not coaching people, you know what I mean? So that right, there was a huge leap for me, you know, learning how to actually teach people my expertise and trust it. Like at that point in time, I had to believe in myself, on another level, when I was struggling, Bethany, you know, people were calling for help, but I was struggling. i How can I help you? And I'm struggling?

Bethany Londyn 6:20

Yes, yes. Yes. Every I'm like, I'm a firm believer. Everything shows up for us to elevate us. Absolutely. So everyone's showing up for you to elevate you and you can learn from them. You learn from yourself.

Cherise 6:33

Yeah, absolutely. not happen to you. It happens for you.

Bethany Londyn 6:37

Yes. Yeah, exactly. For sure. So did Stephanie get you into the the healing aspect of it.

Cherise 6:47

Stephanie really got me into the coaching aspect and introduced me to the healing aspect of it. A friend of mine, Sinead Norville really got me into the healing. She was a master in the Reiki. And I, I thought I had a gift. wasn't quite sure, you know, um, but I had to go start doing my research and my homework and realize, like, Oh, I know how to, I know how to shift energy. You know, I know, I know, this thing. This is a gift for me, you know, and I did go into some research as far as you know, what are my spiritual gifts, you know, natural spiritual gifts. And, of course, it's healing with the type of work that I did, and loving it. But it was a next level to it. So when I realized that I had the gift of the energy shifting and healing, that's when I went to educate myself to another level, because I'm like, it's real. It's real. Yeah. It's definitely.

Bethany Londyn 7:56

So when did you start? Or go ahead?

Cherise 7:59

Well, I was gonna see, especially with the type of work that I do, you know, dealing with women every day, you know, I was dealing with their crowns I was dealing with, you know, I was a counselor, I was a therapist, you know, so I was hearing, you know, the things that they were going through what I was going through their challenges with them from their children to their friends. So their relationships, marriages, you know, illnesses.

Bethany Londyn 8:25

So, yeah, no, I, I was talking to my girlfriend today. And she's like, sometimes I just feel like I'm a portal for clearing. I'm like, Yeah, I get you. So my clients, I just sit on the phone and I yawn the whole time where they're venting, releasing, releasing

Cherise 8:40

release for me for them, and actually showing them how to release because that's one of the things Bethany that I saw, they weren't releasing, you know, when they were coming in, so overwhelmed. I'm talking about high level eight figure women who didn't know how to release, you know, who didn't meditate? They didn't do yoga. They didn't even some of them weren't even working out yet. You know what I mean? So they they just weren't there when it came to their release.

Bethany Londyn 9:13

Again, it Yeah, it's it's so powerful once you once people can connect those dots, but, you know, we can only lead a horse to water can't make them drink.

Cherise 9:23

Yeah, absolutely. But you know, you can be the example. You know, I'm a believer in being the example I don't, I don't like the whole preaching thing, you know, or just trying to make you understand, you know, if we're not connecting, it's okay. I'll be the example I work with you from where you are, you know, that's fine. But that's a part of the, the healing work discernment. You know, you have to be able to discern, you know, where a person is and what is it that they need and what space do they need it from? Yeah.

Bethany Londyn 10:01

So when did you start your like this aspect of the business? And when did you bring the energy healing into it? I'm curious.

Cherise 10:11

Okay, so the energy healing, I got my certification, my first certification about four years ago. Okay. So that's when I took it really, really serious and understood. Like, it's more than you know, because I always kept my space very thin. Okay. I knew when people walked in, I knew their energy shifted and changed. You know, I always had the type of people in who would be supportive and encouraging other people. But there was just a moment when someone walked in. And she, I could see her just wanting to fall over. Right? She, she looked like she wanted to fall over, she was so heavy, Bethany. And I had tears in my eyes because I was servicing other people. But you know, what happened? I had someone in there who I was connected to, I knew she was an energy healer as well. And we would count have conversations and talk like how you and I would, and I said, Hey, I said, I have a client here that I think needs some work, or do you feel you know, do you have it on your heart? To do some work? You know, because it wasn't a moment for me to step in. Because guess what, I wasn't there. And I wasn't quite equipped, because I was working on someone else that this person was a quack. I said, and I have some, you know, separate rooms in my space, where, you know, you can kind of duck off and take some time. And she said, Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. Where she, in the moment, she saw her, she just fell into her arms. And they went off into the room, and she did her work. And she, she came out, released, you know, like, it was the beginning of a different type of release for her, but that I knew them for sure. It was the type of space that I wanted, I need women to come in and be able to begin at least begin and start to understand the type of release that you need, you know, the type of work that it takes to begin the healing, you know,

Bethany Londyn 12:21

what a gift you are to see that and recognize and be able to like orchestrate and everyone just it was so lined up? Everyone was there?

Cherise 12:29

Yeah, I believe in alignment, you know, I don't want to operate in any other way. I want to be in alignment with my assignment, you know.

Bethany Londyn 12:40

Okay, so let's talk about that. Because to me, alignment is all about ease fluidity. So I'm curious, how do you back balance we're gonna get really into this. This is kind of like a huge topic to me right now. The masculine and the feminine. The feminine to me is fluid and in alignment, the masculine there's that push the force energy. So I'm curious how you separate the two or balance the two for yourself and business?

Creating a schedule that works for you and your lifestyle.

Cherise 13:05

Yes. So of course, you know, being in business. I've been an entrepreneur since I was like, 20 or so. So I've been asked for consecutive years consistently. I've never had a job out of high school. So very masculine energy. That means I make my own money I create. I create my own money, right. So yeah, you know, they call that a hustler. Right? And wow, masculine. Yeah. Wow, that energy was really cute. For a while it was popular. You know, I realized as I got older, I'm like, This is not fun. It's not attractive. It doesn't even feel good. You know, and I was, I didn't realize it, but I was more attracted to the ease and the flow. But I didn't know how to make it happen, right? Because I was in the hustler mode all the time. And I'm like, This couldn't be this couldn't be like Bethany, like, this couldn't be the way this thing has to end. So yeah, you know, once I realized, you know, I'm not gonna share my age. But once I started, I was just my own, but I don't want to share my age. But as I got older, I just realized, like, even the way things look, I believe, you know, after a woman is of a certain age, things should be luxury. Things should be ease, and absolutely flow. Okay? And you know, why? You know, how you get there. You get there by aligning things, letting things align, instead of forcing things right. So at that time in my business, I had to start moving things around so that I was not always in the hustle. Okay, and just hustling and bustling. And I did that by creating a schedule that worked for me. And my lifestyle that made me feel good. Okay, I no longer allowed the clients to master me to control me. So that was one of the first keys for me, I had to create a schedule that work for me, and I'm an early bird. So people think that me getting up at four 8am in the morning, going to work is crazy. I love it. Because guess what I'm done by noon, 11 o'clock, sometimes 10 o'clock, and then I can go take me a nap, or have lunch, you know, have cocktails with a friend, whatever it is I want to do and then I can, you know, get into the space of my other work, right? Because I also learned a lesson of, I couldn't go from the hustle and bustle work straight into the flow work. They were absolutely two different things. So the question you asked, How did I separate, I had to separate through my meditation, you know, through my connection with source, you know, through the yoga through a walk, you know, it might just be a walk after work, or a just a simple nap. Like whatever it was, they could take me to a quiet space. So I can think and create, you know, right? And ground yourself and ground myself. Yeah. Very

Bethany Londyn 16:27

cool. Okay, so you definitely felt the shift, though. And you worked to balance like the flow side, the flow side?

Cherise 16:38

Yeah, it was a huge shift for me. And it was not easy. It wasn't easy at all. Because imagine trying to flip your clients to where you want them to be when you're used to. Okay, so what do you need? For years and years? It was about Okay, so I'm here for you. What do you need, and I was single, I didn't get married until late in life. I got married at 40 got divorced by 50. But I saw all those.

Bethany Londyn 17:04

And like, Yeah, you look amazing. You look amazing.

Cherise 17:07

Thank you. But I Oh, that's because of the word Bethany. The ease and flow. I know, it

Bethany Londyn 17:16

lightens you up, right? You can physically see differences in people's like, looks when Yeah, yeah.

Cherise 17:24

That's part of the work as well. And, you know, showing people like, Hey, if you lighten yourself up, if you take that some of that load off, you will look younger, you'll feel younger, you know, you'll move differently. But if they're not there to get it, they're just not, you know, and I'm not going to beg and plead the IV the example. Like I said, I'll just be the example. But yeah, learning that flow, and what difference it made in my life. I was like, oh, okay, I started to understand the work. Like when you're doing the work on yourself, you know, like, you're actually going through the leaps, you know, the manifestations and like living it and embodying it. Like, then you can really work I think, Bethany, like when you live the work, I think, then you can really, truly work.

Bethany Londyn 18:23

So did your bow. I'm curious, did your company exponentially grow once you started tuning into the flow? Did you notice a difference there?

Cherise 18:33

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it was a difference. The difference for me, which is so think about I was programmed to think that the harder you work, the more money you make. Right? So it honestly didn't make sense that I was flipping my business the opposite way. So it actually, you know, I've kind of stumbled up on it, you understand? Like, I'm thinking I'm gonna, you know, work harder. Although, I flip this side of the business to work for me more flow. I thought I was gonna have to go work so much harder on the other side, right. And what happened was, I love it so much. I love it. Like, I love these conversations. You know, the one on ones I love the groups, you know, the camaraderie I love, the connections, like, it makes me so happy to see the light bulbs go off. And women when they get the work, when all I'm doing is just sharing my journey, you know, sharing the experiences with my friends, you know, my new friends and friends I've been with forever and their journeys, like that's the work. And for me, that's ease and flow.

Bethany Londyn 19:48

Yeah, amazing. Okay, so let's get into some of the like, brass tacks because I was still to read them like Cherise, I couldn't really find you online anywhere. It's How are you running an eight figure business?

How do you run an eight figure business?

Cherise 20:03

Wow. Wow, awesome. Well, I'm actually like, I'm on Instagram, Facebook, you know, I have a website, but you're probably you're probably looking under Cherise. So I did have a name change because I was married I got divorced. So it could have been that for you, my channels or show up with Cherise be so it just could have been that little glitch right there. But you know, I am high ticket. Okay. And that, you know, that kind of speaks for itself because the type of women that I work with, if they don't understand me being Bethany, they understand about investing in themselves. They are big. So think about it. It's the beauty industry. Yeah. Right. So they understand investing in themselves. Now, it may be a bit of a challenge to get them there. As far as like the mindset work and understanding like, wait a minute, you got to teach me how to reprogram, and it costs how much? But no, it's so much bigger than that they really want to hear women really want to hear that they're gonna get a lot of physical change, they're gonna lose weight, or they're gonna go shopping and get some amazing clothes or something like that something visible, something tangible. Right? Right. But that's where they see, yeah, that's where the shifting in the mindset happens, I believe firmly. If you're not shifting your mind, you're not going to be able to shift anything. And I'm not about any fake makeovers, you know what I mean? So it's funny, especially with the beauty professionals, they, you know, there have been behind the chair for so long, and servicing people, and, you know, just really giving of themselves and not necessarily investing in their well being, you know, investing in just in themselves overall, there just givers, givers, givers, you know, so that space when they're taking

Bethany Londyn 22:10

on so much energy of all the clients, that's what I'm like, it's basically a therapy session for everybody that comes.

Cherise 22:19

If you don't know how to manage that, you're gonna break down, you're gonna be the one not behind the chair anymore. Sick, overwhelmed, you know, just just not knowing how to manage because you've taken on everyone else's, which is one of the reasons why I ended up having to really teach myself how to release the energy. Once I'm off work, I had to learn how to release the energy and I had to learn how to protect and cover myself before, you know, I went to work. So imagine all the years that I didn't know how to do that. And then once I finally figured that out, it's like, oh, my gosh, this is true to everything. Like, I think I can really work now. Because think about when I was going through my own stuff, that is how I ended up writing the book, we're going to talk about the Feeling Good as hell formula. I was going through it, Bethany, I was going through a whole divorce. And I still had to serve women. And the one thing I constantly thought about, like, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot put this energy on another woman, you know, and there's no way like, how can I make sure that I'm not exchanging any negative energy, you know, with her. So that is when I really, you know, learned about clearing, you know, clearing myself, you know, but not just a one time thing, I had to do it daily. You know, I was sometimes I will see 10 to 15 women a day, you know, so

Bethany Londyn 24:00

I don't even like working with that many, like, I don't like working with more than like two, maybe three in a day.

The power of vulnerability is powerful.

Cherise 24:05

But that's what I was programmed to do. You know, before I shifted my business, that was the hustle. That was the masculine, right. You know, that was the hustle and bustle of it. And what we thought was so cute. You know how we made so much money? You know, I was making, I was making six figures in my 20s. So, okay, that hustling hard, has been real hard, but it was so cute. But that is definitely you know, where the shift happened, and how I had to I had to figure out how to manage and how to be able to show up for my women and really be truly 100% There, at least at that time, at least 60 80% there for them when I was going through my divorce and you know, business wasn't as business it wasn't like it is now you know what I mean? So I just Where my book came from? And I realized if I'm not healing, if I'm not constantly evolving, if I'm not truly loving and truly living it what? I'm not gonna make it out here, you know, I'm not going to make it. And so and then the minute that I shared that I was going through a divorce Do you know I kid you not Bethany, I kid you not. Nine other women in my circle and in my tribe, admitted that they were born through the same thing.

Bethany Londyn 25:42

Yeah, vulnerability is powerful.

Cherise 25:45

And I was just because, you know, I got I got sick and tired of them asking the same question. How's the family? How's the spouse? You know, how's everyone? And I got sick. You know, and just putting up the front. And to finally one day I said to one client, and she said, Oh, my God, I am too. I had no idea Cherise. So now here we are sitting up here crying, girl, like babies. But I also realized, like, wow, you sharing that and getting it off your chest really helped her. Because the position she was in, she couldn't share. It wasn't a time for her to share. It was too way too political. You know? And guess what? She had to trust me with that information as well. And she could you know,

Bethany Londyn 26:37

yeah. Beautiful. So how, how did you go from the struggle to the quantum leaping in the business? Like how did you like, is it mostly word of mouth? Okay, do you know?

Cherise 26:54

Yeah, a lot of word of mouth and a lot of just showing up? Like, I know, you're like, I can't buy her. But you know, within my tribe,

Bethany Londyn 27:01

I'm like, that's a testament to you, though. That's like a testament to like, what you've built without the need. I mean, yeah, yeah. Well, the relationship there with the socials is another

Cherise 27:12

Is this a serious love hate relationship. But the thing about it is, you know, building community, that's one thing I really, you know, really tried to focus on with my women is building community. If you want to do business, if you want to, you know, have a community you have to show up, you have to be consistent, you know, no matter where you're showing up, be consistent somewhere, you know, and I fortunately, before this whole social media craze, I have built a really amazing community. So if I say, Hey, guys, whether it is a email, text message or word of mouth, if I say, Hey, guys, I'm doing something, whatever it may be, they're gonna show up, you know, and I will support you with that. And then when a social media craze came in, I'm like, wait a minute, hold on, I gotta get on on social media and do all of what mail so I really embracing that. The social media now I realize how important it is, but also what I want, you know, women who are of a certain age to realize Don't forget about who you are, don't forget about how you started business. You know, we were literally out rubbing elbows, you know, going out networking face to face, you know, calling people on the phone, don't forget who you are and where you came from. And yes, we have to, we're going to have to adapt to these trends. And you know, this new way of this digital world we have to, and I'm having fun with it, but it's necessary. You know, you gotta be are you gonna be blockbuster Netflix, mega mega choice.

Bethany Londyn 29:03

Well, Netflix did a really good job at pivoting, obviously, but yes.

Cherise 29:07

Right. Exactly. Exactly. So, we all get to pivot. We all get to pivot. Thank God for that. You know, and, and social media, really. It can be fun, you know, but it is a love hate relationship. For a lot of people. Even the young ones, you know, I hear them complain a lot too, about having to show up the way they do because of what they put out there. You know what I mean?

Bethany Londyn 29:32

Okay, interesting. Yeah, no, I haven't heard that.

Cherise 29:35

Yeah, yeah. A lot of them are tired, you know, of having because they started from there. They were born into the digital world. You know, so that's what they have to do. That's how they built their businesses off of the digital world. The network then internet, period, Instagram. I have I have one of my students. She is she built everything Going off of Instagram she cleared 3,000,002 years ago, she's only 21 on Instagram. So it's a different world. Totally different. You have to make it fun. You know, you have to be able to have fun figuring it out. Right? Right. Yeah. So

Bethany Londyn 30:29

good. Okay, so I'm curious, one of the things I always love to dive into is childhood, I'm curious how your childhood has shaped where you are now. Like, where what's the bridge there?

How her childhood has shaped where she is today.

Cherise 30:42

I would say, starting off my, my aunt's were beauty professionals. So I was in the salon all day, every day. It's summertime. And there was an exchange there, you know, with women coming in, just hey, you know, and the exchange of them, you know, making them beautiful, making them more beautiful by doing their hair and their makeup, and you know, just slicing them up. And then there was this money exchange, and then I will see my answer and the other ladies in the salon brighten up and then the ladies will be beautiful. And then they walked out happy. My eyes were happy. I was like, Oh, I like that. I like that. So I feel like very early on. I somehow understood that exchange of Women Helping Women, women exchanging money, women exchanging energy. So as a young athlete, I would always dress my, my teammates, like, Hey, y'all gotta look good after after the game, you know, so get get dressed up and look cute. And then even in college, you know, I made it through college, two years, girl was in their style and people dressing people. I was like, You know what, this is not my thing. I was like, I'm gonna go ahead and go to cosmetology school. And I love that aced it. And it all made sense. And this is where I am today. You know, so very early on, I kind of had an idea of loving to see women looking and feeling good. And the correlation that it had with their competence, and with belief in themselves, you know?

Bethany Londyn 32:25

Yeah, yeah. Well, and I'm like, you're making me think of one of my good friends. She's, she's a hairstylist, she always makes me feel amazing. Like, she just knows, like, the perfect things to say where I'm like, Oh, my God, you're melting my heart right now.

Cherise 32:41

Because we are the ones that see, we can see something you can't see and we get to sculpt you, you know. So it's a true gift. It's a real, real, amazing gift. And then when, you know, I felt really honored to have that gift. And then the energy gifts as well, because I know they go hand in hand. You know?

Bethany Londyn 33:05

Yeah, yes. Oh my gosh, so good. So good. I love this. Okay, so you're we're promoting your book Feeling Good as hell? are we promoting you? Like your courses? Like? Is it a CT? What is it? Is it one on one? Group mastermind?

Cherise 33:21

Yes. So the Feeling Good as hell formula is actually the book, okay, it's a seven day guide of you know, helping you reprogram yourself, realign, reimagine, reinvent yourself, okay. And there's also an emotional detox in the book. So if you want to really take that thing to the next level, you know, at the end of the book, there's an emotional detox that you can take. But that's something that I require, from all of my clients that I do take into my program. If because that is going to be the shift that will happen for them in order to start to understand the work that has to happen in order to get to where you need to be. Because if you can't, if you can't make that shift of like you say, your childhood, like, you know, what has could have happened in your childhood, that could be blocking you right now, because I didn't speak about that part. But there's something in your childhood that could absolutely be blocking you from your programming today, you know, that we didn't understand what the subconscious work when I started learning about the subconscious work, I realized why where's my money? Like, why am I working so hard and not making the money that I was making when I was younger, but when I was younger, I wasn't I wasn't really working under those blocks. I didn't think but as I got older, I think a lot of the subconscious was like boiling up, you know, Oh, and it just started to show up and it started blocking. You know, I think some insecurities was showing up, I think things that I didn't even belong to me was showing up, you know, blocking just, I couldn't think straight, I could, I was overwhelmed all the time. I just couldn't, you know, get in that space of just making more money. But once I honestly started to subconsciously work and understood that I was programmed it, you know, we didn't have enough money. You know, money doesn't grow on trees, they always have more than what we have, we won't have that. They have that not us. We can't, we can ration. Yes, you know, what, I realized that I realized that that's what was happening and boiling up in me, I had to do my work, had to do my work. When it happened, I started to focus, do what I had to do, which was not easy, because the reprogramming for me, that meant I had to create some strategy, I had to create some because I'll admit, I in early years, I didn't have a strategy, I didn't have a real strategy. You know, I had, I would say, I had great customer service, and a certain strategy of showing up in business. But other than that, I really didn't have any type of strategy, I was out here flowing, you know, just moving. When I hit the wall, the brick wall, I had, that's when I had to completely dismantle I had to be dismantled and become someone else in order to become the woman I really want it to be. So I couldn't allow myself to hit that brick wall, and not face myself, you know, really, truly face the challenges and the childhood and, you know, the things that I had not changed the shortcut that I had taken, you know what I mean, that helped, that really pushed me into the brick wall, just thinking that oh, we can do it this way. Don't have to worry about that, you know, because things were easy there. But on this side of life, no, it wasn't going to be that easy. You know, it had to be some strategy had to be some discipline, some self awareness, you know. So that is what that book is all about that front. You know, when people come into my funnel, they first come to the funnel or the quiz. And then, you know, they want to work further with me if I'm not doing any event at the time, and that's selling any event. I bring them into my cash reinvention system, which is where I start them the beauty pros and the entrepreneurs with the program the mastermind. Yeah, yeah. It has to start with the Feeling Good as hell formula.

Bethany Londyn 37:55

Yeah, how she's feeling good as hell, which is healing, evolving, loving and living.

Cherise 38:01

The hell you want. Bethany? Yeah.

Bethany Londyn 38:06

I love it. I know I've been working on reframing every time I'm saying hell yes. I'm like, no, no, I don't have any Yes. Heaven. Yes. Yeah, but I could just use yours. I could use yours. Hell, yeah.

Cherise 38:18

Well, there's some history behind it. If you if you go look up the origin of hail. It's not it's not the hail we know. We know. So I had to do some homework on it. And yeah, it's not so I'll send you the information. Hell is not the hell we've been talking about. So that's what also made me feel confident in using the hail the the acronym because, you know, I made it the acronym but I also, you know, one of my best friends is a she's the first lady and a pastor. So she told me, she's like, I want you to speak about and feeling good as hell formulas. She's like, but I don't know how to church is gonna take it out. Like, I don't break it down. So I'm gonna be fine. That'd be fine. But it's just hail. It's not like it's a cuss word. But you know, sometimes we're indigenous folks, they get caught up, but they love when I break it down. So they love it. I love

The true meaning of confidence.

Bethany Londyn 39:13

I mean, there's just so much behind words. i This morning I was someone was talking about the word confident, which really means with faith.

Cherise 39:21

Yes. Yes. Right. So

Bethany Londyn 39:25


Cherise 39:27

Words, right. Yeah, important. You know, what are you really saying? Yep, you're so right that to me yep.

Bethany Londyn 39:35

And then someone was saying conceded and I'm like you be conceited as as you want because all it means is with thoughts. Just go there on it. You be with thoughts.

Cherise 39:49

And it's funny, you know, when you open yourself up to just learning more and growing more, you know, you learn things like then you realize like, oh, wow, It's free. It's a freedom. It's a type of freedom. And I strongly feel like we have been programmed into where we think, on purpose. And now

Bethany Londyn 40:13

I am aligned to your what you're saying. Yeah, for sure, we are meaning making machines. And a lot of our meanings that we've created about things are really from society and what we've been taught. Absolutely. It's not actually our truth. Someone else's. Yeah. That's why it's not even their truth.

Cherise 40:34

Exactly. You know, you have to do your own homework, and you're studying. And, you know, you can't even trust, honestly, until you've truly done the work. You can trust what you say or think, you know, programming.

Bethany Londyn 40:48

So yeah, yeah, release the programming. Programming. Let's get back to the truth. Yeah. Okay, so what would you say? What would three tools in your toolbox Would you share for quantum leaping in business in life, with our audience

How do you quantum leap?

Cherise 41:09

accountability, like, take full responsibility for where you are, you know, let go of where you come from, and what you've been through, you know, let it you can tell the story, if you're ready for that, you know, as part of the business, that's fine, but let it go. It's not who you are anymore. You know, and take, take accountability for where you are as, okay. So you can continue to move and flow where you want to be, you know, and you have to, you have to become discipline. You know, a lot of us don't realize how important the discipline is. You have to become someone who does what they say they're going to do, in order to get the things you desire. You know, you can say it, you can dream it all day, you can hope it you can wish it all day, but you're never gonna get there if you don't have the discipline, you know. So, I mean, past the motivation, the inspiration and the motivation. We're past that. You have to be disciplined to get what you want, right? And become self aware. Like, why do I have some of the same habits? Thoughts? Why do I keep finding myself in the same situation? You know, years and years over and over? You know, why? Why am I picking the same friends, the same men the same jobs that aren't getting getting me where I want to be? You have to become self aware? Like, why is the programming a lot of people don't understand this language, Bethany, as you know, but that's why we're here, you know, to open up the door. Why? He noticed the light, you know, because some people will never ever hear Oprah's voice Tony Robbins voice, you know, but they'll hear your voice. And it'll resonate with. And then it'll enlighten them. And then they'll say, I want to listen to her. I want to hear her. That's the voice I want to hear. That's the person that I want to be like, if that's what we're here for. Hey, let's do it. Let's go.

Bethany Londyn 43:24

Yeah, you got to find who resonates with you. That is supporting you. And yeah, calling you forward.

Cherise 43:31

Yeah. So it was absolutely the accountability, the discipline and the self awareness for me.

Bethany Londyn 43:37

I love it. And I just I don't know why but this keeps coming up. So I'm going to ask what gets you out of bed in the morning

Cherise 43:45

knowing that I'm the light you know, knowing that I have the light that we're really truly changed someone else's life, you know? Because I remember days when I did not think I was the light when I didn't feel like the light you know, when I was super dim. So knowing that I am the light and that I can actually change someone else's life by just being me and who I am not be anyone else in this world. That is what gets me out of bed.

Bethany Londyn 44:18

Beautiful. I love it. So good. Yes, you are the light woman.

Cherise 44:25

Like thank you so much.

Bethany Londyn 44:27

That's right. That's right. Yeah, all our community high vibe, high vibe. Only please.

Cherise 44:36

I love it. It's been such a joy. Oh my goodness.

Bethany Londyn 44:40

Thank you. That was a good flowing session.

Cherise 44:46

That's what we do. Right? We the light that shines the light and then we flow

Bethany Londyn 44:52

and then we flow and then that's just what it is amazing. Well thank you for joining us today and sharing all your beautiful night. gets.

Cherise 45:00

Thank you so much for having me and I am sure I'll see you again.

Bethany Londyn 45:06

Thank you so much for listening to today's episode. If you love what you heard, be sure to subscribe and let me know by leaving a review on iTunes. It fuels me to keep bringing you more juicy guests. And if you aren't already following me on social media, check out at Bethany Londyn on Instagram lnd. Why and that's the cool factor, or go to Bethany Londyn not calm for healing opportunities courses and additional thoughts. And don't hesitate to create some IG stories tagging me in our guests with your favorite quotes so we can reshare them. I can't wait to connect with you in the next episode and in the meantime, wishing you that quantum leap

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