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Ep. 5 Quantum Leap from Addiction to Flowing as a Fire Dancer with Sarah Grace

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Bethany Londyn 0:05

Welcome to another episode of Quantum Leap your life and business. We have the fabulous Sarah Grace, who I was referred to by someone I love interest joke. And she is in the circus arts. So I am super excited to hear about this story. She does fire dancing and more. And let's dive in. All right, so, of course, we need to know how you got into this first off before we go into the quantum leaps, because this is just entertaining.

How did you get into circus arts?

Sarah Grace 0:41

Yes, absolutely. So circus arts, I found while living in Hawaii, I ended up at a beach party one night, it was actually a beach rave on the weekend. And I saw these fire dancers and I looked at them, they were dancing with fire. It was so beautiful. So epic. And I thought, wow, I want to do that. And I don't know if I'll ever be able to. And it was a progression. Somebody looked at me and they were like, why not? And I was like, Oh, I don't? Why not? I don't know. That's a good question. And I picked up my first pair of Koi, it's the it's two balls with fire on them. And I just began practicing. And I fell in love and

Bethany Londyn 1:27

jumped right in you like those limiting beliefs out of the way. And you're like, Okay, why not? Let's try this.

Sarah Grace 1:34

Yeah, that was the exact question was, why not? Why can't I do it? And they can. And I went for it. I just I picked them up. And I started practicing every single day. And I fell in love. Literally, it became pushing myself past my limits the I can't conversation.

Bethany Londyn 1:56

So living embodiment of personal growth. Yes, sir. What were you doing before?

Sarah Grace 2:05

Before I had been working in service restaurants, I came out to Hawaii to essentially find myself I lived in the Midwest, and I didn't know what I was doing with my life. I actually was a major alcoholic, I had issues with alcohol for years. And I moved to Hawaii to get away from that life. And it ended up following me to Hawaii, of course, continued. That didn't, it didn't work to just take it away. So when I came to Hawaii, I was like, Okay, this is it. This is my opportunity to start a new life. And when I found this beach party, it was actually a bunch of what you would call hippies, very free spirited, very, in tune with nature in tune with the laws of the universe. And they showed me there was a different way to live, that I could be free. And I could have fun and be happy and joyous. And it didn't have to include alcohol.

Bethany Londyn 3:04

Wow. So in getting into this kind of supported that whole transition of not using that anymore, as a way of like, getting joy or whatever it was providing for you.

Sarah Grace 3:19

Yeah, I didn't know how to connect before I used alcohol. And then this became my tool to connect with others movement dance, something that was actually creating in the world.

Bethany Londyn 3:33

Well, and dance is so powerful in general, because whether you're a dancer or not getting into the embodiment of an energy or an emotion, or, you know, listening to music, it's gonna support you feeling sad or happy, you know.

Sarah Grace 3:51

So allow, it allowed that energy to move through me instead of getting stuck in my body. And that became very clear that circus arts is more than just what it appears to be on the outside that it's also a way to move energy in a way to actually heal through movement.

Bethany Londyn 4:12

Yeah, like, what's that one Qigong,

Sarah Grace 4:14

chi, chi gong moving the energy Tai Chi.

Bethany Londyn 4:17

Yes. Love it. Very good. Well, what what else are you doing in the circus arts now? And then I want to backtrack to the Quantum Leap of like fully surrendering to this.

Sarah Grace 4:32

What else is still walking? Yes, I am a stilt walker. So I do performances. And I'm about eight and a half feet tall. And I also teach kids how to still walk, which I love. Because most kids come to it and they're like, oh my god, I'm never going to be able to do that. And then within a matter of hours, you They're running around on stilts running around in circles and fast. Literally, it takes a few hours. Wow.

Bethany Londyn 5:08

Okay, so for anyone listening, are you in Hawaii? No, I'm not. I'm in LA right now. Okay. Okay. Amazing. Okay. Wow, I didn't know, you could just pick that up in three hours. I mean, that's you gotta trust, obviously, that's, that has, I'm sure a huge amount of trust for your body

Sarah Grace 5:26

to huge amount of trust. And it's all about telling the mind like the mind says no. And it tells the body No. And as soon as you start to create a different belief, like, Yes, I can, yes, I can. Yes, I can, the body starts to listen. And then people realize, I realized, Oh, this is just like walking. I tell my body that I'm walking sets on like three feet taller. And it works. And especially with kids, because they don't have these like baggage, this huge load of limiting beliefs yet, so it's a little bit easier for them to be like, okay, maybe I can do this.

Bethany Londyn 6:04

So if you were to teach an adult, how many hours a child?

Sarah Grace 6:10

I'd say it would be less about the time at that point, and more about the confidence that I have in them that, yes, they can and the what it takes to tell them like, Look, you either it's your choice, you literally have a choice in this situation. Do you want to do this or not? Because most adults are like, Oh, I'll never even try that. It was like, really?

Bethany Londyn 6:40

I mean, that's my first thought.

That's all dangerous. I'm not wanting to risk anything right now, you know, doing all these other things.

Sarah Grace 6:56

The risk factor, whereas kids are like, a bumper scrape, and they're like, what's that mean? Like, cool, I'll get back up and they'll do like,

Bethany Londyn 7:03

life's over.

Sarah Grace 7:05

Then I couldn't work. And then I couldn't do this. There's a whole like, set of things that come along with it. So adults is weighing the value. Like, do you wanna have fun and prove to yourself that you can do this? Okay, cool. It's doing right. Right?

How did you quantum leap?

Bethany Londyn 7:20

Oh, yes, we gotta get into the fun guys. This is what supports this quantum leap being I actually do talk about this with my, like, the CEOs that I work with, about bringing the joy in, because it would be lacking in the culture and it's so important to have a joy because then it's like, you know, manifesting itself all the way out to the client. So and then police, everyone, everyone radiating Joy radiating joy, just to say is a higher vibration than love. I don't know if on the scale consciousness, it's a level 540. And love is 500.

Sarah Grace 7:56

Yeah, well, okay. Yeah, hold on that for sure.

Bethany Londyn 8:05

And I'm enjoying every day, because I'm doing what I love. Rarely. Yeah, so good. Okay, so, fire dancing, stilt walking. And then what are you doing with like you're bringing it? Where are you performing?

Sarah Grace 8:22

Or so I just, I was on the Big Island of Hawaii. And Allahu, and I did a lot of corporate events on a wahoo. And then what I really gotten into a is teaching the kids so I do kids circus camps on the Big Island of Hawaii. And now since I'm in LA, and on the mainland, I'm looking to create and CO create with others a, a warehouse space for kids to learn stilt walking, circus arts, fire, dancing, and also have a space for imagination. So before they even get to the limiting beliefs, there is this safe sacred space that they see their imagination can be free.

Bethany Londyn 9:06

Got it? And is there and I'm just curious about the age range because you know, we're always in the personal development. We're always like it happened between the ages of you know, newborn and seven. So I'm curious when you're working with children if there's like, like the perfect age, or it's just wide open.

Sarah Grace 9:26

I between five and 10 minutes I've been on the lower end. Yeah. And 10 is like when the the like fears start to come in. And there's a little bit more of a push that's required, but six and seven year olds are like, still fire. Let me at it. Like Yeah, ready to go.

Bethany Londyn 9:48

And in a healthy way, and then I feel like that's going to support them in their life in general because they're going to have less fear because they just tried this on precise.

Sarah Grace 9:58

Yeah, anything as possible when they say so.

Bethany Londyn 10:04

Good, so good. Yes, anything is possible. Okay, so I want to hear the story of going from. And I know you kinda like, share, but like, let's get into the nitty gritty so we can break it down and support others in taking a quantum leap into you know what they love what brings them joy, what brings them joy that also brings them financial abundance, all of it. So we'd love to hear more of the story about that transition for you. By the way, I do have to share this other thing that keeps coming through to me. I heard this was like in the last few months that Tony Robbins was actually discovered in Hawaii doing firewalking and that's how he got his start.

Sarah Grace 10:44

Wow, I'd heard about him doing the firewalking but not in Hawaii.

Bethany Londyn 10:50

Yeah, he did it in Hawaii. I believe this is all rumor. But I heard that this woman, Deanna Cordova or something like that discovered him and supported him and being coming who is now? Well, I mean, to some level. Yeah. Wow. So just throwing that out for you to like, take it to a whole nother level? Because why not?

Sarah Grace 11:13

Yeah, why not? Exactly.

Bethany Londyn 11:17

Anything's possible. Okay. So yeah, tell us your journey of quantum leaping.

Sarah Grace 11:25

So it did it began with the fire dancing and the stilt walking, and literally through that embodiment, that practice of, oh, I can do this. And if I can do that, then I can do this. It's supported me in life and everything that I do. I? And are you speaking in the context of just in life in general, or how the circus arts has? Yeah, where does it

Bethany Londyn 11:51

go for you, because I love to work with clients, and they have quantum leaps. And so I think it's fascinating to learn how other people have quantum leaps in their own life, especially into a business such as this, to make that, you know, like, support you on a financial level. And, yeah, I mean, it's so unique. So this just goes to show that anyone can do anything and create money out of anything that they love.

What was the baby step process that led you to this awareness?

Sarah Grace 12:17

You know? Yeah. So after I found the fire, dancing, and the stilt walking, I, I started to realize that I could have fun again, because I lost that for many years in the addiction. And once I realized, like, wait, I get to have fun. And I get to create fun. And life is a game, it gets to be fun. It doesn't have to be so hard, which is that programming that started to pack on and pack on as I got older. Once I realized, wait, I can have fun. Okay, so how do I connect, being able to have fun and create income from it, there was a belief that I decided I wanted to bring into fruition and that was, the more fun I have, the more money I make. And when I'm living in my joy when I'm living in my passion, that is when I'm attracting the abundance, I'm attracting the jobs and it doesn't even become a job at that point. I'm doing what I love and attracting the people that are going to get me to the next place the clients, the talent agents, whoever it may be. It all starts to flow. Now you just

Bethany Londyn 13:31

started owning that affirmation? Yes. And like repeating it to yourself. And then what did people just start showing up? Or being like, hey, like it would maybe I have an event that would be great for you. Like, what was the baby step process there.

Sarah Grace 13:47

The baby step was owning that belief. And, and also an opportunity showed up, they show up. And there was another piece to it to like, getting in tune with my emotions and my feelings because I had blocked them out for so long, due to the addiction, which that addiction could be anything for anybody else food, TV, Netflix, sex, all the things. Once I started to see that, that addiction wasn't working anymore, and then I got to find something else. I essentially I had to like, it wasn't working. I was like, okay, something else has got to work, the affirmations and being open. Being open to the possibility that life didn't have to be hard. Yeah. So it started with the beliefs, the affirmations, getting clear within myself, what I'm actually passionate about, and letting myself explore those things. I had this belief that it had to be a certain way. And it doesn't. Yeah, but I got to explore that first like, give myself the power mission to be in my passions and be enjoy first and foremost. So it was the affirmations and then giving myself permission to be free to explore what,

Bethany Londyn 15:11

what led you to that? Was there like a book or a podcast or something that you heard randomly or friend or that started like, bringing to that awareness?

Sarah Grace 15:22

Yes. There was a lot. Esther Hicks was a huge one abraham hicks abundance, anything is possible. Her morning meditation, I listened to that for four months straight to reprogram my mind that life could be joyous no matter what was going on. And

Bethany Londyn 15:44

actually getting that and tagging in the show notes or something.

Sarah Grace 15:48

Okay, absolutely, I will. Yeah, cuz that four months straight listening to it every morning, like reprogrammed my depression that I was in. And when I say depression, it was life's hard. Everything is hard. This isn't working this way, and supported me and seeing like, the blessings in every single thing. Like, I found myself picking mac nuts on a farm on the Big Island for $15 an hour. And originally I was like, Ah, this sucks. And listening to Esther Hicks. During that time. I was like, wait, no, this is amazing. Other Other books and podcast, seven spiritual laws of success. I realized to receive what I wanted, I got to get what I want. And that was giving the gifts, giving gifts everywhere that I went, whether that was a flower, whether that was love or acknowledgement to receive what I was asking for I got to give it as well.

Bethany Londyn 16:51

So two questions. I'm like, I'm really unpacking this here. I love diving. Because Are you just walking down the street and then someone starts playing Esther Hicks. And you're just like, Oh, I am interested in this. Like, I'm curious how you stumbled upon that, or the personal growth aspect of not being in let's say the funk? You know? And then also I have a question, too. Should I save it? No. Alas, now, this is me asking my guidance. These things these comments of life is hard. Like it was difficult struggling all that what were those things that you picked up? As beliefs from childhood?

Sarah Grace 17:35

Yes, absolutely. beliefs from childhood. I grew up in a middle class family, where it's very much so you need to work for everything you've got and work. We always Dade comfortable. Like I grew up having everything that I wanted. And it was made very clear to me like I got to work for everything that I had. And there wasn't much fun and joy in the process. It was like go to work school, do what you're supposed to, and then you'll get to be just kind of mediocre. And that was what I thought

Bethany Londyn 18:15

the mediocre was the wind.

Sarah Grace 18:18

Yeah, mediocre was like, Okay, we're cool. We got our house. Yeah, food on the table. I'm going to work tomorrow and the next day and the next day until I retire. That was my dad, and is my dad. He's definitely he's about to retire now. And he still wants to continue working. And I'm like, wait, but you could go on vacations now. And you could go like, do everything you wanted to do. And he doesn't know what to do without working hours. His programming is that this is what you do your whole life

Bethany Londyn 18:49

must work to be valuable probably.

Sarah Grace 18:54

And even if it's not something that he necessarily loves, it gets the bills paid, and it gets food on the table. So I grew up seeing him in a cycle. And also seeing my mom in a cycle of pain and suffering. She has her own alcoholism that she deals with. And I grew up seeing that she didn't really ever fight for what she wanted. She was always in this suffering mode of Why is life happening to me. All of these things are pushing me down pushing me down and I never saw her really stand up and fight and be like, I'm gonna go out there and create what I want. And seeing that I in Indiana, I was like okay, well, this is what life is.

Bethany Londyn 19:49

And it almost sounds like you started to live that life.

What was the baby step process that led you to this awareness?

Sarah Grace 19:51

And you broke free. Yeah. My spirit was like no, there's more. and going to Hawaii really opened my perspective up like the Hawaiian culture and the Hawaiian way is that it's all about ohana. It's all about connection with family connection to the land, which in my experience, is very separated from my culture, from our culture here in the United States. And being able to reconnect with the land in Hawaii showed me that we are abundant by nature, as humans, this, this earth, she provides for us everything that we've needed. And my ancestors got disconnected from that my ancestors grew to believe that everything's got to be hard. They were tobacco farmers. And a story my mom told me is that they didn't have money for shoes at times. So I got to being in the Hawaiian culture, I got to really look back at my ancestry and my heritage and see where the disconnect started to happen. Like, Oh, okay. My great grandparents farm tobacco, and they didn't have enough money to survive. So then my mom developed that same belief, like we don't have enough money for this, we don't have enough money for that. And then that passed on to me, I'm like, I don't have enough money to make it in the world. And write the Hawaiian culture is what showed me abundance. They give no matter what. And they continue to give, because they they understand the universal law that the more that I give, is the same that I receive. There's a feedback loop. And that's what opened me up to Abraham Hicks to Oh, you saw that book first? Yes. Well, I saw her podcast first and the seven spiritual laws of success. Eckhart Tolle a new earth, that opened my mind to Whoa, there's a whole new way of living. Yeah. Thinking, living being in harmony with each other.

Bethany Londyn 22:15

Yeah, I remember that one. I was, Oh, my God, I was married when I read that one. And it was like, just act as if they're doing what you're doing what you want them to do. Anyway. So I started like giving them hugs, because I wanted to hug or something, you know. It's just like, so weird. Now, it's like, so normal to act that way? Yeah, yeah.

Sarah Grace 22:37

I know, in my culture, I grew up thinking, if I want something I, it should just be here. There's also an entitlement to and the Hawaiian code culture also showed me like, if I want something, I get to put in the work for it. And it's not just I get to receive everything, just because I. Okay, ask for it. But that is kind of interesting. Because Ask and you shall receive.

Bethany Londyn 23:06

I know, I'm like, wait a minute, but there is receive Yeah. Okay, well, in your work that you've been doing is joyful. So if you're, if you can create that, you know, that new definition and really redefine what work is for you as something that's like, amazing, then it won't feel like work, right? I can easily work 70 hours a week. But I'm doing like what I love, and I'm so passionate and inspired by it, you know?

Sarah Grace 23:43

Yes. And what you said about the vibration of joy, being a higher vibration, it did put me in that space of being in a higher vibration, which brings in that feedback loop of when I ask for what I desire. I receive it. But being in that constant state of this isn't working. I don't like this. This person did this to me. And then I asked her what I desire. Yeah, that's different.

Bethany Londyn 24:16

Yeah, you're like, what I was talking about this with someone the other day, they were looking to manifest something but right before they went into whatever the manifestation exercise was that they were doing. They were like this. This isn't possible. They did all these fear things. I'm like, so you filled up with fear. And then you did a manifestation work, exercise. Of course, it's not gonna work, you know, because you just created the foundation beforehand with all those thoughts, you know. So yeah.

Sarah Grace 24:44

Another thing that's

Bethany Londyn 24:44

gonna come to me as soon as we get off of this, but yeah, it was good. I was like, hello.

Sarah Grace 24:51

Another thing that just came through to me is gratitude. I began to recognize that grace attitude was a it was a whole new way of being I did not I was not grateful for things in my life before I was like, This is terrible. Why did this happen? And then I began to think this was Abraham Hicks to have reprogramming that everything in my life was a blessing to get me to where I am going to

Bethany Londyn 25:24

be in the victim, just Yeah, everything is showing up for you. And just because we talked about the skill of consciousness earlier, gratitude is one of the highest it's 850. Yeah, so 540 is jet joy, Judge delete that joy. And a 50 is gratitude. And the thing about gratitude, it's like, Sure, there's anybody and everyone will tell you, Oprah, Tony Robbins, we've been talking about them to serve your morning with gratitude. But the thing is, is we can do that we can write that, but are we really connecting to the gratitude because connecting to what we're saying, and experiencing the gratitude it it brings in the emotion of joy, it brings in the emotion of love, and sustaining that is the key. Because it's easy to get into gratitude for like five minutes while you write 20 things down? You know, then, yeah,

Sarah Grace 26:20

the practice of actually seeing it throughout the day, is literally a practice. It took me a few years. And it took me owning parts of myself that were less desirable. Recognizing that there was a part of me that would, I would call myself a brat growing up, like I did, I did get what I wanted, and I thought that it was deserved. And somebody called me a brat at one point, and I was like, No, not me. And then finally, I was like, You know what, there are parts of me that are ungrateful at times. And it took me owning that and seeing that, that is a part of me, and being okay with it. And then like, Okay, how do I shift that? Being like, of course, you

Bethany Londyn 27:10

would hire me to come do still walking at your party? Of course,

Sarah Grace 27:17

yeah. Instead of like, oh my god, this is the biggest blessing ever. And anymore. It's like this child is childish charm that I see a flower walking down the street, and I'm like, Oh, my God, I got this precious flower.

Bethany Londyn 27:35


Sarah Grace 27:36

And I'm not like this all the time. I do go into my dark spaces. And actually, your job is the one that will remind me like, what are you grateful for today? And it brings me back. Oh, you're right. I've been out of gratitude for a few days now. And it's showing

Bethany Londyn 28:02

love him? Okay, so. So you started and then the opportunities just started showing up? And then like, all of a sudden, you had an agent? It sounds like, like, how did they hear about you? Or did you seek them out? Because was that all in like a float? I'm just curious. Like, the flow of it. Was it like you really pushing and effort or just didn't like flow into, you know, your life?

Sarah Grace 28:28

It was flow. And curiosity is what brought her to me. I got. So I was a ballerina. For many years, when I was a child, and dances in my background. I'm a natural dancer. And as a part of this unfolding of my circus arts, I was thinking one dance like, you know what, I really want to get paid for performing. That sounds really cool. And literally three days later, a friend came up and she was like, Hey, do you wanna start walk with me? I just lost my start walking partner. I was like, Yes. She's like, okay, cool. I've got an agent. We'll work together. We'll just start doing gigs. And I got up on stilts the next week and started getting gigs from this agent just immediately. Wow. So curiosity has been another key component.

Bethany Londyn 29:25

Okay, okay. Well, that that I love those stories when you're just like,

Sarah Grace 29:31

huh, yeah. Yeah. Versus the oh, this could never happen to me. Oh, this will, right. This can't work out because of A B and C. Like, why not switch that thinking of how How could this happen to me? Oh, what if this what if that like, really opening up my thinking which also Oh, took a lot of meditation. Have you heard of the persona?

Bethany Londyn 30:05

Did you do it? Yeah. Oh my gosh, I was just telling a friend I think. I haven't. Like I have a dog. I can't imagine. I mean, for anyone that has kids, I'm sure it's similar

Sarah Grace 30:16

for them. Yeah, absolutely.

Bethany Londyn 30:19

Yeah. So you don't know what the pasta is. It's like 10 days of silence. But you have done it. So you share more?

Sarah Grace 30:30

Yeah, it's a specific style of meditation. And they have retreats all over the world, all over California, the United States, and they're free. You go there, and it's not any sort of religious denomination, you don't bring a Bible or rosary or anything pertaining to spirituality, you go there. Just you, it's all you need. And it's 10 days of sitting. And I don't want to share too much because everyone gets to have their own experience. I did. I did mine in Hawaii. And I will say what the space that it opened up within me afterwards really allowed for all of the magic and the miracles to come through. Sitting sitting with myself for that amount of time. There's magic that starts to happen within the body chords, karmic patterns get to be released. Like literally like,

Bethany Londyn 31:29

though, I'm like, I want a little more. Are you having like visions and things? Because you're Can you share that? I don't know.

Sarah Grace 31:42

I will say in my willing variance. In my experience, I, I was in nature for it, that we had an inside center and outside. I had an experience of speaking to my ancestors connecting with my aunt who had killed herself when I was younger. And I had this spot that I would go to and these big pine trees. And for me that that was my counsel. I went there and I was like, Oh, here's my family. Oh, hey, guys. And I got to commune with them. And I went through a huge forgiveness process of forgiving them, forgiving myself for the way that I had have acted out the patterns that were brought through from my lineage. And I got to release them from my system from my energetic field. And for me, once I released them, there was a huge like, I could feel my whole system was clear, like Joy was present. I literally felt like I was high for months afterwards. anything was possible. Wow.

Bethany Londyn 32:59

Was this before or after MIT, which is the personal growth program? This was before, okay. So many things. It's like, why are so many things

Sarah Grace 33:11

books, then I went to meditation. Then I went to a transformational leadership training.

Bethany Londyn 33:15

Yes. Many things the journey. Solid journey. Love it. I'm amazing. I'll have to tag that. I'm taking notes. But it is interesting to me that this came up twice in a few days. I pay attention to the signs.

Sarah Grace 33:35

Vipassana specifically. Oh, yeah. No, I

Bethany Londyn 33:40

was telling somebody else about it. So

Sarah Grace 33:44

Are you really telling yourself about it?

Bethany Londyn 33:47

I don't know me. Oh my gosh. Ah, yourself yours because that sounds magical. So okay, so to wrap us up, I would love to hear if you were to take, it doesn't have to be what you already said. Just whatever you want, whatever comes to you as like three tips for quantum leaping in business and life

Three tips for quantum leaping in business and life.

Sarah Grace 34:12

for the listener. Three tips for quantum leaping. My first and foremost is meditation, Vipassana. counter intuitively, clearing my plate. Of all the mind clutter of all the energetic clutter. gave that space for those that have a busy life and they're like, oh my god, I could never make time for meditating.

Go to Vipassana. If you say that you could never do this or never make time or this isn't that do it. It is exactly what is needed to clear and clean your plate. To be able to call in and create whatever gets to be created in a short amount of time, if you want to do it quickly take 10 days out of your entire life to be able to quantum leap years. So Vipassana

Bethany Londyn 35:19

Okay, with that in rubbing it in alright? Yes. Yeah.

Sarah Grace 35:26

The power center and a consistent daily practice of meditation, movement of energy, whether that be dance, yoga, breathwork, whatever moves, whatever you choose to do, like Tai Chi Chi Gong, like we spoke of, to move energy through the body. Because it's all about energy. And if we're constantly stuck people

Bethany Londyn 35:54

even doing like, five minutes a day in the morning just to

Sarah Grace 35:59

move. Yeah. Because think about it. Feel it? Okay, literally, yeah, five minutes a day to move the energy to feel it. Because being stuck in the mind is a circular thing are constantly thinking about it versus moving the energy through the body. And third

Joy find whatever it is, that lights you up. And do it every single day as much as you can. And if you've gone days without movement, dance, listening to music. Take a second and find that music. Find whatever lights you up inside.

Bethany Londyn 37:05

Totally agree. So good. So good. Dancing is so good. I just did it for like the first time in forever. Day and I'm like, oh, yeah, this is this is good stuff. I need to do this, like, every day. Yeah.

Sarah Grace 37:20

Isn't it funny? I do. I find myself going into spaces where I like think about I'm like, wait, when's the last time I danced? And then I I realized why things are moving slowly in my life, why they're not happening. And as soon as I integrate dance back into my day back into my life, and I'm having I'm creating joy and passion and movement again. It's like, oh, here we go. Things are working again.

Bethany Londyn 37:48

Well, you can come up with like playlists like the your pump yourself up playlist or whatever it is, you know? Yeah, that is key. Value. Yes. For different, you know, moods or whatever. Yeah. So good. Okay, this is fun. Well, how can people learn more about you? I guess maybe book you or support you and your new vision of bringing this to LA for the children never know.

Sarah Grace 38:22

Yes. So my Instagram is Sarah dreams love. And I've got content tips tricks on how to move. Freedom

Bethany Londyn 38:38

Are you really amazing, all about the freedom and yeah, what we can. I mean, obviously, if we're feeling freedom in the 3d world, we're gonna manifest

Sarah Grace 38:51

it everywhere. Yes. I start to die in a landscape. Hmm,

Bethany Londyn 38:58

beautiful. Well, you have been amazing and I love your beautiful soul. Definitely. You can feel that radiant energy of joy. And the dance. I can see like your dancer self. Yes, I'm like, Yes. She's definitely a dancer.

Sarah Grace 39:17

I love it. Hello, Isn't life?

Bethany Londyn 39:22

Yes, yes. Yes, glow is live people. So hope you found Sara so inspiring as I have and just those reminders to get into meditation and maybe the boss and some dancing. Yeah. So I try and on. If you do start this practice, you have to tag us both and share what opens up for you because we want to know.

Sarah Grace 39:52

Yeah. All right. Thank you, Bethany. It's been a pleasure.

Bethany Londyn 39:57

Thank you, and we'll talk to you soon.

You can find Sarah Grace on Instagram

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