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Ep. 6 Quantum Leap Your Business & Recession with Bethany Londyn

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

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Welcome to the Quantum Leap your business and life podcast. My name is Bethany Londyn, and I am an energetic VC supporting CEOs and entrepreneurs and multiplying revenues and opportunities of their business through intuitive guidance and energetic healing. I am obsessed with finding and releasing blocks so that you can start receiving the guidance and opportunities that will be bringing you quantum leaps with ease. If you are looking to upgrade your business life, spirituality or need a perspective shift to flow, you've come to the right place. Leave it to me to pull out the juicy stories, Quantum Leap hacks, and how our inspiring guests have tackled obstacles and gotten into the flow to reach new heights of success. My intention is to bring clarity and massive awareness. The infinite possibilities are everywhere. Your next moment could be a miraculous one. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Let's uncover their strategies. Have fun and see how we can Quantum Leap together.

We are more powerful than our fear

Hello, hello. Welcome to episode six of the quantum leap your life podcast is Bethany Londyn. And I am I just did a podcast live. And of course, I forgot to press record. So here we are, again, let's see where we go. Oh, my goodness. So I felt called to deliver the episode today because I am being flooded with negative news, negative news, which I mean, let's be honest, it's not necessarily something new. But right now it's definitely pushing and pumping out the recession, the recession, and based on my understanding my own relations with people that work with government, etc. I am going to say it's all being created, this recession is being created for a reason. And they love to create fear, the news loves to create fear, because then they gain control of us. So, I don't know about you, but I don't feel like being controlled. And I'm going to do the best that I can to maintain my own vibe. And that is not brought down by the government. So on that topic, I am more powerful than my fear. I am more powerful than my fear, you are more powerful than your fear. And I want to offer that up to you today because that was the affirmation that came through. And that is why I'm here riffing. Because of this specific message. We are more powerful than our fear. The fear is consumed by or brought upon by our ego. And the ego loves to run the show loves to run the show. So the ego is operating out of fear. Every time you are making decisions are stressed because I mean even me just right now because I just recorded that live and now I'm recording it oh my god, my heart rates so much lower. And I apparently had the story running with my ego that someone's gonna laugh at me someone's gonna be like Bethany or speaking in circles or you know, something negative. I don't know, like, who cares what you have to say, Bethany? I'm just not going to watch this right? Something of that nature.

Why you need to do things that are uncomfortable to you again and again

So if I know and trust that I was divinely guided to do a live today, then I know that there was a reason for that. And maybe it was the pure simple reason of me getting outside of my comfort zone and knowing that that is empowering because those nerves were like shooting up there in the air. And if you really want to watch the live it is on YouTube and Facebook. Oh my god, we'll see if it I'll leave it No, I'm gonna leave it I'm going to leave it so you can watch the live but I'm going over the same content here just with less nerves operating so the thing is the ego is making up all these stories like oh my gosh, but this and this and this is going to happen someone's going to like judge you and you're going to gonna put you down whatever. Does that matter? No, because I am more powerful than my fear. That is why I did it. That's why I stepped outside of my box. And I did the podcast live because I know by doing things that are uncomfortable to me, again and again and again. It will become easier and easier and easier when I first did videos in the first place. My coach, he was an executive coach at Google. He was like, Bethany, you really need to be on camera. I'm like, so he's like, no, yeah. And this is like 2013. So just that long ago. And he's like, how about this? I'm gonna give you a topic every week. And you're gonna just riff and send me like a one minute two minute video. And because I was paying him the big bucks. I was committed. Yeah, it takes me i That's it. It works. When you have a coach, it works when you're paying someone and not doing things for free, because you're more likely to do it. It's just how it is. Whoa, my dog is sneezing in the background. Okay, buddy. Okay, so I send him a video every single day I hated it. I would do this, these videos at night. And you might be like, how is this relevant to me, just stay with me here. We're gonna jump.

Every it would be at night, sometimes I'd be out I remember being gone for a wedding. And I left to go sit in my car. Because I knew that I was going to be drinking, I need to get this video out. So I just made some meaning. I should go find these. I wonder if they're somewhere maybe in like Dropbox. And I would send him the videos that are like a minute long sometimes, like I'd be getting in bed oil all over my face. And I just did it and sent it because I was like, if I don't it like it was the last thing I wanted to do was basically, you know, slacking. So after two months, yes, it took me two months, I finally was like, Oh my gosh, piece of cake, I got this, I don't mind stepping in front of the camera, I can easily and effortlessly just pop out content and share it. And it was so easy for me to to do that. And it was like something clicked. Now it did take me two months. With intuitive readings. It took me it took me months as well, actually, with intuitive stuff, I would say it took me two years to fully trust the guidance that I was getting.

So that's even like, more, more time. But the thing is, at some point, eventually it clicks and it's just smooth sailing, right? So if you're wanting to quantum leap in your life, which is what this podcast is about quantum leaping in your business and your life, you gotta be more powerful than your fear. And notice when you're making decisions, because when I'm working with my clients, especially the business owners, and they're like hiring people, and they're like, Bethany, what are you getting on this person, I can say this person feels good this person doesn't. This is what's coming through, it feels like something's off feels like, they're just going for a job like, I can pick up on that because this is something that I practice a lot. But also just in turning this around on you. The person making the decision, are you do that? Does this person at the root of it does? Do they feel good? Do they feel good? Or are you hiring them? Because they're like the best option out of a whole pile people. Or maybe you don't have many people that are applying period. So you're like, I need somebody so I need to fill the spot now and it doesn't feel good. And if that's the only option you have, and you need to hire someone, then how can you shift that around and be really truthful and honest, and have conversations where you're acknowledging your truth and looking to shift the situation around so that you feel good? So you feel good about it? Even let's say dating, I'm gonna go to dating. Yeah, it's Quantum Leap your business and life. Okay, dating. I am dating right now, people.

Be more powerful than your fear and notice when you’re making decisions.

So if I am in a conversation with someone and or a couple days, and it doesn't feel right, or something feels off, but like, for some reason, I'm still drawn or even if I'm not drawn to go on another day, I will fall and tell him my truth in some way. Sometimes it's superduper awkward, but like a total, like weight is lifted off my chest energetically when I do that because I am acknowledging my truth. And because I'm acknowledging my truth and doing it from a heartfelt place, the other individual can receive that and they're like, so appreciative of my truth and they either work with it or they, you know, say sign or whatever. Like, it doesn't matter. Like I'm not, I'm neutral to it all. I'm not operating from a place of fear.

Be more powerful than your fear and notice when you’re making decisions

The place of fear is going from zero to 100. So if you're just, I don't know if my friends gonna listen to this, but I have a friend a couple friends actually that go from zero to 100. When it comes to fear, it's like everything is just becomes this huge ordeal. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, like can you call me in a couple hours? Because I just know that this is their cycle, this is their trend going from zero to 100. So if you are one of those people, it is important to, to pay attention to how long your emotional cycle is. Because if you're once again, making decisions from a place of fear, and especially in a place of being wound up, or I don't know, this is coming back to me is like someone that's like wasted. If someone's wasted, and you're making decisions, why they're wasted, it's not something to it's not the time we have a good conversation, right? If someone is wasted on fear, let's take it away from alcohol, and they're making decisions from that. It's going to ripple effect into more fear producing situations. So if you're running a company, you're like, oh, my gosh,

the the money's running out, I don't know how I'm gonna pay all my employees. Because we see this. I don't know how I'm gonna pay my 30 employees, my five our employees. I don't know what the you know, the burn rate, churn rate, like everything, you're seeing it, increase, not what you want. Then you start stepping into this place of fear, and anxiety and stress as soon as you wake up, if you even do wake up, because you maybe you didn't sleep at all. You have this fear running through your body, it is important to be able to clear the fear before you make any sort of decisions. That's why when I work with people, it's all about reducing that decision making fatigue because I'm clearing the fear and clearing the anxiety and the stress and, and all of that that's operating at the forefront, which is really not you that is your ego that is your shadow self. That is not who you want. Running a powerful company. Do you think that Steve Jobs was making decisions from a place of fear? No, he was wild. He was crazy. He's like, out of his mind, according to everybody else. And from that some magic happened. Elon Musk to like, am a huge fan. Not for some reasons. But for other reasons. Yes, because they are fearless. Fearless. They're not making decisions, from a place of fear running the show fears like 10 steps behind them. Back I interviewed someone for a potential client the other week. And in hearing their story, I'm like, Oh, my gosh, yeah, fears. 10 steps behind you. And that's why Sure enough, you were able to create a million dollar company in two years. Because she was making bold decisions with fear behind her in the doors like trying to catch up. But she's like, No sane IRA, right? Okay. So what you focus on is going to expand, if you are focusing on decision making from a fear release place, if you are focused on there being a recession right now, then that's what's going to be the case, that's, that's what's going to happen. It's going to continue, that is what we're putting our energy into. If you're focusing on something, you're literally saying, Hey, have some of my energy. Here you go. Like, no, no, you don't want to pay for that. You don't want to pay for that you're this is your energetic capital. And if you're like, I'm making decisions from fear, the stock market's dropping, my business is failing all this, you're literally like handing out your own energetic capital to these fear based programs, or opportunity, like that is not what you want. So pay attention to how you're making decisions.

Make decisions from a place of groundedness

We are meaning making machines and you can always make a decision from a place that is one of love. And if you're stopped to think about it, and you need to help disassociating from the ego, or if you are making decisions from fear or love, let's say what you can you can literally just tune in and ask yourself, Okay, does this feel shaky? Do I feel a little shaky When making this decision right now? Am I feeling nervous? Or am I feeling calm and grounded? Because when you're making decisions from a place of groundedness your heart is not racing. It's it's easier because you are grounded. And knowing that because you're making a decision that isn't fear base that you know, the universe is gonna have your back. God's gonna have your back. All right. So let's continue with this recession thing. God, the universe source. In my beliefs, there is a universal bank. And guess what that universal bank is recession proof. It's recession proof. So if you are tuning into that bank and, and grounding yourself in the knowing of that. And I'm not saying don't pay attention to the details that are happening that are maybe like driving your company down, of course do that. But notice when you're feeling good, and when you're feeling bad before you make decisions, because that is at the foundation, that's going to shift you, if you're the CEO or business owner, you are the one that's running the show. And everything else is a ripple effect from your actions. So if you're having drama at home, with your wife, or your partner, or your family, thank you, brother or sister, your friends know that there's probably drama happening in your company.

How we do one thing is how we do everything. So you got to clean that up so that it is supporting your company, as well. It's a mirror, it's a complete mirror. Okay, I'm also on the theme of quantum leaping, because that's what we're all about. Yes, it has to do with making decisions from a positive, loving place. And how can you bring your 10 goals 10 year goals to now? So if you were to think about a 10 year goal that you have How can you how can you how can it happen now because in the spiritual realm realm, there is no time there is only now. So if I have 10 year goals, like for example, I there was this house, I felt really called to this house, okay. This house was, I think it was like $7 million $7 million. It's where this is where I live, I live in Brooklyn. Okay, so that's a lot of money to me, to me, for now. And I'm like, Okay, this is really weird that I was drawn to this property. And I go and check it out. And it felt like I was really connected to it. Like, like, it was supposed to be mine, right? But I'm like, okay, but it's $7 million, like, how is that going to happen? And what's fascinating is during the time that before, because that home has now sold, and maybe it'll be mine in the future, whatever we'll see. But during that time, when I was looking at that property that was for sale, because it was for sale for a while, because once I went checked it out, I'm like, Oh my God, this needs like another million, 2 million of work on top of it, it's on a sloping hill, and needed probably foundation stuff. So, um, bottom line is, I felt called to that property, right? It felt like it was mine. And then my fear my ego, all that is like, but you can't have this, you don't have $10 million in the bank to go by this. Well guess what an opportunity showed up for me. During that time, that could have been the gift of $10 million. And I could have easily purchased that cash. Now, there was some effort that was required for that $10 million, and some stress and a little bit of risk that was involved. Because yeah, I won't go into that. Because you will know because now I'm revisiting the $10 million opportunity because it's, it's back in play. I'm being guided there. Y'all will know when it happens, stress me, but the thing is, is like an opportunity presented itself. During that time that I was like, oh, okay, the universe wants me to have this. So the thing is, I firmly believe that when we set when we set a goal or our resolutions for the year, or we're divinely guided places, that we have the opportunity to accomplish every single one of those every single year, every single week, if you have a week of goal, like I write goals at the beginning of the week to accomplish, or to manifest. So I believe that because I stated it as a manifestation that I have the opportunity to receive those goals and to make them happen. It's that the path may not look how I wanted it to look, or it may not show up, it may look different, you know, it feels different, might be a little scary, like the $10 million thing was, right. So when it presents itself that way, I don't jump I didn't leap. But maybe if I were to look back at every single opportunity that happened, oh my gosh, what was there was a movie I just watched this way or that and it showed someone that had basically a decision, something that happened in the beginning and like they went two different ways. And it portrayed this throughout the movie and it was so cool to see how they ended up in the end. So if you have 10 year goals, how can you how can you bring those to fruition now? How can you make those a reality now? Last week I did something that stretchy, I'm all about leaning into this discomfort, right? So last week I, I had well, two weeks ago, I got the download for like all this information that I can make a book out of do a course whatever, I just like, jotted it all down. And then next thing, you know, a week later, I was led to the New York Times, like this website that was saying to submit things to the New York Times. And I'm like, Oh, my God, seriously? Is that what you want me to do? That, like you want me to submit this? Okay. And it

was like, on my list, and I finally did it, and I submitted it, and we'll see if they pick it up. I've never done something and like, there's so much discomfort in submitting that. Like, oh, my gosh, but what if, like, people see it? What if they think I'm an idiot? What if this or that? And then I'm like, Okay, and what if one person reads it? And it's like, oh, my gosh, this is exactly what I needed. or 10 people because that information was divinely guided to me. Right? So I put it out there, I followed it through. And that literally could be a 10 year now. Opportunity, because maybe people love it. And next thing, you know, people are like, Okay, I need a book. And when can you turn this into a course or book like I need this more information? How can I shift. So what 10 year action steps. And this is also another great reason to have someone that you coach with because they can hold you to it once you come up with these action steps of making it happen. So I work with somebody a few times a week to hold myself accountable, accountable to the action steps, and the Quantum Leap action steps that I put out there. And if you are needing some support in like, what is a tenure goal action step? Like what could produce those results for me now, I encourage you to journal, take some quiet time get off your phone, or just ask the universe or God or whoever you believe in to provide that to you say, Hey, I would love to know what a 10 year action step is for me. Just ask like what could produce like something that I think might be way down the road? Now? What could what could do that and then just allow it to come it might not just come out of your hands in a second or to your mind? Or like you could go on a walk quiet walk outside in the forest or something. Nature. But just being in that space of what 10 What could I do? What can I do? What's available for me and allowing the answers to come like the New York Times? I never thought I would be submitting something in the New York Times. Next thing you know I am I mean, it's not like crazy for me to get published. There have been published other places that are pretty big. So um, it just it felt really scary to do because it's like a different group of people that don't totally get me as as maybe you listening today. So anyways, that is your that is my thoughts today for quantum leaping. I had a podcast that I was going to put out today regarding seven figure coach, and I just really felt called to interrupt with my own divine wisdom that was coming through. And here we are a little nerve wracking, but we did it. So let me know what you think. Let me know what your 10 year action steps are. We'd love to also get your thoughts in in the show notes. The show notes. Yeah, the episodes Yeah, reviews, all those things, all those beautiful things, and wishing you an amazing day in all the quantum leaps. Thank you so much for listening to today's episode. If you love what you heard, be sure to subscribe and leave a review for the opportunity of a free sleep healing meditation by me screenshot your review to ask Bethany Londyn on Instagram. It fuels me to keep bringing you more and more guests. So stay in touch on Insta or subscribe to emails at Bethany for healing opportunities courses and the latest show notes of the podcast. Don't hesitate to tag the guests tonight with your favorite quotes for us to reshare we're looking forward to connecting with you in the next episode. And in the meantime, I'm wishing you that quantum leap

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